AB Motel Langkawi- Tours and Water Sports

Our backpacking trip around Malaysia, saw us ending the stint…. sunbathing, boozing and mangrove trekking in Langkawi.

Langkawi islands are made up of 99 islands

Langkawi which is part of the Andaman islands is famous for its brilliantly crystal clear waters which are theming with fishes of all sorts.
Apart from taking our own leisure time, waking up at 11am, having a late breakfast, read a book while we sip duty free ice wine, we decided to go for some tours to fill in our time.
There are plenty of tour agents around. I guess, its really up to you guys, to see which is the best bargain. From what we noticed is that, the tour agents at the Jetty and Airport are definitely not the best on the island. Because they have the first hand advantage of, first approaching the “just arrived tourist”, therefore they can charge a premium because the tourist is not familiar with the prices of tours, hotels and car rental on the island.
If you haven’t booked anything yet, here the tours offered by AB motel is something for you to read about. They already have the “Cheapest Island Hopping Tours on the Island” =3 islands for RM 25 including hotel transfer. They can afford to lower the price because they are using their own tour boat, instead of renting it from the boat men. Hence the lower price.

Here are a few water sports we got from AB motel, where we were staying.

Jet Skiing on Langkawi's waters can be really tempting!Jet Ski - RM 120/ 30 mins

The Island Hopping tour was worth it, we were picked up from our hotel in the morning, and was whisked by speed boat to see how they feed the eagles. Then we were left for one hour on a deserted island for some RnR.  We then headed to the Pregnant Maidens Lake to dip. (Nope, we didn’t get pregnant). Legend has it that who ever dips in the lake will be enchanted and pregnant.

Mangrove tour and Island Hopping - RM 50 per person, Island Hopping you get to visit 3 different islands - Pulau Beras Basah, Pulau Pulau Singa and Pulau Dayang Bunting

Banana Boat - RM 20/ person

Pulau Payar/ Payar Island Snorkeling Package - RM 95 per person

Parasailing - RM 50 per round (3km)

Ab Motel also offers

Diving package @ Payar Island – RM 250/ person

Contact Asthar Travel and Tours SDN BHD
KPL/LN: 5969
Call : 0134884300 for more information or just drop over to the tour counter at AB motel.



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2 responses to “AB Motel Langkawi- Tours and Water Sports

  1. Po-Jung Chen

    Do you have island hopping tour around 1-2 o’clock in the afternoon? We will arrive in Langkawi around noon. How can we sign up to the tour?

    • Hi there Po Jung.
      Yes there is another session of island hopping around 1 pm. But just to share with you that the afternoon 1pm tour can be very hot when you get to the island. As there isnt much trees there.
      Once you arrive at langkawi, check in first and then call up AB motel 0134884300. Call few day in advance and let them know earlier what kind of situation you are in. Let them know that you will be arriving Langkawi in the afternoon and want to take the tour straight away.
      ** we suggest you rest a day first and then take the tour the next day. Taking it on the first day it self will be too tiring. You wont enjoy much. You also need to take in to account travelling time. If you are flying in, then its only 15 minutes drive from airport to pantai cenang. But if you taking the ferry. You will most likely need roughly 45 mins drive to Pantai Cenang.
      If you are staying nearby AB motel. Easiest is just walk over to their counters and book there. 🙂 They are the cheapest and service is good!
      Have fun!

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