Visit the Rice Museum Langkawi (Laman Padi Langkawi) instead- On Cenang Beach

My visit to the Rice Museum along Cenang Beach was really lucky.  I opened the map of Langkawi and saw that one of the  attractions there was the Burnt Rice Fields- Beras Terbakar in Malay. Not only was it far and hot, but there was nothing to see. Ok, some say that when it rains, the rain water will wash away the top soil and you might see some burnt rice from long ago.

If you aren’t already sweating like a pig! – Just know that Langkawi hardly sees any rainfall. So if you are hoping for see some green paddy fields, you slowly wait la!

The rice Museum is a great place, fun for photoshooting and also very educational (if you have the right guide)

It is located along Cenang Beach towards the very end, opposite Casa Del Mar.
Entrance is FREE and you can even get a tour guide to explain everything to do with rice to you for FREE!

Here is what we captured.

Personal tour of the museum

different plots of paddy fields

different shades of green on the paddy fields

lady farmer smiling at me

backpackies langkawi

saving the rice! Scarecrow versus the netting method!

pluck and bring home some irish good luck?

fish trapping area in the paddy field

just finished seeding! Plastic bags are hung so that when the wind blows , the bags will shake and the birds wont eat the seeds

rooftop planting paddy fields

this device is used to pound the rice !

The rice museum is a great place to visit in Langkawi. Visit for more info. Hope you guys find this place educational!
And just remember its FREE!


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2 responses to “Visit the Rice Museum Langkawi (Laman Padi Langkawi) instead- On Cenang Beach

  1. Marcus_Choo

    very nice can get this information.. I will go this june 2011.>>

  2. blurqsiang

    thank you. i hope i can pay a visit during my trip in coming July! =)

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