KL National Museum to see Amber Chia’s OLD SHOE?!

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Amber Chia's Old Smelly Shoe!

** FYI AMBER CHIA  is one of Malaysia’s supermodels.No idea why her shoe is here. We dont see Tyra Banks shoes in the US National Museum do we!
Psst pssttt …You think Tyra is hotter than Amber?

Miss Hottie USA


Oh ok. They each have their own beauty.  Sorry we got carried away. Happens all the time when we start talking about girls. Buttt….THE SHOESSS!! LOL

To get to the museum, you need to do a little bit of walking. Take a LRT or Monorial to KL Sentral. And walk towards Hilton Hotels exit on the other end of KL sentral. The museum is about 10 minutes walk out from the exit.

Here is what the outside of the National Museum looks like.

Frontage of the National Museum

Admission is RM 2.
Museum is open daily from 9am to 6pm.

So after you got past drooling over hottie miss Amber Chias shoes.

If you look closely on the outside of the museum. You will notice the Malaysia’s historical main events being drawn out on the painting on the wall.

Mural of Malaysia's historical events

The museum has a few halls. Here is a brief of the highlights in side the museum.

Different dresses on display by local designers

Warriors of Olden Malaysia with traditional weapons

dragons head

Statues of gods from india being unearthed

Pottery and brass from all over the world showing trade between olden Malaysia and the world

Olden technology

Local industry: rubber tapping in a rubber plantation

real people taking pictures with cave men

Different sultans head gear

This would make a awesome "lazy chair" if no one was getting married anytime soon

backpacking kl national musuem

Modern malaysia and its ideals

We hope you find this Museum serves as a start off point to learn about Malaysia.

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