Chatuchak Market Bangkok / Jatujak Market – Going shopping crazy with

Destination Chatuchak Market (or also known as Jatujak Market), Bangkok!!


chatuchak market bangkok

What the hell are we doing? Ans: Backpacking bangkok

Before you decide to head out to Chatuchak Market for the first time, read below. (This doesnt apply to people who frequent the market and already know what they want to buy and ARE NOT TEMPTED BY BARGAINS AND WILL NOT SPEND HOURS SHOPPING AND COMING BACK WITH TONS OF TOTALLY UNECESSARY ITEMS)

As first timer, chances are high that you will be spending at least half a day here. So here are a few things we suggest you to have, to make shopping here at Chatuchak an enjoyable one.

* Wear light and comfortable clothing, e.g. shorts and a t-shirt/tank-top
* Wear comfortable shoes, e.g. a pair of sneakers or sandals
* Protect yourself against the sun, by wearing sunglasses, a hat and use sunscreen
* Bring a backpack for storing your new-found treasures. It is recommended that you wear your backpack on the front rather than on your back
* Always have bottled drinking water handy
* Bring enough cash. Most vendors do not accept credit cards, and it can be a long walk to the next ATM
* Beware of pickpockets
* Plan to go in the morning, as it can get very hot and crowded in the afternoon
* Free maps are available from one of the information kiosks

backpacking thailand

Trapped in traffic during rush hour. Seems like every hour is rush hour here in Bangkok

If you are hungry for the real Thai-experience, then maybe you can take a tuk tuk to the market. Remember to bargain first!

traveling around bangkok

Plenty of tuk tuk's around Bangkok city

Don’t bother taking a tuk tuk if you are a late bird. The atmosphere is very conducive (by that we mean less traffic and smoke) if you are planning to go to the market around 7-8am. Any later, be prepared to smell smoke and get caught in jams.

backpacking thailand

being stuck in traffic on a tuk tuk is worse. You gotta love smoke and fumes before you take the ride

backpacking thailand

Sawaadee Krup, No farting in tuk tuk krup.. Khap Khun Krup

You don’t need to be good in your sense of direction. The moment you get down, there will be street vendors setting up stalls, shoppers swarming like a bunch of bees to the entrance of the market and tons of arts, craft and product spilling over to the walkways. Follow the crowd! 😀

backpacking thailand

Statue admiring you while you admire it back @ the Art Section in Chatuchak Market Bangkok

One thing about the Thai’s is, they sell what you need and want. There are plenty of these drink stalls littered everywhere. You will need a few if you are spending half a day here in the heat.

backpacking bangkok

Vendors selling drinks to cool off outside Chatuchak Market

We saw a lot of skillfully crafted art at the Arts and Home deco section.

backpacking thailand

Buddha preaches serenity and peace - On sale for 6500 THB! (gold plating)

backpacking thailand

buddha image centralized around the zodiac groups

An important thing that will help you is, the map of Chatuchak Market. This Map lets you know where is what and what is where. Trust me. If you go in the market without a map and decide you want to look for something from your shopping list. Chances are you might be stuck doing rounds in either the food or the pets section.
You can get your own print out map from the entrance. There are tourism people giving them out for free. (Until they are finished of course). Here is a map of Chatuchak Market and a rough lay out of where everything is. Important places to remember:
1) Exits and entrances
2) Toilets
3) ATM’s
4) Tourist help office
5) Where the stalls are at

backpacking thailand

Map of Chatuchak market Bangkok

This map points out the different segments of the market.

backpacking bangkok

The market is divided into different segments

Welcome to the “Worlds Biggest Weekend Market”. Here is what to expect…

backpacking thailand

Chatuchak Market gets really crowded by 10am! You need to squeeze your way thru some shops at times

backpacking thailand

Skillfully done arts are sold here for a bargain

budget hotel bangkok

fancy fake ciggaretes sold at the market

backpacking bangkok

Shirtless studs selling furry cute pussy cats? what a combination!!

