Baskin Robbins Hand Packed Ice Cream -31st of Every Month- Guide to Eating and Not Paying!

Disclaimer: Ok this is purely just one of my *cheeky* thoughts. I did not actually do it. (yet) Just thought one of you might, after reading this  😀

If you don’t already know, every 31st of any month, Baskin Robbins has 31% discounts off their hand packed ice creams.

By the way: (Baskin Robbins is proud to boast that they have  31 different flavors )

So on this day, the ice cream might be cheaper than usual. This explains the exceptionally long queues at any Baskin Robbin outlets. *Of course, then the shop goes empty for the next 30 days (due to kiasu Asians, buying up all the ice cream with the excuse *ya…my ah ma also got eat ice cream one ma*.

My favorite ice cream from Baskin Robbins has gotta be anything chocolatey! Here are my two favorites.

baskin robbins ice cream penang

My favourites. Pity they don't have a picture of "Maui Brownie Madness"-- Yumsss just thinking about it *Low fat too* my gf tells me

31% discount for hand pack ice creams @ Baskin Robbins every 31st of the month

Long queue that uses a "paper number system" to track who's turn it is

Take your time to choose what you want. Here at Baskin Robbins, you can simply ask to try every single type of flavor and just leave after you are full, if you want too

baskin robbins penang

Extra staff hired to cope with the mass of hungry ice cream crowd

I noticed that the employer of this outlet used a very useful and effective tactic. He hired a lot of girls with big boobs. As you can see from the picture, these girls obviously, have plenty of ice cream on their bodies.(ALL OF THEM)!  I think it’s a seductive trick. No wonder the guys are all standing in front wanting to taste ice cream. *pretenders you know who you are*

baskin robbins ice cream penang

Pick your choose, which size you want?! Those who are ordering the biggest pack (called the VALUE CUT ) does not need to queue. Just go straight to the counter.

OK here is the game plan. To eat free ice cream.

  1. Remember its your right to taste any ice cream you want. Unfortunately they come in small pink scoops. So I guess you just need to taste more.
  2. Pay Attention: You need to look confident ok.
  • First you take your number and wait to be called.
  • Then you pretend to taste all the ice cream, and tell the girls what you want.
  • Then she will ask you to pay.
  • You pretend to talk to your friend or on your handphone, and go to the toilet.
  • Wait for about 10 minutes, and she will call you to collect your ice cream.
  • Collect it, and just walk out.

We havent tried this. But we are very sure it will work.Please let me know if my genius plan works. 😀


Happy Ice Cream Day!

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2 responses to “Baskin Robbins Hand Packed Ice Cream -31st of Every Month- Guide to Eating and Not Paying!

  1. Mango

    Seriously?! They don’t check??!

  2. Cross my ice cream loving heart – they don’t check!!
    Its funny, because i did point out the flaw in the system, but she just gave me my ice cream and shooed me off. Eager to serve the next customer.
    But they might start checking soon, if we all start eating free ice cream! 🙂
    So better be quick!

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