Air Asia Self Check in – Step by step guide to checking in at the “self check in kiosk” by backpackies

Flying onthe worlds best low-cost air line” Air Asia? You are bound to drop in at Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia sometime or another. When i GOOGLED the capacity of LCCT, i was amazed that the airport was capable of handling 30 million passengers per year. If you are actually standing in the airport, it seems like you are in the middle of Jakarta or Ho Chin Minh. The growing number of passengers is terrifying but at the same time thrilling that we get to meet so many other travelers from around the world!
Checking in can be a nightmare at the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal) KL. With International Departure check in counters opening 2 hours before flights and domestic departures opening 1 hour before departure time and with a gastimate of 40 flights a day with an average of 140 passengers (normal capacity of a boeing-737) per plane? That is a lot of people at the airport!

LCCT check in

Long queues will kill your holiday mood

The first option that we would recommend is for you to do your check in online >> Air Asia Web Check In .

If you choose web check in, the consolation is that you get to come to the air port later just for the flight, and it saves you on queuing time. But this is provided you don’t have any checked in luggage.
After you do your online check in, you will have to drop your luggage at the luggage drop off counter. Yes, you will also need to queue for this counter. But you can check your baggage a few hours before the flight (3 hours for international, 4 hours for domestic), only an hour or two earlier compared to the normal manual check in.

There is a new system in running. The “self check in” kiosk. It lets you check in hours way before the check in counters are even open. There are a few of these kiosks around the LCCT (Low Cost Carrier Terminal).

LCCT terminal check in

Making use of t self check in counters

They are all touch screen operated and very easy to use. There is an Air Asia Staff to help you out if you have any difficulties. This is the initial screen you will see. Just touch the screen to start.

air asia check in

Starting screen for the self check in kiosk

Select what you would like to do

Air Asia self check in

May i help you??

You can either
1) Key in your booking number
2) Swipe the credit card in which you used to pay for the ticket -so that they can retrace back the transaction
3) Or scan your booking itinerary bar code

LCCT air asia check in

key in your booking number

Your itinerary will display on the screen. Double check to see if it is correct or the flight has been retimed.

air asia check in

check your details

Walllllaaaaaa! Your ticket is printed! πŸ˜€ You are ready to rumbleeee!!!

air asia check in

Printing your flight tickets

Keep your boarding passes properly with your passport or ID.

We hope this keeps you informed on the new features of the Low Cost Carrier Terminal KL.

Happy backpacking and have a safe fun trip from all of us at backpackies.

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123 responses to “Air Asia Self Check in – Step by step guide to checking in at the “self check in kiosk” by backpackies

  1. Cheryl Gee

    What about the seat allocations? Are we able to arrange for say 4 pax to sit together? or is it all automatically selected by the computer system?

  2. Hi there Cheryl.
    If you have previously bought your tickets together in a pax of 4. Then all 4 of you should share the same booking number. Once you have keyed in that booking number. Select to check in for all 4. All 4 of you should be sitting together then! πŸ˜€
    This is usually the case. But it also depends on seat availability. In any case the computer only blocks 4 seats for you. Meaning 2 in one row and another 2 behind is also considered block seats. Just that you might prefer to sit side by side.

    Hope this helps! Have a great time traveling and a safe trip from all of us at backpackies

  3. Benny

    I’ll be travelling to Singapore this weekend and would like to try out web check-in as well. I intend to print the boarding passes at home though. So does this mean that we can just head on straight to the boarding gate once we web check-in? I only have hand luggage for this trip by the way.

    • Yes benny. If you are doing the web check in and only have hand carry luggage, then once you print out your boarding passes at home. You just head to the departure gate. πŸ™‚
      Saves plenty of time and you dont have to be at the airport much earlier like the rest of the guys doing manual check in!

      Have a safe trip!!

  4. Camiez

    Hi there,

    Both my friend and I will be flying AAX. We have different booking numbers cuz we booked separately (but for the same flight).

    Is it possible that we still sit together in the plane if we do normal counter check in?


    • Hi there! πŸ™‚ Sure you can sit together!
      But you need to use the manual check in at the check in counter like normal.
      Do not use the “Self check in Kiosk” because chances are that you will both get different seating numbers.

      When you check in at the check in counter, make sure you two check in the same time. Just mention to the check in officer that you want to be seated together. Usually there is no problems. Only unless one of you have bought the “Hot Seats” and another hasnt. (Hot seats cost more)
      Also, make sure you didnt select your seats when you bought your tickets online. Once you have selected your seats when buying your flight tickets. Your seats are fixed.
      If this is the case, then you need to wait to see if the flights is full. After take off, you can sit next to your friend (if the seats arent taken) πŸ™‚

      • Camiez

        Hi there! πŸ™‚ Thanks for such a prompt reply.

        Just another follow-up question, how much do we have to pay if we do manual check-in? And can we also request that we get window seats? Do we get charged extra for this?

        Thanks for your help! πŸ™‚

  5. Hi there Camiez.
    All check ins are free. Its just a hassle having to go to the airport earlier (2hrs before flight for international flights, 1hr for domestic) that’s all. And sometimes the queue can be very long.
    No there is no additional charge for window seats. (Not unless it is a hot seat) Hot seats are seats which have “apparently” wider leg room space.

    No Worries! Have an enjoyable trip!
    Join us on facebook if you have an account.
    At backpackies πŸ˜€

  6. Khai

    Heard that the RM5 charge for counter check0in has been put on hold but there’ll be lesser check-in counter open from 1st of Nov onwards.