backpacking bangkok

tastefully designed hand woven palm leaf bags

backpacking thailand

you can find all sorts of slippers, shoes, locally designed foot wear in this market! All of them cheap cheap!

backpacking thailand

colourful wooden bangles that costs like 50 THB each. They sell the same at Roxy, Reef and other surfer shops at 10x the price!

backapcking thailand

Straw hats of all shapes and sizes sold here. There is a long mirror by the road where anyone can just pick one up and try!

shopping at chatuchak market

Take a break and have soe famous pulled tea! Awe as he acrobatically throws your tea and pulls it in to another cup below

budget shopping at chatuchak market

Plenty of food stalls here. The chicken rice was really goooood.

chatuchak weekend market bangkok

feast yourselves on the street food

chatuchak weekend market bangkok

narrow steamy lanes filled with shopping galore

It gets super hot and crowded in the afternoons. Thats why we suggest for you guys to come here early in the morning.

chatuchak weekend market bangkok

meet the cuties!

Don’t forget to detour to visit the animal section. They have all sorts of animals there. But we took the cutest ones to show you of course!

shopping in bangkok

Meet Jhonny Depp as he sells you some bracelets

chatuchak market bangkok

Like i said, there are plenty of street food. I just had to stop for some thing to munch. The food here is too tempting

shopping in bangkok

a cheeky photograph of kids at the river. No, you wont see them live at the Chatuchak Market.

backpackies in bangkok

trying out the different hand made smoking pipes they have

backpacking thailand

No these are not coloured dildo's! They are..beleive it or not, glass smoking pipes!

shopping at chatuchak market

Get your own customized shoe painted sneakers! You can either let them design it for you or draw one out yourself

shopping in bangkok

You have got to try the young fragrant coconut jelly! It is chilling awesome for a hot day!

budget travel bangkok

Even she says its good! (good promotion huh)

bangkok markets

Night food stalls be careful of what you are eating, as the lighting isn't very good at night

bangkok night market

the entire atmosphere changes at night. All the stalls are beside the main street and lighted up with simple lighting.

Visit Jatujak Market Bangkok for the latest information on Jatujak/ Chatuchak Market Bangkok

Say what you like, we just love shopping at Chatuchak Market. We hope this prepares you for what to expect and also that you enjoy the whole shopping experience. Shopping at Chatuchak is like taking street shopping to a whole new level from the likes of Suan Lum Night bazaar, Patpong, Silom, Khao San or Victory Monument.

Happy shopping! Watch that budget of yours! 😀 For more wacky budget tips visit us at

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8 responses to “Chatuchak Market Bangkok / Jatujak Market – Going shopping crazy with

  1. Kazebert

    eh, i’d took picture with the Johnny Depp before… he was in Khao San selling stuff also..

    I think it’s worth to check the Vintage section in Khao San. Awesome stuff you can find there…very near to 2nd hand section.
    Skip the pets section…

    Go for home interior & Vintage section.

    You could take Subway station to chatuchak market too. Don’t stop at the ‘Chatuchak station’ , the one AFTER would be in the middle of chatuchak. 🙂

  2. Yes we saw him roaming about Khao San too! If you look closely, the money you donate so that you can take a picture of him, is apparently donation to a charity cause.

    The spa section in Chatuchak was worth checking out too. Everything they use in a Thai Spa, you can find here at a cheap price. They make great gifts and also you can DIY spa back home.

    The Subway station you are talking about, should be Kamphaengphet station.

  3. rana aamir

    i want to know how we get shop or stall in this market if possible i want complete information about this market

  4. i’ve been to day market for two days in a row during my vacation last year. fell in love with that market! A good place for shopping!

    by the way, can i use some of your pic for my blog… if u don’t mind. i would to take couple of picture showing the local art which sell at the chatuchak market.

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