Celebrating the ART of the elusive Bansky in UK

This time BACKPACKIES travels to LONDON to check out the secretive and mysterious colorful art of Bansky.

The illusive Bansky is a free hand graffiti artist, and is an excellent example of the saying ” FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS’ ! He was a butcher before he got involved in graffiti during the Great Bristol Aerosol Boom. His art works cover POLITICS>CULTURE>CULTURE>ETHICS>PEOPLE!

He started off with stenciling and gradually expanded to free art. Bansky doesn’t sell his street graffiti.

Check out Bansky’s first film “Exit through the gift shop” which is themed the WORLDS FIRST STREET ART DISASTER MOVIE!, debuting at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

Every spray ART has a deep meaning to it.
Our eyes were wide open in amazement.

FREEDOM for smoke free lungs?

This clearly gives the meaning to "losing your head"! 😀

3D snail candy art! yum yum!

lovely car art! surely looks cooler than the hulk car from "tokyo drift" too fast too furious!!

for all ya’ll who dont know what the hulk car looks like check it out. fast and furious

alien art!? Bansky comes in peace! we wished Mcdonalds gave this out when Monsters Inc was showing

paintings of a painting

Alien takeover.... are we ready? Ha ha we loved the pink alien with 3 boobs better then 3 eyes! Reminds us from the movie Total Recall

total recall boobs! Top ten sexy aliens!

its cool how the piano was incorporated in to the art!

monkey art - bansky!

We are jealous! These kids get a banksy play ground!

Entire playhouse coated in art!

Sit here! you dont have to wish you are a BILLIONAIRE, to be taking pictures with the QUEEN! We love the song by Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars (Audio) btw!

Travie McCoy: Billionaire ft. Bruno Mars (Audio)

Make love not war!

the look.... art vs the human touch

SAY NO to governmental oppression

SAY AGAIN NO to governmental oppression!

For more fabulous MIND MOVING STREET ART. Visit


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