Thieves Market in Penang!

Your underwear or your shoes got stolen in Penang?! Fear no more! Find it at the Thieves Market! (Or so they used to say)

Have you lost a pair of shoes recently?

Still hot and fresh from the victims pocket, comes an array of colorful items that were purportedly stolen can be found here. Penang’s “thieves market” as it is originally called is located just behind the state stadium downtown.
Back 10 years ago, this place used to sell plenty of stolen goods hence the name “Thieves Market”. So if you had a shoe stolen or an umbrella, chances are you would find it at the market the following day. This market has since evolved to be an everyday morning junket cum dry market where everything from car accessories, household cleaning items, brass trinkets, antique charcoal fueled irons, to someone’s old one-sided shoe. Locals use this opportunity to sell what they think is saleable.

Here are some of the items that managed to catch my eye!

To get here: The City Stadium is located at Lorong Kulit, right next to the Lorong Kulit Flea Market and the Rapid Penang Bus Depot. Rapid Penang Bus Nos. 11, 201, 202, 203 and U204 pass near the stadium. Check this site for more info

Vendors start setting up stalls at ~8.30am every day. The market is open till ~ 12pm. It gets real hot fast there. So we suggest you go early. Maybe come around 9am when they open?

Conclusion: this place is a good example of a local flea market. Great place to wander and spend time here in the mornings. There are also fruits and food stalls nearby where you can grab some breakfast. It’s different from the other places in Penang. The only similar (but smaller) market is the afternoon market at the corner of Armenian Street and Carnavon Street. Its right in front of the Islamic Museum. Market starts illegal business from 5pm daily (subject to police raid).

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