Oh, Chinatown!Chinatown KL! A place to get fake goochi’s, PUMAS, and Jio Jio Armani’s for your unsuspecting girlfriend!

AAAAA A new handbag is just as good as getting a MAN!

Ahhh the secrets to a womans heart! 🙂 It’s either a new handbag or a new shoe! Chinatown KL has BOTH!

Chinatown in KL or its local name Petaling Street or rather “Chee Cheong Kai” in Cantonese is where to go if you want to bargain for some souvenirs or fake merchandise. (But this is one of the last places to put on your list. There are other better places like Pasar Seni that sells handicraft and Sungai Wang Plaza in Bukit Bintang that sells fake stuff also)

Chinatown KL is an over hyped up attraction infested with fake goods (like handbags, shoes, bags, watches, sunglasses, rings, belts, slippers, clothes) and overpriced food, but plenty of  things to see. Simply entertaining for the evening!
Here is what to expect!

chinatown kl

easily spotted main entrance to Chinatown

china town kl

eating at one of the chinese restaurants at chinatown while you watch people go by

Warning: If a table comes with a table cloth, it means you are about to get a very very expensive bill

See?! No table cloth. Cheaper food. Only locals know this! SO..NOW YOU KNOW!
A famous local haunt is this shop, just to the left of the side entrance (opposite KFC). If you are walking from Pudu and Nando’s is on your left. Take a left turning and walk down till you see the entrance to Chinatown on your right. Walk a little bit down, and you will see this shop. This shop sells nice clay pot noodles (Click here to view a picture of the clay pot Loh Shu Fun– Direct Translation from Chinese to English is *Rat Tail Noodles*, and stir fry vegetables, meat, etc.
chinatown kl

This stall here sells very nice noodles and stir fry's

Great sign that goes un-noticed (Sign says: Prohibited to sell fake dvds and cd's)

What ever you are buying here, make sure you haggle for it. Most of the prices here are double or more depending on if you are a foreigner or not. It is wise to just give out an opening price of maybe half or less than the labeled price.

Calling a friend to check on how to see if a handbag is fake

Seems like the iron cast model of the Petronas Twin Towers is very famous!

A souvenir that you can buy in bulk (like in 10’s) and is cheap to give to friends back home is the key chains. There are plenty here. Another place where you can get it is Pasar Seni (Central Market).

Yes, they also sell fruits here

china town kl

durians - king of fruits (seasonal)

Plenty of creative imitation clothes sold here

So much stuff sold here till the opening to walk through is so damn small!

Stop, buy something to munch, and continue window shopping! Ecstasy!

Best drink in Chinatown, You got to try it! Look for the same stall! Simply refreshing.

Care full, because most of the traders here don't like their picture taken. Mostly illegal stuff here.

This man looked scared when i took his picture!

So here is our advice from www.backpackies.com Chinatown or Petaling Street Kl is not really an attraction that you “Must see”. But it is a nice attractive pass time just to walk around the street to sample some of Malaysia’s culture and food.

* Please if you do not intend to buy anything, don’t go touching their goods and bargain. Because we have had complaints that the traders often scold and bother the tourists if they do this. But if you take it with a little fun and laughter, we are sure a visit here will be exciting. Sometimes, when the traders keep pestering us to buy something, we just jokingly tell them, that we just bought a whole bag full to sell. We found them to jokingly respond as well.

*Take care of your belongings and have a great time in KL Malaysia!

Getting Here

Chinatown is “well connected” by the public system. Major bus routes operate through this area – just take the ones heading for ‘Kotaraya’. There are also plenty of train stations nearby; you can either take the LRT (Pasar Seni or Masjid Jamek station), KTM Commuter (Kuala Lumpur station) or Monorail (Maharajalela station) – all within walking distance.

Visit www.backpackies.com for more information

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