Backpacking Penang – Gurney Drive

Gurney Drive- Every tourist seem to know this place for its hawker food. The Penang locals know it as a place to have morning jogs, evening walks, “sin on” late night dinners at the hawkers center and of course also to bring their loved ones to the seafront for some romantic time. Gurney Drive used to be very windy, fresh in sea breeze with plenty of nice views, which is why there are so many expensive condominiums and hotels along Gurney Drive. But this is slowly changing due to the reclaiming of land up north. Most notably the EnO project which has reclaimed alot of land, thus causing a cove to form in front of Gurney Drive. This has caused a lot of sand and silt to settle on the shores of Gurney Drive. We walked around Gurney drive and took some recent shots of the place.

backpacking penang

Panoramic shot of Gurney Drive
backpacking penang

Gurney drive is full of expensive million dollar condominiums

Backpacking penang

Gurney Drive's shores in the morning- You can see it is filled with silt and rubbish during low tide

backpacking penang

mud and silt - emits a smelly odor. I dont know how people can stand to sit here for hours just to spend time together. You would be amazed at how many couples who do that on a daily basis

backpacking penang

this goes on till as far as the eye can see

backpacking penang

gurney drive is still a great place to go for walks - only when its high tide, and you cant see all the ugly hidden sights

backpacking penang

The government has renovated the area, so there are nice wooden chairs, lights for safety

backpacking penang

they even grow some trees ..maybe?

backpacking penang

Oh, and someone even thought of how to use all that mud to make it an activity!


we hope the government is aware of this, or maybe at least take the time to have some morning walks here before deciding or approving any projects that can cause damage to the environment and Gurney Drive as an attraction as well. As most tourists from out of Penang, only know Gurney Drive for its hawkers food. We want to prove the thought of “Gurney Drive Hawker food is Good” is actually wrong. So what we plan to do is, go over to gurney drive, order all the different hawker food there and give you an insiders local view of how these food taste. So you can judge for yourself
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