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Don’t Know What to have for Breakfast while Backpacking in Penang?
Sick of the usual Sausage, eggs and coffee? Lets take a food tour that will even get our seasoned Asian tummies screaming with joy!
We are going to tour Chulia Street Penang (backpacker central of Penang) today, in search of what the locals have for breakfast.

Surely by now you would have known that Penangites – Residents of Penang, are famous for their love and appetite for good food.

How we got the idea for this blog? We were having breakfast one day and realized there so many different local food that are being served for breakfast. Then we looked at what they were serving at the budget hotels and cafes, and thought, “Hey, you guys need a change”! After all, whats the point of traveling to a new place and not try the local dishes?! All the different food in this blog are within walking distance from your guesthouses.
We had “YOU= backpackers” in our mind when we wrote this. We zero-ed down the areas around the main roads where most likely you would be staying at. Most budget hotels in Penang are located around Chulia Street Penang and its surrounding roads like Muntri Street, Love Lane, Campbell Street,Penang Road etc(DOWN TOWN GEORGETOWN). We first thought of recommending the best local street food stalls for breakfast. But then decided against it as there were just too many “good” stalls and coffee shops to include. So we decided to write you guys, on what are the food types you can find here in Georgetown sold in the mornings.

So if you are sick of the normal “American Breakfast and Cereal”, then put on your flip flops and lets adventure together to find what the locals are eating this morning. (to be honest, some of these places, we just found accidentally while exploring the city). We will use Chulia Street as our main street.And we will walk from here
Here we go!
We start off with something mild on the tummy first. Soft home made bread, toasted the traditional way with a stove fueled by charcoal. Accompanied by some half boiled eggs.

budget hotels penang

Toasted bread spread with butter dipped in to half boil eggs- SOLDIERS (i wonder why they call that in England)

budget hotels penang

this small stall in the alley is famous for its toasted bread, eggs and coffee

This shop is in a small alley along Campbell Street. Click here for the map of Campbell Street This shop is towards the start of Campbell Street, at the corner of the intersection with Penang Road.

How about some mild non spicy Rice Noodle Soup with Fish balls then?

Breakfast at Chulia Street

Rice noodle soup with fish balls

Going a little bit adventurous, we increase the spice level a little.Try some curry noodles.

budget hotel penang

Surprisingly this curry mee was awesome!! Not choked with spicyness and just nice..

This noodle stall is only open in the mornings. It is on Cintra Street. You can easily find it on the Complimentary Penang Map given out at the tourist information booths and airports. If you dont have one, click here to get one >> Penang Tourist Map

budget hotels penang
We haven’t forgotten you, if you are the typical rice person! Nasi Lemak comes in a packet folded with banana leaf. The rice is usually topped with small anchovies, curry and hard boiled egg.

Budget hotels penang

Nothing beats a packet (or two) of spicy Nasi Lemak and a hot cup of local brew

Leaping a little dangerously we thought we should include this, just to show you how adventurous some locals are!

budget hotels penang

Durians with rice anyone?

The lorbak below goes very well with rice, noodles or eaten just on its own.
Budget hotels penang

Lorbak - Deep Fried pork meat wrapped in a thin flour skin

Check out the Chowrasta Market which is within walking distance, from Penang road. There is a morning market there that is worth checking out. Instead of buying your fruits at an over priced rate. Go where the locals go. Buy it at the local market. There are plenty of fruit stalls around. Prices are way cheaper and fruits are way fresher!
budget hotels penang

fruit stalls at Chowrasta Market

They sell all sorts of fruits here. From apples, oranges, watermelons, honey dew, grapes, kiwis, to of course durians.

budget hotels penang

Fresh fruits from the market - a healthy start to your day

This is among the strange but delicious fruits you can find here. Rambutans! Hairy on the outside, sweet on the inside! 😀 Sorry, for being cheeky.

budget hotels penang

Meet our hairy friends. Rambutans!

Going a little crazy, we had some pork innards porridge! Tasted really good. It blended so well with the porridge and the sauces, that you wont know you were having the innards! Delicious!
budget hotels penang
We did an article a while back on Chowrasta Morning Market. Check it out.

budget hotels penang

For those who are vegetarian or just dont eat meat. Look out for any fried noodle stall with a yellow flag. This indicates that the stall is fully vegetarian.

budget hotels penang

Fried noodles - We call them cheap fried noodles in chinese, because there is literally nothing inside except noodles, some vegetables and seasoning

Pick up some fried bread to munch on the way? They are freshly rolled and fried in front of you. Some of them are empty but some come with red bean and sesame seed.

budget hotels penang

This is probably the closest you can get to Peking duck here in Penang.

budget hotels penang

Roasted Duckie, fancy just the meat? or you can order it with rice!

There are plenty of local dim sum shops in Georgetown. Mostly you will see alot of old men in groups talking over a hot pot of chinese tea. You just simply pick and choose what you fancy.

budget hotels penang
Each dumpling has its own different filling.

If you are ready for something really filling. Then you can have some curry rice. Most of the Mamak Stalls here in Malaysia are open 24 /7. In the mornings, most shops sell fried bread (roti canai), tosai or chapati. All of these are the regular types of breads Indians usually have for meals. They are eaten with curry. There are so many here, just pick and choose.

budget hotels penang

On the topic of Dim Sum. If you happen to see this shop on Cintra Street, they serve really good dim sum and noodles. They sell till late in the morning and continue serving lunch.

budget hotels penang

This shop here serves good dim sum!

This roasted piggy is going to someones big dinner tonight!
Sometimes you can just order a handful to try. No harm asking them if they have one ready and cut open.

budget hotels penang

Roasted Pig

Deserts are plenty. These are locally home made deserts.

budget hotels penang

Chinese Pancakes. These are called “Bang Chang Kuih” in Hokkien (Local Penang Dialect)

budget hotels penang

Crispy or soft chinese pancake? Sandwiched in peanuts, sugar and sometimes corn

And not forgetting carrot cake! 😀 Its rice cakes fried with bean sprouts and chilli. Fantastic!

budget hotels penang

fried rice cakes - Char kuih kak in Chinese

We hope you find this blog interesting. Feel free to comment or ask us anything, or where about of these food is. As we said, there are just too many of them. We dont mind giving you directions ! Just comment!

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  2. i can picture myself wandering along the street from the morning up til nite from stall to stall eating and eating!!! mmhh, gonna be great if u mention how much those food will cost us 🙂

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