    Btw, where are those check-in kiosk located? Could I list down the locations of check-in kiosk?

  7. lee

    I and my mum booking in one reference number, both have extra – top up luggage 30kg. If I have 2bags (11 + 18 = 29kg) and mum 3bags
    (9+9+13 = 31kg), can this be done cos my friend told me we cant use other ppl unuse baggage even same itinerary. Thanks for your prompt reply.

  8. lee

    My mum and I have the same booking reference number and have top up to 30kg per person.
    If I got 2bags (11+18=29) and mum 3bags(11+11+9 = 31kg), can mum use my unuse luggage?
    Thanks for your prompt reply.


    • Sure thing Samantha.
      Just make sure when you check in ( at the check in counter) or drop off your lugguage (at the baggage drop off counter – If you already done web or kiosk check in), DO IT TOGETHER. You are allowed to combine your weight when you check in together.
      Actually we were extra 1 .5 kilos the last time. And the check in person allowed us to pass through. Be nice to them!
      Also, if your calculation runs off by a few kilos. First option you have is to see if they can still check you in to cargo. If all else fails, then take out those extra stuff out of your lugguage and put it as hand carry (no liquids if you flying international).
      When you carry your hand lugguage (to avoid detection of over weight because maximum is 7kg), the trick is to carry it without making it look heavy.

      πŸ™‚ Have a safe trip and have fun!

      Have a safe trip.

  9. sri

    hi just want to ask whether i can check in using the web self check in even though i have luggage? (not the hand carry one).

    • Hi Sri.
      Yes you can do web check in even though you still have cargo lugguage to check in. After you have done your web check in. Make sure you have printed your boarding pass. It saves you alot of trouble. If you didnt print your boarding pass after web check in, you still need to go to the normal check in counter to check in and have your boarding pass printed.
      After you have done all that, when you get to the airport, you
      1) head to the baggage drop off counter
      2) Show them your boarding pass and weight your baggage and pass it to them to be checked in.
      If you are doing mobile check in, head to the check in kiosks at the air port to get your bar code scanned and printed out first before you head to the baggage drop off

  10. Logan

    I am flying to KL via Air Asia and then have a connecting flight 1 1/2 hours later, also air Asia. Is this doable? No checked baggage.

    • Gday Logan.
      It depends on where you are flying from and where are you flying to.
      If all your flights are domestic, then 1 1/2 hours is enough to connect, because the air craft for local flights land very near the arrival hall. You dont have to walk much to reach the check in counters.
      If you are flying international to KL and then another International connecting flight, YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME. Because from the moment you land you need to take into account
      1) AIR ASIA is a BUDGET airline. There is bound to be flight delays
      2) International flights are usually parked further away from the arrival hall. You will still need to walk to the international check in counters.
      Say you already did web check in. You save some time, but you still need to go through immigration and scanning. So you are really cutting it VERY CLOSE.
      If you do make it, you need to really run.

      Hope this helps Logan! Have a safe flight. Let us know if you need to know anything else

  11. Toro

    Hi, my flight is at 7pm. If i only have hand luggage and i did the web self check in, what is the latest time for me to reach the airport? I mean what is the latest time they allow me to pass through the boarding gate?

    • Hi there Toro
      Noted- that you only have Hand Lugguage and have done web self check in.
      Latest time to enter the gates is 45 minutes bft (local flight). (after 45 minutes, you wont be allowed to board)
      Bear in mind if it is an international flight the latest is 1 hour bft (before flight time), you will still need to cross immigration.
      For all Air Asia flights, you will need to walk across the tarmac to reach the planes. Make sure you clarify which boarding gate you are in. Amongst the noisy announcements, some guests have missed flights thinking there is no announcements done.
      Run safe! πŸ˜€

  12. Mason

    Hi, me n my friends have the same booking numbers and i already done the web check in (included check in luggage). But the problem is i will arrive late than my friends. So i decided to print two boarding pass, one for me and one for my friend. If my friend already check in at the counter, is it ok for me to check in again by using the another printed boarding pass?

    • Sure thing Mason. No problems in that. They will still have to double check the boarding pass with your identification card. So you can print 2 different boarding passes. One for your friend and one for yourselves.
      Once you have done your web check in, means you both already have seat numbers. So you will still be seating together.
      πŸ˜€ have a safe trip!

  13. buzzbunnie

    Hi, my international flight is at 3am. Erm, I’ve a few questions. Hope I can get the solutions here.

    1. What if I’ve a hand carry baggage and a check in baggage, and I did the web self check in at home, what should I do? Should I be there earlier or around what time? Check in the baggage again?
    2. Do I need to print out the air asia itinerary too?
    3. My friend and I have the same booking number, does that mean I need to print out two boarding passes?
    4. What does baggage PIR number mean? Does that mean they will give me a number when I put the baggage at the counter? Or I will get it when I check in the baggage online/ at the counter?

