Teo Seafood Restaurant in Langkawi by backpackies

Backpacking in Langkawi on a budget?

Tired of being charged for ” YOU ARE A TOURIST” prices for beer and fresh seafood?
Go to TEO SEAFOOD RESTAURANT! (No, we don’t work here and we don’t even get a discount on the Peking duck for saying this)

Teo Seafood Restaurant serves the best local seafood in Kuah Town. We took 20 different friends here to just test our taste buds and see if they could prove us wrong. Because lets face it, there are a lot more seafood restaurants in Langkawi. The competition is HOT!. We have read all the food blogs and tried the restaurants that they recommended. Teo ‘s Seafood Restaurant still remains our favorite for taste. creativity and value! (At the end of the night, after paying our bill for the 8 course dinner, we still had enough taxi fare to go back to the hotel)

Teo’s Seafood Restaurant is in Kuah, just 25 minutes drive from Cenang Beach. If you are coming from Cenang Beach, Teo’s Seafood Restaurant is on the right hand side of the road.
You just gotto come here for very delicious fresh seafood that is reasonably priced.

cheap hotels langkawi

Teo Seafood Restaurant is one of the best in Langkawi

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Dining area is actually open air. Makes it feel like eating in a garden

The whole garden was well lighted up, airy and conducive to eat.

We were fighting for the sharks fin. Honestly there wasn’t enough sharks fin to go around. They replaced the whole dish with a lot of starch and pork skin or fish stomach. But for RM 6 for a big bowl, who can complain?

Seafood centre Langkawi

Uncle the chef said the sharks fins soup was to "wash our mouths first"

The chubby man who i think is the former cook, is a good person to ask for recommendations.

Seafood centre Langkawi

Adding vinegar to the soup makes it more flavorful

Seafood restaurant LangkawiThree flavor fish or called “sar bee hoo”. This fish is cooked in such a way that the sauces will give you three different flavors.

The duck is simply to die for! Just ask if it is freshly roasted. If they are, just order a small portion and enjoy. The skin just melts in your mouth! Damn im hungry now!

seafood restaurant langkawi

Freshly roasted golden ducks

Ask if they have duck when you are there. Then ask when did they roast it. If they just roasted it, like NOW. You simply got to order it! You can always ask him to give you either a quarter or half a duck.

seafood restaurant langkawi

Delicious roasted duck. reminded me of the Peking duck i had in Beijing

Everything you see here is recommended by the chef cum boss. He recommended the fried bread /”ewe jar kuih” stuffed with meat and dressed with salad dressing.

Seafood restaurant in Langkawi

"eew jar kuih" or deep fried bread stuffed with meat and dressed with salad dressing

seafood restaurant langkawi

super chef in action. Flaming woks that produce "mmm it tastes so good" dishes

seafood restaurant langkawi

Sizzling plate young lamb!!! in curry sauce

Teo’s Seafood Restaurant received triple thumbs up. If we had more fingers we would have given more. This place is simply awesome

Here is his information we got from his name card.

Teoh Thu Chai
H/P: 0124745520
Tel: 04 9665520
30, Pusat Dagangan Kelana Mas
Kuah 07000 langkawi, Kedah.

After our dinner, the surprising thing was that the bill was very affordable. We payed around RM 128 for 3 people.

We hope you like this restaurant as much as us. Have fun backpacking and join us on facebook at backpackies is on facebook

Make sure you visit out website for more information at backpackies.com


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4 responses to “Teo Seafood Restaurant in Langkawi by backpackies

  1. Christine

    Wowwwww…i wanna have that Peking Duck:D…Droolsssssss

    • Ya christine! Make sure you ask the chef if they have freshly roasted the duck. If it is fresh, just order it. It was really juicy and the skin was crispy and perfect. We simply dont know how to tell you how good it was!!!! :D:D

      Plus it was cheappp!!!!!

  2. Bilal

    Thank you Thank you and Thank you ….. Ok I just got back form Lankawi just went for 3 days and 2 nights and end up eating twice at this restaurant…We were a group of Eight and but only few of us wandered at 10pm in the night to have dinner and came all the way from the Beach are to Kuch as we wanted to have Duck.. The really cute Malays Chinese owner came and took our order.. He was very friendly and suggested few things we ordered duck, crabs, special fried rice and green veggis with garlic which was off the menu… When the food came it was just awesome each and everything.. We end up ordering another portion of rice and veggi…. And the very next day we all 8 went for lunch and ordered 4 large portion of special fried rice, full fried fish 1.25KG, Lobster 1.3KG, 4 larger crabs, large stir fried veggi, half Duck, each and very thing was totally awesome one of the best Chinese i had in Malaysia … Mind you the place is not a fancy, in fact a bit dirty but who cares when the food is out of this world…. and i think that it was pretty reasonable the total bill cam to RM428 that means RM 52 per head but for the amount of food we ordered…. the lobster and crabs were huge the lobster was 1300 grams …. I hope you enjoy as much as we all did… Its worth Looking for ….

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