Backpacking Penang @ Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Come and meet the original makers of these fabulous nyonya sweet cakes!

The Pinang Peranakan Mansion is one of the most complete Museums in Penang that houses everything about the Peranakan’s in Penang (The Peranakan or the Baba and Nyonya are the descendants of late 15th and 16th-century Chinese immigrants to the Nusantara region during the Colonial era).

Although there is a RM 10 admission fee to this private museum, we still rate it as one of the best attractions and museum on the Island.(The State Museum is the another good museum that covers the overall history and artifacts of Penang. Admission to Penang State Museum is RM 1)
The RM 10 fee may be a little steep for backpackers who are traveling on a tight budget in Penang.
So for what its worth, this blog is to show you what to expect of this mansion, and hopefully help you in deciding if it worth visiting it.
The Pinang Peranakan Museum is located along Church Street. You can check out their website @ Pinang Peranakan Mansion for more information.
Opening hours are Monday to Sunday including Public Holidays from 9:30 am to 5 pm

The mansion is hidden behind its surrounded buildings. It is not so visible. So just look out for a green mansion. (The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion is termed “The Blue Mansion”, we call the Pinang Peranakan Mansion, the green mansion). 😀 – i gave it the name myself.

Posters of the Baba and Nyonya out side the Pinang Peranakan Mansion

Olden pull trishaws and a red telephone booth outside the mansion

This door must be at least 10 feet high! It is covered in intricate carvings and gold leaf

The front entrance might be hidden from the road. Just look out for the bright green mansion

Pictures of very very old people on the wall

Gift shop at the Peranakan Mansion

Wooden cabinet with plenty of old shoes, albums, and accessories

Golden Rimmed spectacles anyone? I wonder if any of them are bifocal?

Open air court yard, with stairs leading to more living halls and artifacts

mahjong table for ladies (women gamble, while the men go about their business in the other rooms)

"western dining hall"is one of the themed rooms in the mansion.If you like, you can book and have your events here at the mansion

marble boy in the western dining area

European porcelain dolls shows that the kapitan had outside influence back then

nicely hand blown glass oil lamp used at the western dining table

beautiful hallway, decorated with paintings and gold carvings

this picture was taken as i was going up the stair case to the second floor

kandar baskets that were being used to carry food in olden times, hence the name Nasi Kandar! (your local 24/7 malay-indian food outlet)

golden banggles! look how big they are! they girls must be really big and strong?

bring out the nyonya - bling bling

the girls wear this to go out?

kindda looks like these belts dont they? 😀 see i told you they must have been strong

bride and bride grooms wedding room! They must have wished for a bigger bed! and less furniture maybe?

the make up table looks like a prayer alter!

What the #@$@# is a chicken doing under the newly weds bed! ALARM CLOCK? The chicken is in the basket by the way.

reflection of a tour going on in the mansion on an antique bulb flash camera

sink at the corner. Comes witha marble stool. I really like the way they decorated it. See that only the edge of the sink is decorated with green tiles?

the glass room, is full of glassware, this one is for the center piece of the table, where you can put fruits

A nyonya fully dressed for some occasion

porcelin collection, there is a full collection of cups, tea pots, plates, urns of different colour and shapes which are all imported from different eras of the chinese dynasty

19th century box to keep betelnut

coffee tea or baba nyonya toys? oh the toys are in the cabinet just behind the table.

alot of people come here for wedding photo shoots

dresses being laid out for display at the western bedroom

ok, i think this bed isnt following modern dimensions. Its only 5feet + long!

ladies make up set

big living room, with comfy chair! (cushions would have been a hit back then!)

We hope you have a fun touring the museum as much as we did. Make sure you ask for the free TOUR GUIDE!

If you are driving, there is parking space inside the mansion grounds.
Their address:

29 Church Street,
10200 George Town,
Penang, Malaysia.
Telephone: +60-4-2642929
Getting there? Click here for Google Map

Happy backpacking in penang! For more free budget information and budget hotels, visit

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