    p.s: Only tried the domestic flights with the hand carry baggage. Thus, would like to know more about the web self check in. Thanks.
    Good day. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Buzz Bunny! We havent encountered any 3am flights before. And not sure if they do have any. Please check before hand.
      So we will advice based on the time you gave. 3am.
      Just want to confirm that you are flying from LCCT? Because in Malaysia there are 3 terminals. KLIA, LCCT and Subang. All of which is a distance from each other.
      1. What if I’ve a hand carry baggage and a check in baggage, and I did the web self check in at home, what should I do? Should I be there earlier or around what time? Check in the baggage again?
      If your flight is at 3am. Your hand carry would not be a problem. You will need to still arrive at the airport earlier to check in your check in baggage.. At 3am, i think the queue for the check in baggage counter should not be long. (Check in baggage is also called the drop off counter). The latest for you to get to the airport in time to clear immigration and get to the departure gate is 1hr. But for precautionary measures normally international flights check in is 2 hours ahead. Conclusion, 1hr 30 minutes is fine.
      2. Do I need to print out the air asia itinerary too?
      No you dont have too. Just show your ID/passport. Just make sure you print the boarding pass.IMPORTANT. It will tell you your seat number
      3. My friend and I have the same booking number, does that mean I need to print out two boarding passes?
      If you have the same booking number,2 names should appear on one single sheet when you checked in online. If not then yes, 2 boarding passes. Or if you and your friend are checking in at different times. Its wise to have one boarding pass each.
      4. What does baggage PIR number mean? Does that mean they will give me a number when I put the baggage at the counter? Or I will get it when I check in the baggage online/ at the counter?
      PIR (property irregularity report) is the number given when you check in your lugguage. In case you lose your bag, they can track it. You will get it when you check in your baggage at counter.

  14. Thao Dinh

    Hi all

    Im sure your all sick of these questions but any help would be much appreciated.

    I arrive at LCCT at 12:40 and my connecting flight leaves LCCT at 14:55, is this enough time.

    Thankyou for any help you can give

    • Hi Thao Dinh! πŸ˜€ We love questions! Feel free to ask us anything! πŸ™‚
      U arriving LCCT at 12.40pm and connecting flight is at 14.55. That means you only have 2 hrs in between your flight.
      It depends on where you are flying. You are really cutting it very close.
      1) If it is an international flight. NO you cant. Chances are you will not make it even if you have NO checked in lugguage and have already done your check in for the next flight on line.
      2) If it is an domestic flight (flights within Malaysia). Yes you can make it.
      Do take note. When you arrive at LCCT say at 12.40. It doesnt mean you get off at 12.40. Air asia and other budget airlines are very well known for flight delays. If there is even a slight delay, your next ticket is practically wasted.
      When you arrive -Ok say you arrive at 12.40. By the time you walk accross the tarmac and to the arrival hall. It will take you 10 mins. Then you need to collect your bags. It will take another 20 mins. Clear customs and immigration ? So make sure you have at least 35 mins in hand.
      When you leave- YOu will need to check in 2hrs (international flight), or 1hr (domestic) before flight. PLease be aware that LCCT is like a mad house. There are plenty of people running around and queues are crazy. So you might take some time to do what you want to do.

      If you are on facebook. do add us on backpackies! would love to have you there! And tell your friends about us too! πŸ˜€

  15. Lyazzat

    Hello all,

    Our international flight arrives at 7 30 am and we have flt to Bali at 1030 am. I have self checked in but my boarding pass doesnt have a Gate number. As we never been at LCC terminal and dont know:
    – how name gates there are
    – is there only 1 check in counter
    – is there only 1 baggage check in counter

    We will be happy to get replies for our questions.

    Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

    • Hi Lyzzat.
      So i am assuming your next connecting flight is international as well?

      Ok, so you have self checked in.
      1) check on the FIDS (Flight information display system) which is the departure screen and double check with your flight number. It should have your departure gate written there.
      2) no there should be at least 2-3 check in counters with staff for each flight.This is if you want to do manual check in. For self check in kiosks, there are more then 10.
      3) No there are a few baggage drop off counters.

      Hope this solves your problems. Please be aware, even though you have a 3 hour transit. You will still need to take at least 30 mins to walk to arrival hall, collect your bags, and then check in again for your next flight. You dont have much time. So i suggest you hurry.

  16. Lyazzat

    Hi, I have self check in and on my boarding pass there is no Gate name. Could you please advise how could I find correct gate. Departing from LCCT to Bali

    Thank you in advance

    • Hi there. Dont worry. Check your flight number on the departure screen. They should have your flight and gate number written there.
      Also you can double check with the check in staff at the airport.

      Good luck! πŸ™‚ and have a safe trip!

  17. Karina

    Hi, is it possible to change ticket with AirAsia after I self check in? What are my options?

    Thanky ou

    • Karina. Thats a very unique situation you have there. We are not sure about this. PLease call their call center to check it out. Im sorry we cant help on this.
      If you do get any information on this , we would love to her from you. Thanks!

  18. Karina

    Hi, thanks for offer, but it is too late 😦 Got new ticket and decided to forget about the unsed one. But if you have any update if it is posible or not to change ticket after check in… Please advise.

  19. vivien

    hi ,
    what if i only carry hand luggage and printed my boarding pass using the kiosk, do i need to que up for the luggage drop off counter?

    • Hi Vivien.
      No you dont have to queue up at the lugguage drop off if you are only with hand carry.
      Make sure you already have your boarding pass from the kiosk.

      *baggage drop off counter- Only applicable for people who have check in baggage.
      If you have a facebook account, please do join us at backpackies. We answer your questions faster.

  20. Ben

    I’ve booked two flights during April but after booking realised an old e-mail account of mine was entered which I am now unable to access. As I was in a rush I didn’t think of taking the itinerary number down as it would have been e-mailed. Do I have to have the itinerary printed out in order to fly? If so do you know if I am able to get the e-mail sent to my correct address?

