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Kuala Lumpur or famously known to the locals as “KL” is the capital of Malaysia. KL is a popular stop over point for budget tourists who are taking advantage of the cheap (or even free) budget flights that use KL as their hub. Air Asia uses KL as its main Asian hub (The low cost terminal is called LCCT – Low Cost Carrier Terminal, which is a different terminal from KLIA) . If you look at the flight routes, KL is a good starting off point for exploring Asia. If you compare, buying air tickets from point of origin. Flights going out from KL is much cheaper than buying a ticket out of any other asian country. Also Kl connects to more destinations than any other destination.

So most tourists would think,” since im already transiting in Kl before my next flight”, “why not stop over and KL for a few days to see what is in KL”!

So here we are. Backpacking in KL and looking for guesthouses?
Most guide books would recommend places like Changkat Bukit Bintang, Tingkat Tong Shin, Chinatown and even Near Jalan HS Lee.

One thing you must know about the public transportation in KL. Its a nightmare!
So make sure you plan your routes well, especially if you have large backpacks.

We at backpackies will be covering BEDZ KL today.

cheap guesthouse kl

Bedz KL (Been there, done that, got bitten by bed bugs)

BEDZ KL is strategically located on Changkat Bukit Bintang, (a road off from the famous Jalan Bukit Bintang, where all the shopping malls and restaurants are). Changkat Bukit Bintang comes alive at night for being one of the most happening night spots in KL.
So yes, staying here gets a little noisy especially if you are putting up in the rooms facing the main road. Prep your ears ready with earplugs or unless you plan to get smashed at the clubs on a week end. The clubs go full swing during the week ends and end very late in the morning.
There are plenty of restaurants, coffee shops and mini marts all around BEDZ KL.

cheap guesthouse kl

frontage of bedz kl (guess this guy must have done something wrong, to not want his face taken)

BEDZ KL is strictly a “dorms only” guesthouse. So it is perfect for backpackers or travellers who are travelling alone or in a group but don’t want to cram everyone into a hotel room.
There is a cozy lounge down below, with tv and a mini bar that sells beer and drinks – that equal the coffee shop prices.

cheap guesthouse kl

Cozy common lounge with internet access, LCD tv with satellite service and a bar that serves drinks

Price list for the bar below

cheap guesthouses in kl

Price list of the bar

cheap guesthouse in kl

Bar is on the right and the dining table is on the left

cheap guesthouses in kl

Dining area is air conditioned

Each bed is RM 33 per person (The bed prices vary according to season). There is a RM 10 deposit for each bed. So you need to contact them for the latest prices and promotions. All rooms are air conditioned. The temperature seemed to be standardized, but you can always ask the reception for the controller to tone the temperature down.
Upon check in, you get a key, key card (for those who come back late and want to use the side entrance), towel, blanket and linen. You will have to do your own bed. When you check out of BEDZ KL, you need to return the linen, blanket and towel to the reception before they give you back your deposit.

cheap guesthouse in kl

Linen that you need to put it on yourself

The bed rooms are clean. There are a 2 choices for rooms, one is 14 people to a room and the other 6 people to a room.
And the mattress they were using is soft and comfortable. There are a few plug points in each room but some of them are damaged. So you need to share. Like always, its a first come first serve basis.

cheap guesthouse kl bulit bintang

Bottom bunk - comfy mattress

cheap guesthouse kl bulit bintang

blanket and towels were very thin

cheap guesthouse kl

14 people in this dorm. Its not too bad. There is still plenty of space to move around

All toilets and showers are shared. There are no free shower gel or soaps in this guesthouse. Toilet paper however is provided.
The showers and toilets are big and spacious.
(We had to mention these first, as apparently there are a lot of people who regard the toilet more important than the rooms! :D)

cheap guesthouses in kl

very spacious shower that comes with very power full water pressure

cheap guesthouse in kl bukit bintang

too spacious toilet that we could fit 8 people inside!!

We at backpackies would like to stress that these information here is purely from our own experience. We hope that you will use your own discretion when staying here.

Our final opinion on this place is that this place would be one of the best places to crash for a dorm, if there weren’t any bed bugs.

p/s: We did complain to the manager. He just nodded and said “huh ok”.
Should have at least had the courtesy to check it out or maybe refund us back half the money since we didn’t stay there for more than 2 hours.

You can find BEDZ KL guesthouse at
Bedz Kl
58, Changkat Bukit Bintang
Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur,

For further enquiries:

Tel / Fax: +603 2144 2339 / 2144 (BEDZ)
Mobile: +6012 3033 458
Our url:

Join us on facebook at backpackies is now on facebook or our website on

We value all your opinions and experiences! Drop us an email or feel free to comment.



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2 responses to “Bedz KL Guesthouse review by backpackies

  1. Jol Tioh

    Wow!!! Is a good information for me… thank you… will note it…

  2. Thanks Jol!
    Glad you liked it. Will be posting another guesthouse up soon.
    Let us know if you have any questions.

    Have a great time backpacking!

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