Backpacking Langkawi – Famous Chendol Pulut and Laksa Power by backpackies

Langkawi is only famous for a few things (Cheap booze, smokes, beaches and islands), but food is not one of them. So we had to really dig high and deep for the best food you can find in langkawi! Here is one of them we found hidden by the road side in the middle of nowhere.

chendol langkawi

This small stall is on the corner of the bend coming from the airport heading towards Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach)

There is plenty of parking space around. Park anywhere you like.

cheap guesthouses langkawi

Hidden stalls along the road to the airport

“i want three bowls of chendol pulut for myself!!” – that’s how thirsty i was. The chendol pulut is best eaten with ice. If not it will be too warm and sweet.

cheap guesthouses langkawi

This place serves 3 types of food. Chendol Pulut, Laksa and Cucuk Udang (prawn fritters)

cheap guesthouses langkawi

Pick and choose your items. Served with special peanut chili sauce

They have fried mushrooms, eggs, prawn fritters, sausages and even burger patties!

cheap guesthouses langkawi

sitting in the shade by the roadside with the sea on your left is just fantastic

The place is very windy as it is next to the sea. In the afternoons, you can have an airplane fly above you while you slowly sip on your chendol pulut.

The chendol pulut is a great thirst quencher especially on a hot day.

cheap guesthouses langkawi

pulut is the white clump inside the bowl. It is glutinous rice.

guesthouses langkawi

santan (coconut milk)is added in to the bowl and topped with ice

They should have used shaved ice instead of just plain ice cubes. Would have tasted so much better. Guess ill put in the suggestion to them. The ice cubes just get in the way of wanting to take a big scoop and just swallowing it down.ur ty

The laksa here is your typical malay laksa. Nice to give it a try! Sorry we don’t have pictures of it. It was eaten before we could snap any.

This is one of the few street food worth mentioning in Langkawi. We also highly recommend this seafood stall in Kuah. Read our blog on it. Teo Seafood Restaurant

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  1. Its superb as your other posts : D, thankyou for putting up.

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