Backpacking Asia Like a Pop-Star – Ingredients to kick ass your party!

My birthday was over the week end.

it was SURPRISING, KICK ASS, CRAZY, OBSCENE with plenty of DIVA WWE action thrown in!  (girls were really wrestling in Bikinis)

I love kung fooooo

Definitely one of the best-est parties Ive had. Mind you it was a last minute idea too!

Sure you will have guests complain about the food and that it wasn’t enough. (They always say that, because they are hungry) But once you get the party going, the drinks will fill them up already. So dont freaking over order the last minute. Let them sit and get full talking and drinking. Because all that extra food is just going into the dumps.

"Budget BBQ" that cost me USD 25 for 6 people

If i had it again, this is what i would have got!

SUMO WRESTLING KIT! Nothing more fun than bumping your friends silly!

"huuuu waaaaaaa" Sit on me man!


Probably distribute these around and have a laugh after

I want More Games!- BEER BONG ANYONE?

I think this is the same as playing russian roulette. Losers drink!

How shots should be done! Measured at 50 ml each!

One unique club is the Clinic in Singapore. Doing wheelies on the wheel chairs while taking shots from the drips!

Check out what the weirdest club in Singapore is all about. The Clinic

And this is how you are supposed to be taking the shots

taking in the shots- kneeling down

And when you are high, maybe you want to start hitting something? Try this 90 meter Pinata!

I feel like hitting something BIG! HARD!

After eating some burnt sausages and plenty of beer, its time to bring out the dessert!

Serve your guests some fancy looking desert! - NO SHIT!

No birthday is complete with a birthday cake…

Everyone loves a funny birthday cake!

Make sure you invite only sporting people for the party! Its no fun hanging around sour sops!

Drawing on drunk people and finding a bra for it is an excitement itself!

If its your BIRTHDAY TODAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We @ wishes you a superciliously drunk, fun, pissed up birthday!

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