Kimberly Street – Best Penang Char Koay Teow, Chicken Feet, Duck Broth and Tong Sui

Backpacking Penang and feeling a little hungry? Looking for a nice place to have some Penang Hawkers food at night?

If you  are in downtown Georgetown, you can head over to Kimberly Street where they are famous for their very good Char Koay Teow (Chinese fried noodles), Duck Broth, Tong Sui (Sweet desserts using Lotus seeds, Longans, almonds etc) and chicken feet

These stalls are at the Junction of Kimberly Street, Cintra Street and Sungai Ujong Road.

kimberly street penang

Kimberly street is one of the famous streets for hawker food in Penang

There is a fancy building on the corner of Kimberly Street and Jalan Sungai Ujong (Sungai Ujong Road). You can order dishes served with rice here. We peeked in and didn’t see anyone inside. We dare not judge if it is good or not. Maybe you can  try it and let us know.

kimberly street penang hawker food

This is not one of the Hawker stalls

backpacking penang

This is the hawker stalls we are talking about

Most of the famous food stalls are located on the corner of Kimberly Street and Cintra Street.
Below is the famous Char Koay Teow.
Char Koay Teow: Fried flat noodles with prawns, slices of pork sausages, egg and cockles.  It can be spicy, so just request to adjust how spicy you like it. (This is a non halal dish. Muslims should beware of this)

backpacking penang

Famous Char Koay Teow in Kimberly Street Penang

penang char koay teow

Penang char koay teow

Kimberly Street Koay Teow Thing. Flat rice noodles served in either clear soup or dry soya sauce.

kimberly street penang hawker food

Famous for its Koay Teow Thing and Chicken Feet

kimberly street penang

Duck drumsticks and boiled eggs

Koay Teow Thing is served with fish balls, chicken meat and liver.
You can also order thin rice noodles (bee hoon, on the right) if you like.

kimberly street penang

Bowls of Koay Teow Thing (Clear soup, flat and smooth rice noodles)

Chicken Feet- Apparently it taste’s so good that you just got to try it. There is no meat at all. Only skin. Sucking out the tender skin and tendons from the feet is a delicacy to the Chinese people.

kimberly street penang koay teow thing

Every body orders a plate of Chicken feet on the table

The stall below sells duck broth and koay chiap. Koay Chiap are flat sheets of rice noodle served in an aromatic soup which is flavored with herbs, spices and soy sauce served together with different parts of the duck and pork.
Every bowl of Koay Chiap is topped with slices of duck meat, all sorts of innards (optional), bean curd and hard-boiled egg and doused with the soup.

backpacking penang with backpackies

famous kimberly street koay chiap

Ingredients to cook up the dish. Duck meat, innards, eggs, pork innards etc.

tbackpackies penang

Chopped up duck meat, duck innards, and pork innards used to cook the dish

penang backpackies

delicious and tasty koay chiap

It is a full delicious explosion, when you put one mouthful of Koay Chiap in your mouth. 😀 (Pork intestines, Pork Skin, Duck meat, Coaggulated pigs blood)

backpacking penang

Down everything with some soothing lotus seeds, or mixture of nuts in sweet soup served cold or hot

Peace Brother! (No it’s not a peace sign in the middle of the road) These are the other two hawker stalls along Kimberly Street. The Stall where my middle finger is pointing is famous for selling expensive Char Koay Teow. Think its like RM 6 per plate. Go check it out and let us know.

backpacking penang

Two other hawker stalls along Kimberly street

The stalls on the right sells cheap fried beehoon that tastes pretty good. There is also a stall selling fresh soya bean drinks there.

Have a tasteful and tummy filling meal here at Kimberly Street. We hope you find Kimberly Street an interesting eating joint as much as we love it. Happy eating from all of us as Join us on facebook at backpackies is now on facebook.

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  1. Kaze

    Koay Chiap is awesome there….
    My favourite… you can’t get better ones beside that one……

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