Air Asia Budget Airlines – Convenience Fee of RM 20 when paying by credit card



Ok i think have your attention now..

You know what amazes me is, how jumpy people get whenever any budget air lines start to announce that they have FREE FLIGHTS or ZERO fares to any of their destinations. I don’t blame them.In fact i get a little *mouse click happy*myself when these promos are on.
It’s all good, but when these budget airlines start putting out a time line for users to book these so-called free tickets, coupled with the frustration that you need to fight with few million other Scrooges who are also scouring for free flights your mind might not start to think straight.
Plenty of people join the frenzy and start clicking. This might not happen that often to youngsters but do also take note.
I’m writing this because this happened to my parents. They paid more than what they thought they were going to pay. You know, old people, and they are excited to travel. (They can be dangerous with a credit card.. ha ha) Here are a few things to be aware of when you are buying an airplane ticket from a budget airline.

Make sure you check your flight dates correctly.
Remember each time you change a flight, you need to press UPDATE
You don’t want to by flying on a different day than intended!!

backpackies budget airlines

Click the update button, if you are changing your flight dates

Guys if you are buying Air Asia tickets online.
Just beware of the added costs involved.
1) Baggage
2) Insurance
3) Pick a seat
4) Credit card charges
Make sure you read properly what you are clicking. Because after you click NO, Then another message will pop up. Something like this

budget hotels penang

Careful of what you click

Usually after you click NO, you will automatically click OK. But this is not the case. So be attentive.
Watch out for your luggage weight. Plan in advance to avoid being over charged. The trick of asking another person in the line to see if you can use her/his luggage allowance does not work anymore.   (As everyone needs to pay for their own luggage nowadays)

Plan properly of how much luggage you will be bringing. Best to weigh it first, at home before you fly, at least you know how much it weights.

And beware that there is also some credit card charges involved.

You need to pay an added RM 20 for paying using your credit card

Watch out for these snags and we wish you a happy and safe cheap skate holiday! 😀

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