Transfer Road Roti Canai for breakfast by backpackies

penang famous roti canai

the famous transfer road roti canai - road side eating with a twist


Transfer Road Roti Canai serves one of the best roti canai in Penang. Forget the normal 24/7  nasi kandar shops like Subaidah, Kayu, or Pelita because if you want the best roti canai (fried flat bread), you need to go to the roti canai specialist.    

This roti canai shop here in Penang is the blue-ish building. (Not the one in the side lane, next to it). In the mornings, you will need to be a little bit patient, as usually there is a long queue. But the mamak’s (indian muslim) running this shop is very effective. Service is very fast.    

best roti canai in penang

man skillfully kneading the dough to make the bread


best roti canai in penang

then he flings the dough to make it flat. (they love taking pictures, by the way- hence the posing)


best roti canai in penang

he then throws the flat bread to the hot pan to be fried


best roti canai in penang

another guy tosses the flat bread making sure that the outside is crispy but the inside still stays chewy


After ordering your bread. You might want to see what type of curry you want to go with it. They serve mutton, beef, chicken and also dhal (lentil curry). Take your pick of any meat, but you need to tell them “Kuah Campur” which means -Mixed Curry!
The man will skillfully add all types of curry for you , to make it a orgasmic explosion when you eat it together with your roti canai.   Usually the mutton and beef curry is very nice. Make sure you ask them to give you the tender parts. 

best roti canai penang

tada!! the product! Perfectly fried roti canai with your own selection of curry


If you like your bread soggy, then you can always ask them for “roti banjir” which literally in malay means “flooded bread”, where they will flood your bread with curry. The bread becomes very soaked and wet. Some people like it that way.
The stall here is only open in the mornings.  Opening hours are from 7am to around 12pm.Do take not that, this is a street stall. So you get plenty of cars and passing by the stall as you eat. So make sure you are aware of this. Also there arent any toilets around. So make sure you prep up your tummy beforehand.  

Easy to find this stall. Just head down transfer road, before the turning to the right to go into Sri Bahari Road, the blue building is on the right. This roti canai stall is just outside of it.



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  1. Kazebert

    i love that store..


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