Using an Asian toilet right!

After much complaint on the so called complex Asian toilets, we decided to write an introduction to all you guys and girls out there who doesnt know what a “mini” bucket or water hose in a toilet is for.

Firstly in Asia you get varied versions of toilets. The worse being just a hole in the ground!  Ok we didnt include this picture because it is just too darn disgusting! we actually had to stop our selves from vomiting when we found the picture on google.  Search it yourself.

Second and most common is a two piece elevated toilet bowl. The elevated part is for you to step on. Here is a figure i drew out to illustrate.If you dont find the bucket. Then innovate and use that hose. We just hope the hose isnt too short for you! If not then use your hands! god bless!

Hand written toilet instructions!

Most Asian toilets do not come with toilet paper inside. Because they are expensive and most likely that they will steal it and most probably it will end up at a restaurant, for you to wipe your mouth!

Toilet paper is common in restaurants to replace tissue paper, cuz they are cheaper!

So most likely, if you dont bring yourhave your own toilet paper, you will end up like this!

This is worse than being caught with your pants down!

So after your short but educational tour of a Asian toilet, lets look at how Asians should behave in a Western Toilet!

i cant understand how people can read a god damn book or newspapers in the toilet while POOING!

Ok, Dont worry. We are not  expecting you to be potty trained, immediately after having to squat all your life too poo! But for gods sake, DO NOT USE THAT NEWSPAPER TO WIPE YOUR ASS!

Here, these signs will teach you the basics.

Herro...You mush follow this!

Oh, and make sure you shit the right way! You arent supposed to sit on the toilet like you are sitting on a horse!

This is not a Horsie toilet ok!

Lastly. How i wish, toilets were all like this!

best toilet in the world


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