Backpacking Thailand, Cheap Hotels Thailand – Staying at Pavillion Hotel Songkhla

Songkhla Thailand is about 45 minutes drive from Hadyai, Thailand. Songkhla is on the west side of peninsular facing the gulf of Thailand. Here is a map of where Songkhla is, just so you can imagine it.

backpacking thailand

Map of South Thailand

Songkhla is a quaint little seaside town, where most people will visit for some relaxing time, sea side activities, fresh seafood and to soak up the local village atmosphere. We will cover, what to do in Songkhla on the next blog. Mean while, if you are looking for a decent place to stay. There arent many budget hotels here or guesthouses for that matter. Most of the hotels here are mostly 2- 3 stars and above. The price for a standard room is pretty straight reasonable. For example: A room with double bed, ensuite toilet, tv, air conditioning, fridge and room service will cost you around 750 THB. (22 USD). Here is one of those places that you can stay. Check out Pavillion Hotel
backpacking thailand

Map to Pavillion Hotel Songkhla

backpacking thailand, backpacking songkhla

Standard room with queen size bed

Backpacking Thailand

Big and comfortable bed

backpacking thailand

Room comes with TV (few international channels) and a fridge with mini bar in it

backpacking thailand

Spacious rooms where every room has a window

Backpacking thailand, backpackies
Backpacking Songkhla

Toilet comes with long bath, hot shower, clean cotton towels, free shampoo and body gel

Forgot to mention that, the room rate comes with breakfast. The breakfast is pretty standard, with sausages, toasts, fried noodles, fried rice, juice, coffee, tea, fruits etc. For more information contact Check out their website @ Pavillion Hotel Songkhla. (Of course their pictures look nicer than ours!) πŸ˜€ Oh and a tip. If you are planning to stay here, do ask for the upper floors. Specifically ask for floors 8 and 9. As the lower floors are constantly being rented by people who use it for “short time” purposes. (Prostitution). Although the hotel does not admit this. Happy backpacking in Songkhla Thailand! For more information, visit us at If you do have any other information regarding Songkhla or hotels here, we would love to hear from you. Sharing experiences to help create a better holiday!


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2 responses to “Backpacking Thailand, Cheap Hotels Thailand – Staying at Pavillion Hotel Songkhla

  1. have to be carefull with “pavillion hotel songhkla”, currently the hotel is under the “bed bugs” invasion!!!!
    PTT and CPOC already send us “red alert”

  2. Great article, I have just finished writing an upto date budgeting guide for backpacking in Thailand, gives a good idea of the costs for those planning a trip.

    Cost of Backpacking in Thailand

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