    • Hi ben.
      Few things you can try.
      1) Actually you do not need your itinerary printed to check in. YOu just need to present your passport or identification card to the check in counter.
      However there are a few disadvantages to this.
      a) If you do not have your itinerary, you do not have your booking number (booking number written on itinerary)-unless you remember both of these.
      Without your booking number you cannot do a pre-self check in. Which means you need to go through the conventional way of checking in. Queue up at the check in counter and checking in, means you need to be at the air port at least 2.5 hours before international flights.
      (so if you are using the conventional check in, the self check in kiosks and baggage drop does not concern you)
      2) If you do not have your itinerary printed,then in case of bad luck and the flights are delayed, then you will need a reference in paper to ask the information desk about the delay. So without yout itinerary, you arent able to do so, because they will need your booking number.

      But if you are not planning to use the self check in kiosk, and feel lucky and confident that there arent any flight delays. You are safe without a printed itinerary.

      To retrieve your emails, i think you need to call their call center. Its always better to talk to someone

      Good luck!
      If you have facebook. Just find us at backpackies and add us!! πŸ˜€

  21. Kimmy Ann

    Your site is certainly very informative. Appreciate it.

    I will be flying from Bangkok to Singapore on Air Asia arriving at 8.05 pm and departing for London at 11.30 pm. 1) What terminal in Singapore will I be landing by Air Asia ? 2) Do I have enough time to do the check in for International flight i.e. via SIA. 3) Can Air Asia arrange for baggage that I check-in with them to SIA directly such that I would not need to claim my baggage until I arrive destination?

    I would appreciate your guidance.

    Kimmy Ann

    • Hi there Kimmy.
      1) The last when we checked Air Asia uses terminal 1.
      2) Yes you do have enough time provided the AA flight is not delayed or late (they have a tendency nowadays to be delayed if the air craft is not full, and not inform passengers. Make sure you double check with the check in staff if your plane hasnt departed at the designated time)
      Calculations: 8pm to 11.30 gives you 3 hours 30 minutes. 30 minutes will be used to collect baggage and clear immigration.
      Then 3 hours gives you ample time to walk to which ever terminal your next flight is.
      3) No. Air Asia follows a point to point baggage system. As far as we know, you will still need to wait, collect, carry your baggage to be checked in for your flight to London.

      Kimmy, if you have facebook, do join us at backpackies! Looking forward to having you in our group!
      Have a safe flight!

  22. Jojo

    This site info very very useful, I’m really appreciate of it. It’s so useful especially me, such a long time no go for travel =x

    By the way, I also one silly question that need to be ask. My husband will bring the notebook and DSLR camera with equipment, he planning to put into hand carry baggage. I wonder it will be safe or not? I afraid that security may not allow us bring all of these things as hand carry baggage.

    • Dont worry about it Jojo.
      As long as your husband is not gonna try to bring in a surfboard, we are pretty sure that your cameras and notebook will board with you just fine! πŸ™‚
      If you have an facebook account, do join our group at backpackies!! πŸ˜€
      looking forward to seeing you there!
      Enjoy your holiday!

  23. Cath

    Hi there πŸ™‚
    I want to ask for air asia domestic flight, from their website > Does it means that there is no way I can bring my hairspray (as it is written on the hairspray container saying flammable)? 😦
    And if I must bring shampoo etc in baggage (can I?), do I still need to put them in 100ml bottle?

    thanks a lot if you could answer!

    • Gooday Cath! When you say domestic i hope you mean Malaysia!
      If you are flying Air Asia domestic, they dont give a “cows ass” of what you bring. The security is really lax.
      But to be on the safe side, just put everything in your check in lugguage.
      The 100ml liquid policy doesnt apply when flying domestic in Malaysia. But putting it in check in baggage should be fine.

      If you are on facebook, do join our group at backpackies! πŸ˜€

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  26. Unsure


    Maybe you are getting tired of questions but i really need to ask this cos i will be travelling for the first time. I know this is a noob question but is the check-in counter the same as the baggage drop-off counter? Do i check-in to get my boarding pass and check in the baggage at the same counter? Even if I’m travelling domestically with luggage I can still check in through the kiosk? Thank you so much in advance!

    • Hi there Unsure.
      No they are not the same but the check in counter can be a baggage drop off counter.
      1) if you have not used mobile or web check in. Then you will need to proceed to the check in counter. There you can check in and drop your bags off at the same time.
      2) If you have already done your check in via web check in or mobile check in. Then you will need to proceed to the baggage drop off counter to drop your bags in.

      Now you are sure! ;P Good luck! And you are most welcome. Please do join us on facebook- Backpackies

  27. KH

    Hi ,
    I will be doing web check in for the Air Asia flight from LCCT to Singapore .
    The AA website stated that we can also do web check in for the return flight .
    When can the return flight web check in be done ?
    Is it that we can only do the return flight web check in after the departure date ?.

  28. penny

    my parent and I will be flying D7. We have different booking numbers cuz we booked separately (but for the same flight).

    Is it possible that we still sit together in the plane if we do normal counter check in?It Is normal counter check-in need to pay RM10 per person ?

    • Hi there Penny. The RM 10 charge is applicable depending on when you bought the flights. Read statement below:
      You can try to request to sit together with your family at the check on counter. But it will be a 50-50 chance there. As the seating are all computer generated.

      AirAsia will start charging check-in fee (RM10/B100) for all bookings made from 21 September 2011 (GMT+8) onwards. Bookings made before 21 September 2011 (GMT+8) will not be affected. This fee will apply for all domestic and international flights from all airports where AirAsia operates.

