Backpacking Vietnam – the best pork baguette in Ho Chin Minh City

Apart from the classical western buildings and cyclos, “fresh baguettes with assorted fillings “comes to mind when people often ask me what the french have left behind after 86 years of rule in Vietnam.

I would say Baguettes would come second as a staple diet for us Vietnamese, after rice. Because if you really sit down at the coffee shops and observe, you would notice 80% of the customers are all locals. So it would also be wrong to say that baguettes are made and sold only for the tourist market.
You can find a baguette stall at almost every corner of District One, in Ho Chin Minh.More precisely around backpacker central- Pham Ngu Lao Street.

Stalls like these are very common in Ho Chin Minh.

food in ho chin minh city, vietnam

Baguette with ham, baguette with spicy minced beef, baguette with roasted pork, vegetarian baguette? Take your pick. There is even different types of bread for your baguette. Hi fibre? Musli?

bagguete in ho chin minh city, vietnam

Most baguettes cost between 12000 Dong to around 48000 dong. They usually keep a clean preparation space where you can point at what you want in it, and they will prepare it in front of you. Sometimes for the fusion baguette, they will cook the flip and stir the ingredients in front of you. Now how cool is that?
food in ho chin minh city, vietnam

We found a very nice stall that sells roasted pork baguettes at the corner of Nguyen Thi Minh Khai and Nam Ky Khoi Nghia. The stall is about 2 minutes walk from the Palace of Independence. Its at the intersection of these two streets. You need to take not of these two roads and then look out for the first picture on this blog. There is a big sign that states what they sell!!

food in ho chin minh city, vietnam

Down it with an iced cold cup of fresh Vietnamese coffee! Two Thumbs up! A great cheap and fantastically tummy satisfying way to kill your tiredness.

food in ho chin minh city, vietnam

While sitting down, it is also a great time to check out the next destination on your “fake” Lonely Planet guide. We suggest heading to the War Remnants Museum. (If you haven’t been there already) It is within walking distance.
P/s: This museum is very interesting and popular. Just that it has certain parts where they show gory pictures of war victims. Just make sure you don’t have too much PORK BAGUETTE in you before you head to the museum.

street food in saigon

Munching on our fresh baguettes while reading our fake "Lonely Planet" guide

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