4+1 things to do on a long haul (flying a budget airline)

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First up, when you are flying budget, you know that you only paid for a seat and that’s it. “No Frills” means you need to pay for water, food and even for a blanket, if you are shivering cold. We heard that there are some airlines that even charge you for going to the toilet. Most of these long hauls (>3hrs) can be pretty boring. Here’s a list of things you can do to ease it:

  1. Browse through that in-flight magazine as some of these magazines are filled with useful travel information. Who Knows? Your destination might be the featured story. Most articles give tips on places worth visiting and the low down on the best chow. It gives you an idea of what to expect when you get to your destination.
  2. Rock and load your I-POD with a good melodic selection to keep those ears entertained. Nowadays, you can even load movies on them. Should easily keep you occupied for a couple of hours.(Until your battery dies off) – Then you need to get those emergency power chargers that uses a 9V or a single AA battery to super fast charge it. (Cheap made in China ones for 2 USD)
  3. Get cozy and comfy. Relax, bring along your neck roll, take off those contact lenses, and get some rest. It is always good to feel rested before you start your holiday. Remember to stay hydrated and make just do some light stretching after your nap. (To avoid DVT- deep vein thrombosis) Fill up those immigration arrival cards! It’s always the last minute rush to get your particulars filled in the line before immigration check point that you realize you don’t have a pen with you. Fill it up first, it will save you time.
  4. GO gaming! Well we aren’t talking about “Mario-ing” on your personal 3.5” personal screen. It’s more of taking advantage of the intellectual games they usually put on the middle spread of the travel in-flight magazines. (Sodoku, word puzzles are the usual)

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