Backpacking Kuching @ Rainforest World Music Festival 2010

Lets do the crazy dance @ Rainforest World Music Festival 2010

This July 9th to the 11th 2010 we @ are heading to the Island of Borneo -specifically Kuching Sarawak to check out the Sights and Sounds of the Much to talk about annual World Music Festival!

What to expect from it this year? We just don’t know. Some say it is affected by the World Cup playing in Africa. Maybe there will be less people going for this festival? You will be the first to know, as we sacrifice our beloved sport : spelled F.O.O.T.B.A.L.L for this exclusive coverage of the World Music Festival 2010 (psst, ok maybe we can still watch the finals after the festival, if we aren’t too drunk yet)

Get ready for some rumble in the jungle!

Lets take a look at scenes from last years event!
Starting off slow…..

Noreummachi (Korea) beating the drums in trance

Mesmarizing the crowd with a santa gig!

Red Chamber (Canadachina)

Heating things with the combined instruments …

Sekaa Jaya Jenggala (Indonesia)

Going naked and shouting crazy?!!!

Moana and The Tribe (New Zealand)

The crowd just grows into a frenzy especially when the artists are more energetic! YEAH WE LOVED IT!

sea of people at the festival, there is no reserved seats. make sure you find one quick! so be there early!

it is a jungle! There is no dress code! So i repeat, leave those high heels and skirts at home, for its SAMBA TIME!

Of course they dont go all the way fast…..organizers tend to want to slow things down so the end is a blast…..

Inti-Illimani (Chile)

free dancing at the end of the show. Well you are always welcome to shake your booty if the tunes are right for you. But we certainly recommend doing it at the end! 😀

partying in the jungle, on the jungle ground. Public isnt allowed on the stage! No worries! We had just as much fun down there!

Going crazy with fun

We werent kidding when we said, attire was freestyle!

We hope the event is better or just as good as last years! Will keep you updated!

Dont worry we have our cameras peeled on those sexy hunks and chicks…to keep you entertained!

Have fun! More infomation for this years Rainforest World Music Festival click on it.

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