Lagenda Park Langkawi with

Since there isnt much attractions to see in Langkawi, we decided to do a revisit to the Park of Legends, which was so impressive during our first visit back in 2007.
I was here back in March 2010, and the park was closed. Now in July 2010, when i passed by, the makeshift barrier has been taken down. And since i was playing tour guide that day, i decided to show my friends of what i thought was going to be “A great attraction“.
The park was totally decimated by lack of maintenance. It was terrible and a shame to see a multimillion ringgit tourism project to go to waste like that.
What i loved about Lagenda Park was that,
Langkawi is very rich in legends and stories. And Langkawi does not have any proper museums to tell the tourists about these legends. The Park of Legends uses large man made structures to explain the legends. For example like the fight between the Two Giants – Mat Chincang and Mat Raya, which gave rise to places like Kuah (Name of Langkawi town), Air Hangat and Bukit Sawar among the many.
Taman Lagenda or The Park of Legends is very near to the Jetty, and the huge eagle monument. If you are taking a tour, they would most likely take you to these two places.
This is an introduction to the Park of Legends. If you are interested in reading more about the stories and legends of Langkawi, this site is a good read >> Langkawi Legends.

Gate way to the Park of Legends Langkawi

The rock like structure around the park makes it look like the many parks in China. If you have been to China, the parks are all like this. Nicely decorated stone structures in their parks.

The 99 islands that make up the archipelago of Langkawi on the main gate of the park

The next picture is the main walk way to the different segments of the park. It reminds me of a scene from a ghost movie! Especially in the evening, when the tree’s shadows are cast on the floor.

This can either be a very "European cool" looking walkway or a very very scary vampire looking one. You decide.

The two big mountains on Langkawi which are Gunung Mat Chincang and Gunung Raya
were believed to be giants named Mat Cincang and Mat Raya, who ruled long ago.This is the monuments of the two Giants- Mat Chincang and Mat Raya fighting.

The overgrown bushes give it a more realistic look i suppose

Very much to Mat Cincang’s displeasure, Mat Raya’s son was bent on marrying Mat Cincang’s daughter. On the wedding day, a misunderstanding between the two giants arose. In the fight that ensued, pots and pans were thrown around as if an earthquake had struck the island. The place where a big pot of gravy overturned is now known as Kuah, (Malay for gravy) and is now Langkawi’s main town.

Pot of curry

Broken Pots after the fight among the two giants.

This is how they named the islands i guess. The explaination of the stories were too worn out to be seen

The park was really big to walk around. We went there at about evening time, and it was already dark. There were a bunch of cleaning crew, cutting the grass and doing some tidying up of the place, but still the place is in a mess.
If you plan to visit it, it will only take you about half an hour.

We hope this helped you in planning your trip. Happy backpacking!
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