100 Cintra Penang is Closed

lei mak cibai…. i was looking at the lonely planet guide to look for a nice guesthouse to stay for the night. They say it’s antique and veli the old, and I get to sleep on hard wooden floor that look like bed which my grandmother from China used to sleep on. Below is the review I found:

So, I took the free CAT bus from Weld Quay jetty (coz it’s free) to Chulia Street and walked 15 mins under the sun to find this veli the old blue color and haunted looking big house. “Diu” summore close down already. I want to scold the book. Make me walk so far but no hard floor that look like bed to sleep on.

Updating your Penang street lingo:
** Diu is fuck in Chinese**
**If you don’t like any Penang people, you can scold him – DIU LEI (fuck you)**

So, I walk again. And I found Star Lodge at Muntri Street. It is THE BEST to sleep for the night in Penang. For 38 Ringgit, I get hard bed that look like floor. Haha… joking, its nice.


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4 responses to “100 Cintra Penang is Closed

  1. Germine Ng

    Star Lodge’s bed whr gt hard? haha..jus normal bed ler…penang ppl look for guest house to stay timm..:(

  2. The great topic, and very helpfully. thanks

    • Jim

      Yups! Lonely Planet had the information on their guide book. I think they miss printed it. They put 75 travellers lodge, and the address of 100 Cintra printed under it!

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