Backpacking Malaysia, Backpacking Singapore- Dont get caught smuggling at the airport

What amazes me is that people already know with all those terrorist bombings on flights, that the screening and safety measures at the airports would be super strict, and yet they still try to smuggle funny stuff on to the plane.
Nowadays, all liquids must be packed in 100ml clear bottles (total not more than 1000ml) before boarding the plane.For the usual x ray screening, you need to remove your shoes, belt, laptop, wallet, hand phone, coins and everything else that is magnetic! Including metal rings!


Outrageous that this woman was asked to remove her nipple rings with a pair of pliers

This Lady got more than expected. She was forced to remove her nipple ring by officers at the x ray machines in the airport. (Picture courtesy of the Reuters)

And just to give you an idea of how high tech scanners are at airports.

(Malaysia and Singapore might not have this yet)

We prefer to call them SUPER SCANNERS. Read this >> An ACLU technology guy said the new generation of high-tech body scanners (now going into 10 major U.S. airports) can see sex organ and breast size, colostomy bags, penile implants, etc (courtesy of Agence France-Presse)

So whats the latest news on what to smuggle. We found all these in the WEIRD STUFF section.The AUTHORITIES know where to look!

1) Someone trying to smuggle a dog.

I know of people who does this. They make sure that the animal is still young so it doesn't make so much sound

2) Idiot trying to smuggle birds

backpacking malaysia

Tying birds to your legs is not intelligent. Imagine if you were to accidentally kick someone. There goes your $$$ investment.

Smuggle drugs for parties like FULL MOON FESTIVAL in Thailand or the RAIN FOREST FESTIVAL in Kuching

backpacking malaysia

Putting weed in the sole of your shoes, will attract sniffer dogs.

Caution Ladies!! Recently in Malaysia, a woman got caught by police after they suspected that her boobs was too big for her body size. They found drugs hidden inside. Read more >> Bonjour Planet Earth . But then after we read it, the amount of ganja found was 1 g! How can that amount make her look like she got Dolly Parton breasts? She must have small breasts? O.o i don’t understand why she did it. She could have just hid it in her panties! They couldn’t have found it there.

Smuggling alcohol
There are many different ways and ideas to smuggle alcohol on to the plane. Or into a foreign country. Or into a club maybe. (termed BYO – Bring Your Own) Courtesy from
Among the famous ones we love are

budget hotels penang

Body strap - strapping small amounts of concentrated alcohol on your body

backpacking malaysia

Putting clear fluid in a clear bottle, masking it with colored dye

backpacking malaysia

Using fruits to seal your alcohol. You need to use ripe. water filled fruits like grapes, oranges, watermelons

Taking in cigarettes into Singapore is illegal. So don’t even try it. Maximum you can carry is maybe an open packet.
So beware of all these bumps and snags when thinking of smuggling.

We would love to hear from you if you have any mischievous ideas.

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One response to “Backpacking Malaysia, Backpacking Singapore- Dont get caught smuggling at the airport

  1. LPH

    I’ve got a friend who smuggled out a huge blanket from the airline! Never ceases to amaze me how he did that

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