      Passengers are encouraged to conduct self check-in to avoid the charges by checking in via our Mobile or Web check-in facilities,

      Penny, if you have any more questions. Please do not hesitate to post questions on our facebook wall. Please join us if you have a facebook account. Backpackies on facebook.

  29. MM

    Your site is very informative. I’m very appreciate it. i read all the comments and its very useful bcause its answer all my unsolved questions..thank u very much πŸ™‚

    • Ur most welcome Aruzam!
      If you have a facebook account. Please do search for us and like us.
      Type> backpackies
      We have a big group there so we can all share travel information! see you there!

  30. juliana

    hi, next week i have a international flight, arrive LCCT at 08.10.
    then 10.10 I have a flight to SIN. is that enough time?
    i have print out all my boarding pass, in this case I have luggage.
    what should I do first? the boarding pass dont have gate number.
    – all the AA flight still at LCCT right?
    – do i have to check in at drop off counter (luggage counter) and also give my boarding pass to the counter (also my passport and another documents)?
    – then after i have drop my luggage and have they have stamp the boarding pass, can I ask the counter which gate is my flight?
    – then after finish it all, i just have to run to the boarding gate. right?
    please help me. i need your info asap, cause It;s my first time to KL and SIN, I dont want to lose my tickets.

    • Hi Juliana.
      Ok we are assuming that your connecting flight to SIN is also from LCCT. i
      8.10 arrive and next flight is 10.10. That is 2 hours.
      You will make it, if
      1) there are no flight delays from Air Asia
      2) You have done your check in’s before hand
      3) Would be better if you do not have any check in baggage

      Ill give you the average rush time. Arrive 8.10. Run across tarmac and collect bags (20 mins average). Run to baggage drop counter (assuming you already pre checked in on the web) (5 mins) Then if there is a queue (roughly 20 mins). Run to customs/immigration (15 mins).
      This gives you less than 45 mins to run to the gate. So you need to really rush it.

      Ok firstly do the web check int. Print all your boarding passes ready. Have them ready with your passports.
      If you have lugguage, then you will need to head straight to the baggage drop off counters when you arrive at LCCT.
      They will need to verify your boarding pass, and will give you your gate number when you do this.
      Yes, all AA flights are in LCCT. But AA is a point to point airline. You will need to collect your bags first and then check in again.
      If your bags are light and not that big. Try smuggling them as hand carry. Im just scared the time to collect your bags will slow you down badly.
      After you have dropped your bags at the baggage drop off counter and verified your documents and boarding gate (all at the same counter). Run to the departure gate and clear immigration and security check.
      If would help if you have all your electronics and liquids pre packed (100ml maximum each bottle) so you dont get slowed down at security.

      This is a really tight schedule you booked. So make sure you run and pray that the flight doesnt delay.
      If there is anything else you need ASAP response, please like us on facebook >> backpackies
      And we are there to answer any more dilemmas you have.

      We wish you all the best!

  31. juliana

    ok, thankyou.
    just for clarify, first when landing, i have to rush run across the tarmac and get the immigration then collect my baggage.
    after that i have to run to departure international terminal and go todrop baggage counter to put my baggage, give him/her boarding pass, fill departure card, and ask for the gate, (all in this counter, right?)
    then i have to run to the departure gate and clear the immigration and security check.
    after that finish, i can pass smoothly.

    is that all right?

    anyway, do the arrival terminal (international) is near to departure terminal (international)?

    thankyou for your help.

    • Yes. Rush in that sequence.

      Yes the arrival terminal is near the departure terminal. But you need to go down collect your bags then go up again to the departure lounge.

      πŸ™‚ You are welcome and good luck!
      We will see you on our facebook then! πŸ™‚

  32. Husna

    Hi there,
    Would appreciate if could advice me on this matter. I have checked in via website n request AA to send the boarding pass thru email. Upon receiving it, i noticed that the boarding pass doesnt show all the guest that i’ve checked in. Does it really happen this way? Or do i need to print out all the boarding pass again at the kiosk? Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Hi Husna.
      Normally all the names that you have checked in would appear on the boarding pass.
      No its not normal. Did you check if you checked in everyone?

      Please head to the counter for verification on this matter. Better arrive early to sort this out.
      πŸ™‚ You can try the kiosk, but i personally prefer talking to someone about my problem.

      πŸ˜€ good luck!

  33. Tresa

    hi, may i ask u that, how to top up or increase buggage after i have web check in n aldy print my boarding pass?

    • Hi there Tresa.
      Yes you still can. I think you need to access your flight manager after you log in. And then up size from there.
      You still can up size if your flight is 4 hours before departure.
      We havent tried it, but we heard it is possible.

      Do let us know if you succeed! Good luck!

  34. Jes


    I have a question regarding the web check in. Before I travel, can I print out all of my boarding passes like two weeks before I travel? And can I also purchase baggage after I check in via web? Where can I purchase it?

    • Hi there Jes.
      Thanks for following our blog.
      Yes after you have done your web check in, please do print all your boarding passes out.
      You can still buy baggage after you have checked in. You will need to log in and access MANAGE FLIGHTS.
      From there you can still buy baggage, change flights and also buy meals and insurance.

      πŸ™‚ If you do have facebook, please do follow us on BACKPACKIES. Have a safe flight buddy!

  35. james

    I’ve question on baggage. I’ve purchased 15kg baggage but I feel not enough now. Can I top up 5kg or 10kg? If can, how can I do that?
    Purchase online or what?

