Backpacking Asia: Colorful thirst quenchers of Asia

Planning to travel South East Asia? Get familiar with this saying – “If you aint sweating, you aint eating”!!
We thought it would be cool to share and introduce you to some of the unique drinks in South East Asia. ** We did a big NO NO to drinks that just has a glamorous name but tastes like drain water** So check our list out!

With so much herbs, spices and chilli, Asian food is famous for being spicy!

You better watch out what your eating when in Asia, or your bums gonna be farting turbo gas “complete with flames” for the entire night.
Don’t be a HERO, and just ask them to TONE IT DOWN! ( it is not cool when you start panting hard, while you wave your hands to fan your flaming mouth)

So with all the hype about Asian food being spicy, we are gonna twist this blog and write about these thirst quenchers found here in Asia.
Each country of place has their own ingenious “bar tender wannabes” that often pick and mix drinks at home. Here are some of the successful ones that are already on or should be in Asian Drinks wall of fame!

the famous teh tarik =

side ways pull? This is what we call a teh tarik kao kao!! (pulled tea, to the maximum)


Halo Halo from the Philippines

Halo Halo ( which means “Mix-mix” in Tagalog – Local Filipino language) is a desert drink that is served with shaved ice, milk, and a whole lot of other colorful ingredients like sweet beans, fruits, jelly, sago, and all served in a tall glass! There is no specific list of ingredients here, so just feel creative! Order of color also is up to you!
Here is something to get you started! – Halo Halo Culture

Next we are slinging our way to Singapore!
Checking out the symbolic drink of Singapore – The Singapore Sling

Singaporean Sling @ Long Bar, Raffles Hotel

The Singapore Sling was developed by Ngiam Tong Boon a bartender at the Long Bar @ Raffles Hotel Singapore in 1915. The drinks recipe has long changed. This is one recipe we lurveeeee Singapore Sling by Drinks Mixer. There is even a video showing you how to mix it!
All Singapore Airlines flights serve Singapore Slings! You can either buy it from the inflight magazine, or check out the boutique @ Singapore Sling Shop

The original recipe used gin, Cherry Heering, Bénédictine, and most importantly, fresh pineapple juice, primarily from Sarawak pineapples which enhance the flavour and create a foamy top.

Talking about Sarawak! If you are in Malaysia again, and have already given the Teh Tarik a go. You must check out The “Teh Si Special” or”Teh Si Tiga Lapis”! It is tea made with evaporated milk.

teh si tiga lapis! the dark layer below is rich gula melaka which gives it a creamy fragrant sweet taste

You can get it at any local coffee shop in Kuching, Sarawak. Costs about RM 1.20 a glass. Yummy!

We hop off to Thailand – “The Land of Chicks with dicks:”
Thailand’s Signature drink must be – Siam Sunrays!

Siam Sunrays is refreshing and it manages to blend all the spices and ingredients that is found in Thailand

The recipe for this revitalizing cocktail drink was created by Surasakdi Pantaisong. He was the winner of the 2008 Bar Tender Championship hosted by the TAT and THA at Siam Paragon in September 2008.

Siam Sunrays — Thailand’s new signature drink, is based on the very Thai ingredients that have made Tom Yam soup world renowned:

  1. A splash of Vodka
  2. Freshly-picked lemon grasses – aromatic touch and represents fresh and vibrant Thailand.
  3. Kaffir lime leaves – accompanies the lemon grass very well.
  4. Thai lime and Thai bird chili (phrik kee nuu) – Slight hint of hot chilies contras the ice cooling effect of the drink.
  5. Young ginger meanwhile warms the spirit.
  6. Soothing flavor of coconut is smooth and gentle on the palate, and brings some tropical balance to the mix.

To try this at home: check out the recipe, we haven’t tried it yet. If you do, please share with us your formula!

Siam Sunrays is now only available at hotels and resorts in key tourist destinations around Thailand. Wish they sold the Siam Sunrays in a takeaway bottle @ 7-11!
Heading up north, ok who hasn’t heard of the the Vietnamese drip coffee. You can get vietnamese drip coffee in almost any country in Asia. (at the vietnamese food stalls). What is refreshing is, and has a beautifying effect is the Tea with Longan and Lotus Seed.

Tea with longan and lotus seeds - The ultimate beauty health drink from Vietnam! Now you know why vietnamese girls are so pretty!

Laos coffee is very famous. If you are buying some, the famous brand is Lao Mountain Coffee.

But against the Beer Lao it stands in a different category. The front page of their website reminds us of some porn site XXXX, yikes! Beer Lao

beer lao - to enter or not to enter

Tasty and light Beerlao, is made with Laotian jasmine rice and one of the few Lao exports.It maintains an almost mythical status amongst travellers and world beer afficionados. The yellow logo with its tiger-head silhouette can be seen everywhere, and a large 640 ml bottle shouldn’t cost more than 12,000 to 15,000 kip in restaurants. It’s available in three versions: original (5% alcohol ), Dark (6.5% alcohol) and Light (2.9% alcohol).
Indonesia, you just got to try Sosro – Teh Botol– Sweetened Jasmine Bottled Tea.

Just ask any Indonesian. They will tell you that the Teh Botol is good.

The teh botol is just great to quench your palate after a fiery “nasi pedas” attack on your tongue. Check out what to eat in Indonesia!

So no matter where you are backpacking in Asia, look out for these life savers!
Although mineral water would also just do fine! 😀
Enjoy your trip! Surf for more free budget information.


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