Jonker Walk, Backpacking Melaka

Jonker Walk – a weekly night market that happens on Jonker Street. It is a hyped up week end market that any local will tell you “it is a must see” in Melaka.

Most people who has been to the market will tell you that, it is like any pasar malam (night market) in Malaysia. Coming here once, is enough.
Jonker isnt just about walking the night market looking at the stalls there, but be sure to explore even the clan houses that are on Jonker (follow the sound of music). There are free karaoke sessions, dances and also orchestras practising olden Chinese music! And try out all the yummy finger food they sell there. Also if you are thirsty for a beer, head over to the many bars and pubs along Jonker.

You got to enjoy all that Jonker has to offer to appreciate the full extent of Jonker walk!

Here is what to expect…

The market is held from Fridays to Sundays. Starts from 6pm till late.

Giant archway leading the way to Jonker walk

This market is filled with people and activity both on the street stalls as well as inside the clan houses along Jonker (members of the clan houses, come for their line dancing, free style karaoke singing and even their chinese orchestra practice .
The stalls here sell everything from toys..

Fancy having Japan's number one vulgar comic hero "Shin Chan" as a money box ?..among other toys sold here

To beauty accessories  like hair pins, earrings, necklaces… (they are a good buy…much better than found in the shopping complexes)

girls shopping for accessories - You just cant stop them!

Take a break and try some of the local specialities here. This is the “tang yuan” or coloured balls made from dough, and cooked in sugar water or ginger water. It is usually only available during  the lantern festival. Chinese believe eating them, will make your life -smoother which literally means, smoother and no troubles in your daily life.

A sweet treat of dough balls in ginger syrup while browsing at Jonker street

This shop sells hand made “Aliens” made of stainless steel wires!

detailed wires used to make this small "alien" lookalike! carrying a really big gun!

Along Jonker Street you can find plenty of nice cafes, and pubs with live bands playing throughout the night. These bars and cafes are a great place to sit and enjoy the live music as you watch other people jostle about haggling for a bargain!


Jonker street is well lit, and is a nice feeling walking amongst these heritage buildings

colourful sweet stall in jonker

chinese orchestra practicing in a clan house along jonker street

colourful watches for kids, and adults alike

Chinese calligraphy by disabled man

jonker melaka

man making Chinese characters on a stamp - you can ask him to make a customized chop for you with your Chinese name!

mini hand made wooden clogs on jonker walk - I think they are key chains! they look too heavy to be earrings tho!

brightly lit melaka trishaws ready to offer you a ride home after shopping at Jonker Walk

I thought it was unheigenic to sell food like this, out in the open! Then i realised it was a money box! how embarrasing

You just got to try these "mung bean" biscuits! Especially when they make them fresh!

budget hotels melaka

old heritage buildings and bars make walking along jonker street an enjoyable one.

Since this market only opens on week ends, if you are in Melaka over the week end, it is worth popping over to experience Melaka at night.  Usually you can find us at the bars for the after party!

Hope you guys Enjoy Melaka!

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