    • Hi there james!
      Yes you can. But you will need to do it minimum 4 hours before departure. But we suggest you do it, a few days in advance.On, Go to manage my bookings (online), and then you have the option to purchase additional luggage.


  36. Yeo KH

    We are on 8 days trip from Kuching, to Peneng, then to Kuala Lumpur then back to Kuching. Can we do all the flights on web chenk in before we leave kuching?

  37. beenut93

    Hi πŸ™‚
    Sorry to be annoying and ask another “will i make it in time??” question BUT
    so we will be arriving in KL at hopefully 5.10pm from an interntaional flight and then our air asia flight is at 8.20pm from KL to phuket, we will have checked baggae as well as carry onn, so do you think we will be able to clear immigration, grab our baggage and get down to lcct (heard taxi is the fastest) in enough time? Planning on doing a web check in before we leave our home country and printing off the boarding passes

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hi there Beenut93!
      hahahahh no worries on your ‘yes you should be able to make it on time’ questions.

      If both your flights are in LCCT (KLIA Low Cost Carrier Terminal)
      OK arrive Kl at 5.10pm. And next flight is 8.20pm.
      Ok. I am commenting based on the fact that the plane does not delay. (Air asia does have tendencies to do that)
      You have 3 hours in between.
      Please do your web check in at home. And PRINT YOUR BOARDING PASSES ready. (Because if you dont, there is a RM 10 surcharge for every ticket reprint)
      When you arrive in Kl, collect your bags, and head to the baggage drop off counter. There is usually a line there but it is faster than normal check in.
      You will have sufficient time, but dont waste it. Better to be early at the departure than late.

      If you are arriving in KLIA and then need to proceed to KLIA LCCT
      I suggest the fastest is the taxi to shuttle between these two terminals yes.

      If you are on facebook, please do like us at
      Post up your questions there and it will be replied ASAP! πŸ˜‰
      Do come back to me if you have any more queries ok

  38. fonglan

    We are total of4 pax, will be flying from Penang to LCCT then to Chengdu, the time I arrive LCCT will be 1545pm and flight depart to Chengdu is 1800pm. Same with my returning, fly from Chengdu and arrive LCCT at 1935pm and depart to penang at 2155pm.
    We have no check in baggage and will be doing web checkin 1 week bft.
    Do I have enough time for the connecting flight?
    Appreciate if you could give some advice to us on what should we aware of. Thanks!

    • Hi there fonglan.
      Ok 4 pax. Penang – LCCT- Chengdu.
      Arrive LCCT 1545. Depart Chengdu 1800. 2 hours 15 mins in between.
      If you have done all your web check ins and PRINTED YOUR BOARDING PASS. Yes you have time for the connecting flight.
      Just be aware that there is usually a queue at the security and immigration check. Dont waste time, and proceed straight to departure when you get to LCCT.
      Better to be in the departure early.
      Good luck!
      If you have more questions like this and you have facebook. Please like us on
      Post your questions there and we will answer them ASAP! πŸ™‚ Have a safe trip Fonglan!

  39. Wee

    Hi, Can I complete the web check in and print out the boarding pass at the kiosk ? Is there any charges ? Thanks.

    • Wee

      Hi, Can I complete the web check in (at home) and print out the boarding pass at the kiosk ? Is there any charges ? Thanks.

    • Hi there Wee! πŸ™‚
      No you cannot do that.
      Please read their statement from Air Asia. If you want to print using the kiosk, then you will need to do your check in at the kiosk.

      If you have done a web check in, you will need to print out your boarding pass before you arrive at the Airport.

      If you do not have access to a printer, but have already done a web check in, you may proceed to our Baggage Drop Counter to print the boarding pass. Please note, after the 21st September 2011 when you approach the counters for a boarding pass print, it shall be considered as check in and therefore check in fee of RM10 will be imposed.(This applies to all bookings done on and after 21st September 2011)

  40. Yune

    I can’t proceed with the web check in after keying in my card no. to pay the seat selection fees. Is this because the booking was done under another passenger’s name earlier? What to do? They don’t even have a telephone no that I can call for help without paying.

    I have to restart from the beginning so many times. The weird thing is the seats I selected earlier (unsucessfully) became unavailable the next round. What to do?

    • Hi there Yune!
      Ok let me try to understand this.
      You are paying for the seats allocation but the initial booking was done by someone else?

      The person who initially bought the ticket will be able to do the web check in. He will have to have a Air Asia login account.
      It is normal for the seats you selected to be unavailable the next round, because the system takes time to refresh. You will need to wait a bit longer (10 mins or more) and try again.
      If it persists, then someone took your seats already. But usually that is not the case.
      Are you on facebook? If you are, please like us ok
      And if you got more questions, please ask us on the wall. We will reply ASAP! πŸ™‚
      let us know if this does not work. thanks!

      • Yune

        Booking was done by passenger A using his own credit card and his own email address.

        I am passenger B, trying to check in and to select ‘ group’ seats which AA charges a fee. I use my own credit card. Can this be done? Or is it only passenger A can do this ?

      • Yune

        If all fails, can I go to the nearest AA service centre for help. Can I get them to help me check in using their own computer at their centre or must I still go home and start all over again with whatever guidance given by them

  41. Winnie

    Hi, I’m going from London to Kuala Lumpur next month, and then 3 hours after reaching Kuala Lumpur I have to catch a flight to Kota Kinabalu and this is not a connecting flight as airasia doesn’t make a flight-thru for this route.

