Backpacking Langkawi Attractions – Temurun Waterfalls with backpackies

Backpacking Langkawi soon?
So what attractions are worth seeing on this beautiful but big ass island, you ask??
We don’t want you to be riding your moped the whole day and end up sunburned as red as a lobster chasing all those so called “Attractions” they label on the free Langkawi Tourist Map.
(Langkawi can be very hot or very wet – depending on which season you going)
Some of those attractions are just a waste of time.

On this blog, we will be visiting another waterfall.
The Air Terjun Temurun rivals the amazing Seven Falls (Telaga Tujuh). Unlike its monstrous cousin, Temurun Falls is further away from the main hotels and beaches and therefore quieter. So on low seasons, you practically have the entire waterfall to your selves.
Check it out
Just to show you that we were the only ones at this marvelous waterfall, we purposely parked our car at the NO PARKING sign. (Blame our NO GOOD driver for that).

temurun waterfalls Langkawi

Parking our car the "right" way just to make a point

Welcome to Air Terjun Temurun or in english The Temurun Waterfalls!!

temurun waterfalls langkawi

temurun forest reserve

It is a mere 2 minute hike to the waterfalls.

air terjun temurun

entrance to the temurun waterfalls langkawi

Informative sign on the waterfall.. It tells you what rock formations make out the different sections of the waterfall.

air terjun temurun langkawi

Sign board showing the schematics of the waterfall


air terjun temurun

temurun waterfall langkawi

trekking through tranquil and cooling greens

This clear pool is fantastic to swim in. People often have picnics here.

air terjun temurun

clear waters in the dip pools

The waterfall is starts at a neck breaking height. Apparently there is a route up to hike up to the top point of the waterfall. The path looked like it hasn’t been used for ages. We were to chicken to try. During the rainy season, the water from the highest point will just vertically drop down to the middle tier.

air ternuj temurun langkawi

neck breaking heights

air terjun temurun langkawi

the waterfall surrounded by green foliage

The waterfall drops to the clear pool and then flows to 3 more retaining pools. These pools will also get filled up with people during the holiday seasons.


temurun waterfalls langkawi

clear waters at the bottom of the waterfalls

temurun waterfalls langkawi

temurun waterfalls langkawi

from the waterfalls looking out

temurun waterfalls langkawi

one of the ponds below

Verdict: Amazing waterfall. Impressive even on a non rainy day. It’s a clean waterfall that is a great place for a picnic and a natural getaway.
Unlike the Seven Falls, it is less crowded.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, and only want to know about the seven falls, then click here >> Telaga Tujuh / Seven Falls.

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