Bukit Jalil New KL Bus Station

which is a gangster and which is a bus agent? That guy with an unbuttoned shirt tried to sell me a bus ticket to Melaka!

It was already bad when the main bus station was PUDU. Congested with people, traffic and choking exhaust from the busses.

When the government announced that they were going to renovate PUDU. YAY! some leaped with joy with the news.

But this is what they replaced it with? TEMPORARY SHEDS in the scorching heat! With no proper ticketing and queuing system?
Although temporary, but its going to be TWO years before PUDU will be ready.
** Interstate bus terminal is now in Bukit Jalil. You can get here by taxi (RM 15 from Bukit Bintang)If you are taking the LRT, find your way to the STAR LRT. Take it to the Sri Petaling Station. Walk 500m to the bus station.

Alternatively, there is also a   bus shuttling from Pudu (near Chinatown) to Bukit Jalil. Rm 2 per person.

So heres a heads up of what to expect from this Bus station.
Air Asia has them, you can get it here too … HOT SEATS!

out door waiting seats for your bus!

So of course the touts are smart now. There are the GIRL TOUTS now. So dont think that girls are all SWEET and NICE. Oh and they are easily noticeable. They are afraid of the sun! so they will be hiding in the shade.  (yes the one wearing a cap is a girl)

lady touts usually hide under shady areas! beware!

After you bought your bus tickets.

If you are hungry. The food stalls are all in makeshift tents.They sell the normal malay food, soup noodles, mixed rice, abit of local cakes, fried rice etc.

uncomfortable eating in the heat with just a fan

If you just want a munch…there are also stalls selling junk food and fruits.

water, junk food, fruits for sale

Be prepared as the food here isnt great. (we are being kind here)

fried rice (RM 4.50) and packet noodle soup (RM 4)

Here is your safest bet! 😀 We call them twiggies!

junk food

wonderful tummy saviors!

Final advice for all you guys planning to take a bus from Bukit Jalil KL,

Beware of touts, bad food, hot seats during a long wait and long walks to reach the station.


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  1. tutu

    haha…. HOT SEATS! Good one!

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