    And I’m thinking of checking in using my iPhone, so upon arriving at the airport in London can I print my boarding passes for both London-KL and also KL-KK at the same time? So I don’t have to print again after I reached KL. and there might be a risk if my iPhone ran out of battery after the 13hours flight I won’t be able to print my boardin pass for the flight to KK.

    Looking forward to your advice. πŸ™‚ xoxo

  42. Jen

    Hi there:)

    Another question to rack your brain! Im trying to arrange a connecting flight with air asia and not sure how much time I should give myself. We are flying from Pnomh Penh to Bangkok arriving in Bangkok at 6:15 pm. From there I need to book another flight down to phuket….so my options are either 8:30 or 9:15 departure to phuket. We would only have carry on luggage so do you think we wold make the 8:30 flight or play it safe and book the 9:15 one?

    • Hi there Jen!
      Bring it on! πŸ˜‰
      I presume all fights you are taking is Air Asia.

      Book the 9.15 one. 8.30 will be cutting it too close.
      AA has been having quite a number of flight delays.
      Play it safe Jen. πŸ™‚

    • Jen. Dont forget you still need to walk the tarmac over to arrival. And you have to do the whole circle (walking from arrival gate to immigration) again when you want to board the next flight.

      πŸ˜‰ Air Asia with its no refund policy is tricky. Better not risk it.
      Dont want you to miss all the ‘Phooket’ fun do we ?:) Have a save trip!!

  43. Neilham

    hi backpackies !
    I’m going to take an international flight (with check in baggage) . the departure time is at 6:45 a.m. , at what time I should be at the airport so that I have a plenty of time to do all the necessary things like check in my baggage , document check and everything without rushing .

    • Hi there Neilham!
      International flight with departure time at 6.45am.
      Even if you have done your web check in, you still need to be at least 2 hours at the airport to drop your lugguage off.
      2 hours is the minimum.
      Its going to be a pain in the ass, because at 4.45am, you are going to have problems getting to the airport itself.
      Suggest you put up a night near the airport.
      Tune hotel which is walkable to the airport is an option.
      Otherwise you might want to try camping it out at the departure lounge.

      We personally hate the latter. Good luck Neil!

  44. Fishy

    Hi, haha first sorry for the stupid question because I seldom travel….
    So I use the self-check in kiosk machine but I am not sure where can I drop my baggage? According to the TV I must check in using the self-check in kiosk.

    • Hi there Fishy.
      πŸ˜‰ No worries. No such thing as a stupid question.
      You can actually log on to the airasia website and do your web check in. But you will need to print out your boarding pass as well. Because as of now, there is a RM 10 surcharge if you do the web check in and ask the counter to print your boarding pass.

      If you are using the self check in kiosk. Then after it has printed out your boarding pass, there are plenty of signs that will point you to the baggage drop off counters.

      You can do either one of these check in procedures πŸ™‚

  45. Bob

    How early in advance should we do a web check in? Now that web check in is available after booking confirmation we can check in very early. If we check in early it means that no more flight change (i.e. cancellation or change time) is allowed, but are there any advantages to checking in early?

    • Bob,
      Well normally we do the web check in around 1 week to 3 days in advance.
      At least at that time, it would be a clear indication of weather we will be changing flights or not.
      There is not much advantages to checking in TOO early.

      Checking in Early is advantages because, say you are late for the flight and you are stuck in a jam.
      All you need to do is just log in to the internet and check in there. At least then, your only worry is to drop your bags off for check in.
      (The baggage drop off counter is another head ache).

  46. Cheesecake

    Hello!!! I really hope you can help me out.
    I am traveling to NEW DELHI from BANGKOK. I have booked my tickets on the web and i also have done the Mobile Self Check In and they send me a barcode. I need to know that…if i have already done the Check In, how do i print my boarding pass and give my baggage at the BKK airport. I really need help and im panicking…HELP ME PLEASE!!

    • Hi there Cheesecake πŸ™‚ cute nick you got!

      Ok you are flying from Bangkok to Delhi

      Ok you have done your mobile check in using your mobile phone correct?
      Make sure your phone is charged up. And arrive at the airport minimum 3 hours before flight time. And scan your phone bar code on the scanners at the airport. There are Air Asia scanners at the airport. The kiosk will then print out your boarding pass there.
      Should you have any check in lugguage, you will need to head to the baggage drop off counter to drop them off.

      πŸ™‚ Good luck!

      • stalin

        y he need to go 3 hours before

      • Goodday Stalin,
        You mean to check in the baggage?
        The counter opens 3 hours before (international) and 4 hours before (domestic) flights.
        This information was given to me by the Air Asia staff at the counter. It is apparently one of their policies.

  47. tomato

    hi…i already do web check in for my sister……..can or not my sister get her boarding pass through Kiosk Check-in mechine…reply me plz…urgent

  48. Caroline

    You must have got this a zillion times but I wish to know if I booked a 15kg baggage thru web, can i check-in 2 large suitcases that is within 15kg? There’s 3 passengers but i only ordered 1 baggage of 15kg for the 1st sector. Hope you can help me…..

  49. ma


    my international flight will be at 5.50pm.

    will it be fine if i reached at 4.30pm to check in my luggage?

    • Hi there!
      International flight at 5.50pm.
      No its not ok to arrive at 4.30pm.
      Even if you have done web check in. You still need to queue up for baggage drop off. You need at least 2 hours before flight time. (If you have done web check in) If you havent done web check in, I suggest you get to the airport 2 1/2 hours before flight.

