Backpacking Langkawi to Kuah Town with

WAIT Before you scroll down

i have to explain and tell all of you that Kuah town is still a great place to visit.

So if you look at my pictures and think, shit, this looks like a ghost town, and ewwwwwww im not coming here at all. Please don’t be put off by my pictures. Although Kuah Town, in Langkawi really looks like this, but it is still one of our favorite spots to get

Chinese Food, Great Seafood, Awesome Nasi Lemak and cheap DUTY FREE shopping!

So here is what you will see here

shop lots at Kuah

plaza langkawi- small shopping mall that doesn't have anything interesting in it

rows of shop houses in Kuah

More shops in Kuah

The few stores you need to know : Duty free shop selling liquor, chocolates, biscuits, cigarettes

These are the few big duty free shops that will give you the best price.

After you are done shopping, head over to Water Garden Hawker Center for some chow…

Nice Chinese hawker food here

There is also a stall at the corner of the road near the duty free shops,

corner stall selling malay food- great for tea!

Malay food stall has some really nice packet rice (nasi lemak), spring rolls and other snacks for tea

The Packet of Nasi Lemak (packet rice with a choice of either anchovies, egg, fish or meat with curry paste) was a surprise. The rice was Yellow~! yummy..i think they add extra spices to it, thats why its so fragrant.

yellow rice nasi lemak - one packet of this and teh tarik just made my evening!

This is a nice cigar shop. They also sell shisha components and equipment here.

This is the place to try some cuban cigars. They are cheaper here in Langkawi

There are a few shops worth looking at

shop selling malay tradisional clothes - batik and beach wear

16 degrees alcohol and wine shop- stylishly done up

best pizza in town?

AL ikhsan sports shop seems to be the only sports shop worth going into

Unless you went for water sports and dropped your camera or lost a cable then you can come here to get your electronic replacements.

electronics shop that sells goods which are almost the same price as NON duty-free shops

Im not surprised that only locals know that Langkawi is DUTY free.Langkawi isn’t publicized enough by the tourism department as a duty-free destination.

So for all you guys who are here in Langkawi for Sun, Sea and Booze, – Beer, Liquor, Cigarettes are cheaper than the mainland.

a can of beer costs 0.34 USD/ 0.29 cents EURO

So now you know! What Kuah, Langkawi town looks like:D

What else does Kuah have that you might need to know.

  1. A lot of nice seafood restaurants on the way to Kuah. Opposite the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) outlet.
  2. Almost all the car/motor bike repair shops are here. So if you get a flat tire, or engine trouble, you probably need to come to Kuah Town. So Its advisable to get the shops phone number as emergency when you decide to rent a bike or car.
  3. Post office is here in case you want to post stuff. The last collecting time for postal service in Langkawi is 1 pm.
  4. The largest shopping mall is here in Kuah.
  5. Duty free items are cheaper here in Langkawi
  6. The Jetty is just 3 minutes away from the Jetty.

We hope this helps you when you are backpacking in Langkawi. For more free budget information, check us out at .

:D:D have fun!


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8 responses to “Backpacking Langkawi to Kuah Town with

  1. Ishu Wah

    The Jetty is just 3 minutes away from the Jetty??

    how many jetties are there?

    • Hi Ishu, there is only one main Jetty in Langkawi. This is where ferries to Penang, Thailand, Mainland will depart from. It is only about 3 minutes ride away (car/motorbike) from Kuah Town. Well, maybe 5 minutes if you ride real slow.

  2. Have put a link to your page on our facebook.

    • Thank you. Hope it helps give people a good idea of what to expect in Kuah, Langkawi.

      Whenever we are in Langkawi, we always head to Kuah for seafood at night (because it is reasonably priced), to do duty free shopping (its the cheapest in Langkawi) and also for the weekend night market to catch some local atmosphere.

  3. M.M.

    Hi—thanks for the info. I’m curious: What are the rules on bringing duty-free alcohol back to Penang on the Ferry? What is the maximum limit per person? Is it still just 1 Liter, like at the airports?

    • Hi there Mattholm!
      Sure thing.
      The maximum limit of duty free goods per person is

      • Wine/spirit/malt/liquor not exceeding 1 liter.

      • Tobacco not exceeding 225 grams (equal to 200 sticks of cigarettes/ 50 cigars).

      This is the legal amount.
      However, there are plenty of cases where many tourists get away with more, due to lack of security at the customs check points. Really depends on your luck, because the customs don’t really scan your bags and only in very rare occasions that they will search your bags. If you are carrying a small bag, very likely they will just ask you to walk thru. So if you are smuggling more alcohol than supposed to, then just walk as if your bags are really light, to avoid suspicion.
      We suggest that if you see a big group of tourists in front of you, you just follow suit.
      If you are a foreigner – ive heard a lot of cases where they are more lenient towards foreigners.
      CAUTION: But to be eligible to buy duty free items, you have to stay in Langkawi for at least minimum 48 hours.

      View this link for more information >> Customs Malaysia

      Happy Backpacking! 😀 Let me know if you have any more queries.

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