Air Asia – Surviving Long Hauls on a Budget Airlines

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Air Asia Free Seats

Nowadays there is a new ruling that you can't take pictures on the tarmac.

I was pretty excited and decided to *hand write* a letter to the captain, before take off.

My letter to the captain

Air Asia Free Seats

Is he big or are the seats space small? 90 degree seats! WOaaaahhh LOOK AT HOW CLOSE THE KNEE IS TO THE SEAT IN FRONT. I can't even fit my girlfriends leg in..if she wanted to! DAMN!

Few years back, we used to rush to the seats near the emergency exits which had huge amounts of leg room. But ever since they started issuing seat numbers, there’s no need for the rush. All the seats are the same, unless you pay more and get the hot seats which offer a little bit more leg room.

Hot Seats are marked red- comes with more leg room

To be comfortable, you can always purchase a comfort kit, if you didn’t bring your own pillow or eye mask along. Here is what you will get

air asia free seats

Comfort kit comes with a thin synthetic blanket, eye mask, and a neck pillow COSTS RM 35 (~10 USD), Please take it home after you arrive at your destination. If not i will take it for you.

It isn’t much comfort. If you have a jacket, you can roll it up and use it as a head pillow. Does the same job. Just be warned that it can get pretty cold in the plane on long journeys.

Of course, eating is also another way to ease your dis comfort. If you are sure of this method, then we suggest you pre book your meals when you purchase your flight tickets. It is 20% cheaper than buying it on the plane.

Nasi Lemak Pak Nassir is pretty good

The chicken lasagna was pretty awesome as well (if they still serve them) **** Recommended

meals on air asia

Yummy hot lasagna

After filling our tummies. We looked around…to see if there are any empty seats. After take off, you are allowed to shift seats. Look for any space with at least 2 empty seats. The hand rest can be lifted up, so that you can at least sit and stretch your body diagonally. Beats sitting 90 degrees vertical or even 70 degrees after incline.

Since the seats are so f**kin small, and had like 5 hours of flight time. We knew what we had to do.


Chivas + Coke + Air Asia = Hallelujah

If you are going to do what we are doing, make sure your alcohol is stored in a ~ 100 ml bottle. Maybe a clear bottle with vodka or bicardi? And say its mouth wash ๐Ÿ˜€

Happy traveling. And if you do see a crazy guy with a straw hat drinking happily on any Air Asia flight, that isn’t me.

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2 responses to “Air Asia – Surviving Long Hauls on a Budget Airlines

  1. Ishu Wah

    Wakakaka… am sure ur galfren will find ways to fit in in between ur legs if she wants to, or if u want her to… kekeke

  2. Hahahaha notti notti ishu! :p
    Im sure can always go diagonal! ๐Ÿ˜€
    (but i dont have to tell you all these) ๐Ÿ˜‰ cuz you must have done it off road d!

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