      Good luck !!

  50. Hey! I want to ask if I do web check in, how many hours I have to reach LCCT before the flight? (for international flight) Can I still print my boarding pass after i web check in?

    • Hi Kelly.
      If you have done your web check in. The latest time to arrive is 1 hour before flight gate closes.
      Depending on whether you have luggage to check in. If you do, then you still need to arrive 2 hours before flight to queue and drop your bags off.

      Do print your boarding pass BEFORE you reach the airport. Because if you dont, there will be a surcharge of RM 10 for printing it at the check in counter!

  51. prisca

    Hi, if i have booked my tickets today for a trip next week , can i web check in today too? or should i wait till next week?

    • Hi there Prisca.
      Best to web check in when you can. The earlier the better. Just to get it out of the way.
      Remember to print your boarding pass ok! If not there is a charge if you reprint at the check in counter!

  52. linda

    Hai Backpackies… Your site is very informative and a lot of useful tips for travellers …

  53. yuki

    Izit matter if i find out the gender was wrong after i check in?,,

  54. Dan

    Thank you for all the information , it’s the best and most detailed info about changing flights at LCCT

    I’m in a similar situation to poster Juliana above, but on a slightly tighter schedule.

    On 9th May(wednesday) I have an Air Asia flight from Chiang Mai to KL (LCCT) arriving at 13.00 and a flight to catch to Tokyo on Air AsiaX at 14.45.

    I realize it’s a very tight schedule, but the alternative meant a lot of wasted time and hassle, so we’ll take the risk. Hopefully it pays off, as a last minute evening flight is bound to be pricey.

    We have checked in and have the boarding passes printed. We have one bag, shared. Also we reserved seats towards the front of the plane, so we can be among the first to get off the plane in KL.

    Here’s the schedule
    Getting of the plane 13.05
    Arrive at immigration queue 13.10
    Exit immigration to pick up luggage 13.30
    Arrive at luggage drop-off counter 13.35
    Get stamps on boarding passes and rush towards the immigration check 13.45
    Be at the gate 14.15 ( gate closes 14.25)

    My main concern is being able to drop off the bag and checkin before the cut-off time at 13.45. Thus, could you please let us know:

    1. Is the estimation of 30 minutes from landing to pick up the luggage accurate? Do you think people in the queue can let us pass in front if we ask nicely, or is that not allowed by security?
    As a backup, my girlfriend can rush to queue up at the dropoff counter while I wait for the bag, but I still need to have the luggage by 13.40

    2. Is the drop-off counter for the Tokyo flight shared with other AA flights(meaning potentially longer queue) ?

    3. if we arrive at the drop-off counter to a long queue, will they allow the few remaining passengers to drop the bags say 2-3 minutes after 13.45 or are they very strict about the cutt-off time?

    4. Going thru security for the Tokyo flight, do we have to take off belts and shoes? Are they very strict? Are they understanding of passengers on a rush or they move slowly?

    5. Is the security check common for all flights, or there’s a separate security screening for individual departure gates?

    Thank you very much for your reply, I know that’s a lot of questions πŸ™‚

  55. jiajia

    Hi, i already do web check in for my departure flight. But why i cant do web check in for my return flight?

    • Hi Jia jia.Sorry for the late reply.
      You should be able to do a web check in for your return flight once you have done your departure flight.
      Please try again.

  56. putralam

    Reblogged this on putralam.

  57. jacky

    can i buy luggage at the counter after web check in at airasia?

    • I don’t think you can. You will need to pre log in to AA online to purchase the luggage before your flight. The limit is 4 hours before the flight.
      Anything at the check in counter is charged over weight!

  58. Genie

    Does Air Asia X really check the weight of your hand-carry luggage? My hand-carry luggage is 8kg… =.=

    • Hi there Genie.
      Yes they will weight your bags if they suspect that you are carrying a over weight bag.

      Trick is, to wait and check in, when there is no AA personnel at the gate.
      Alternative, is to wait till the line is full, and you see there is likely to have people in front of you, who will get stopped for over weight. The AA staff will be busy with the person in front of you to bother about you.
      But what ever it is, make sure the size of the hand luggage is NOT BIG. It doesn’t matter if its heavy. Just CARRY IT LIKE IT IS LIGHT!!
      And you are scott free! Good luck

  59. Cristina

    Hi, I have a question, and hope someone can help me.
    I am flying to Hanoi from Bangkok with Airasia, and i used the web check in. The boarding card was not printed completely. I learnt only lately that there should be 2 pages with 2 copies of the boarding pass, one on the first page for the passenger, and the second one on page 2 for the airline.
    In my case it was printed only the first one, and the second page was missing. Not even a sign that I should have looked for a second page, as on the upper right corner on the firsh sheet it was written “page 1 of 1”, and not “page 1 of 2”.
    So my question is: is it ok if my boarding card is only one page, (my copy)? Will I have troubles?
    Thank you very much in advance for your kind help

    • Hi there Cristina.
      Yes you should not have any problems as long as the sheet you are holding has your name, seat number and flight number on it.

      Come to the worse, when you go for baggage drop off, you can plead innocence and let them print the other half for you.
      Worse case scenario is that you have to pay a RM 10 fine for not printing the boarding pass.

      BUt im sure its ok.
      Its really up to the staff at the check in counter. Sometimes the staff is lenient and some aren’t.

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