Backpacking Penang – Chowrasta Morning Market

This is what Chowrasta Morning Market, in Penang, Malaysia looks like. Almost all the locals who live in Georgetown, comes here to get their daily cooking materials and other household items. Even the morning hawker does his grocery shopping here.

corner of bustling chowrasta market in the morning

crowded street @ chowrasta market

If you are staying in a guesthouse in town, do check this market out, as it is interesting to see so many stalls selling different ingredients, both wet and dry being sold here, which will later be master crafted to create the many different yummy hawker street food.

haggling at the vegetable stall @ Chowrasta Market Penang

Plenty of fresh seafood at the Morning Chowrasta Market

It is these hawker dishes that make Penang “The FOOD CAPITAL of MALAYSIA”.

Chunks of eel meat for sale! Sushi anyone?

one of the only few butchers here that wears a shirt while selling pork

typical chinese sundry shop selling dried food stuff at Chowrasta Market

selling dried anchovies, and spices

Besides wandering around soaking in the local morning activities, make sure you check out the many street stalls where you can get some local breakfast as low as RM 2.

This is the cheap fried noodles. This has been regarded as “poor mans” food. Most of them are vegetarian noodles.

This is the economy noodles. Usually branded as "cheap mans food", it is actually quite tasty. Some of them are fully vegetarian. Costs about RM1.20 per packet

Check out the fried bread. It may be unhealthy but it tastes darn good. This is how they make it.

He prepares the dough first

the dough is then deep fried

deep fried dough is then turned into yummy fried treats. Tastes like fried bread, some that are empty inside and some that has fillings.

BBQ smoked pork and chicken slices. Yumsssss! Goes great with bread!

The pork porridge, soup noodles, and deep fried “Ewe Jar Kuih” or elongated fried bread, are just great in the mornings. You can also find the chinese glutinous rice dumplings, that are filled with assorted nuts, meat, mushroom and salted egg.

Chinese glutinous rice dumplings called "bak chang" in Hokkien, or "Chung" in Mandarin

Besides food and fresh produce, you can find assorted home accessories sold here too.

There are stalls selling joss sticks, incense and other offerings to the Chinese Gods

Pets like rabbits, dogs, cats and fishes are for sale….

pet fish for sale!

Chowrasta Market starts early in the morning around 6.30am, and usually ends around 11am. It gets pretty hot around 10am and there isn’t much left to see. So make sure you give the market an early head start.
If your guesthouse is somewhere around Upper Penang Road, Muntri Street, Love Lane, or Penang Road, Chowrasta Market is a 10 minutes pleasant morning walk as there isn’t much traffic and people.
More on how to get here and the map where the market is check out Chowrasta Market Penang



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5 responses to “Backpacking Penang – Chowrasta Morning Market

  1. Amanda

    Seems like there is plenty of local atmosphere to be soaked here. Would love to go for a morning walkabout here! Thanks for the info

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  3. John Martin


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