9.5.10 Smoking Grass on Mothers day was bad!

Ok kids! Do not try this…at home, at the beach or even if your mother says its ok…during mothers day!

Apparently marijuana aka grass aka ganja is seemingly popular among party goers in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. Even with the death penalty out for trafficking – after having laugh your ass off on Harold And Kumar – Escape from Guantanamo Bay-  i guess hell people must be thinking its ok to get high on it!

hell after all it lets you imagine..what ever you want to imagine! But here is the QUOTE OF THE DAY ..that we came up with after smoking some!

Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or we’d rather call this tongue spinner WEED– which doesn’t really matter, as it all sounds the same when you get high tho!

Marijuana is the buds and leaves of the Cannabis sativa plant. Which explains why Marijuana is also called Cannabis.
Who started it all? According to some literature the Chinese have been cultivating Marijuana 2000 years ago. Imagine a “Made in China” on a packet of weed! Everything is made in China!.

The plant Cannabis Sativa, is believed to originate from somewhere in the northern region of Himalayan Mountains. An average plant grows from between 12 to 18 feet, blooms from late summer to mid fall. Theres the male and female flowers, but its the female flowers that you what.Female flowers grow in spike-like clusters and remain dark green for a month after blossoming, until the seed ripens. Hashish or Hash, which is more powerful than marijuana, is made from the resin of the cannabis flowers. The concentration of THC and other cannabinoids varies depending on growing conditions, plant genetics and processing after harvest.

In Cambodia -when ordering at Happy Herb Pizza, you get a choice of your pizza being not so happy, happy, or extra happy. The happier you go, the more marijuana they put inside. And if you go extra happy, the folks at Happy Herb Pizza will take care of you quite nicely.

Smokin IT

Smoke goes in the lungs and is absorbed into your blood stream, THC takes seconds to reach your brain.Initially you would feel relaxed,happy and a “on top of the world” and light headed-ness feel. Your eyes may dilate and become more intense.THC in the brain acts to enhance the senses and feelings. Therefore some users may experience, paranoia or panic after smoking it. THC is known to affect our brain’s short-term memory, body coordination, increases your heart rate and raises levels of anxiety.

Eating Marijuana
Marijuana enters the stomach and the
blood absor s it there. The blood then
carries it to the liver and the rest of
the body. The stomach absorbs THC more
slowly than the lungs. When marijuana is
eaten, the levels of THC in the body are lower, but the effects last longer.

Effects of Marijuana (Varies with Users)

• Getting high
• Problems with memory and learning
• Distorted perception
• Difficulty with thinking and problem solving
• Loss of coordination
• Increased heart rate
• Anxiety, paranoia and panic attacks
• Severe changes in appetite
• Interrupted sleep or even insomnia
• Mental dependence on the drug(craving to get high)
Initial effects of THC – wears off in the body after 1 -2 hours.
But the chemicals stay in your body for a much longer time. (3-10 days)

So neadless to say, dont think you are safe from the police after smoking a joint at the full moon party last nite, cuz it dumb well shows in your urine!

In Koh Phangan it costs about 90000 THB to get your ass out of trouble! (Just to bribe 2 policemens and a judge)


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