Penang Hawker Food at New Lane Penang – Fabulous Hawker fare at local prices! by backpackies

hawker food at new lane penang

New Lane Hawker food street

Backpacking in Penang? Hunting for some famous Penang Hawker Food? Forget Gurney Drive. It’s over hyped up. One good place to go for plenty of variety of Hawker food is New Lane Penang. Here you can find almost every kind of hawker food found in Penang. And they taste good too.

Lets check it out!

new lane hawker food penang

Road is closed to traffic for the safety of diners

Well at least the Government and State Council (MPPP) is doing something. About 2 years back, eating in this road can be a nightmare. Literally risking your life just to order food. This street used to be open to traffic. So you would get cars, busses, and motorbikes going up and down this very narrow road. It is already narrow and congested. Not to mention the amount of exhaust and pollution from the traffic. Very unhygenic to eat here. Now it has changed alot. The roads are closed to traffic starting from 4pm to 12 am.

new lane hawker food penang

Closed to traffic except on wednesdays

You can either sit at the many coffee shops around, or  just sit anywhere by the side of the road. Plenty of outside open air dining. Just order what you want and sit anywhere you want. All you got to do is point the hawkers in the direction of your table and wait to be served!

hawker food new lane penang

Open air seating is the best way to enjoy the environment

new lane famous hawker food penang

Outside seating at New Lane Penang

There is a music shop just by the side of where the diners sit and eat. Free music while you eat! Perfect! There is so many food stalls here, from the typical Char Koay Teow (fried flat noodles), laksa, char hor fun, fried rice, chee cheong fun to pork innard broth. The pork innard broth stall at the corner of the lane  is very famous.

famous pork porride new lane penang

Famous Pork Porridge New Lane Penang

In Hokkien its called Chee Cheong Chook which in direct translation means Pigs Intestine Porridge. Inside each bowl is mixed ingredients of fried and boiled pork innards cooked with porridge. Good stuff!

new lane hawker center

Pork Innards Porridge

This is called “Yong Tau Hoo” which actually a soupy dish. You choose from an assorted variety of meat balls, fish balls, soya strips, crab sticks, tofu, vegetables which are then served in soup. You can also add in yellow noodles or glass noodles to make it more filling.

famous hawker food at new lane penang

Yong Tau Hoo

Sotong Kangkung – Jew Hoo Eng Chai in hokkien. Strips of Cuttle Fish are mixed with Kangkung (a type of vegetable) and topped with a black sauce and chili sauce, and then garnished with sesame seeds.Fragrant and usually eaten as a starter

new lane penang

Sotong KangKung- Mixed Vegetable and Cuttlefish Salad (Savoury)

Going for the heavy stuff. you can also order fresh seafood- GRILLED!

thai grilled seafood at new lane

Thai Grilled Seafood

Famous all time finger food. Barbeque Chicken Wings. We love the ones that are honey coated. Sweet and crispy skin with juicy meat inside.

famous hawker food at new lane penang

Barbeque Chicken Wings -everybodys favourite

The Sate is simply fabulous. Delicious with the peanut dip sauce. If you see the BATU MAUNG SATE. Order it! They costs alittle more but they are much bigger and have been marinated for hours in a special sauce. One word- Delicious.

penang hawker food at new lane penang

Sate- BBQ meat on skewers.

If the pork innards broth isnt you. Then you might want to go for something mild for starters. The broth stall serves pork and fish broth. Very good! If you dont want the innards, tell them. The “only pork meat” or “only fish meatbroth is our favourite.

famous bak moi at new lane penang

Famous "moi" at new lane penang

new lane penang hawker food

Char Koay Teow that is fried with charcoal, and she only does it one place at a time

Portuguease grilled platter? Customize your own dinner. Take a pick from the assorted ingredients. The ingredients will be cooked over a flat metal plate. Most of the time, chilli paste is added to make it spicy. You got to let them know if you dont want it too spicy.

frog legs new lane penang

Grilled Frog Legs Anyone?

poh piah new lane penang

Woman rolling poh piah

poh piah penang new lane

Poh Piah - wrapped wet version of a spring roll

Poh Piah – Shreded white cabbage, green lettuce, crab meat, egg and chilli paste wrapped in a thin dough skin. The Poh Piah is sliced and doused with some tasty hot gravy. Perfect to slowly pick on while you wait on your main dish.

BBQ- Lok Lok -We found this stall by the road side, as you enter New Lane from Maccalister Road. This stall sells the typical Lok Lok which is actually many varieties of food stuff stuck to a stick, which you will take and stick it into hot boiling water to cook or sometimes to heat up the food. Then you choose your dip. The usual is non spicy peanut sauce or maybe chili sauce. This stall has improvised alot to let you have the option of BBQ’ing the food. Grills are provided.

new lane BBQ lok lok

This stall sells lok lok (food on skewers) either boiled or BBQ'ed

For Desert, try the Chinese desert. Red bean, assorted nuts, ginko nuts served hot or cold.

thong sui at new lane penang

Thong Sui to wash everything down

New Lane Penang Hawker Food

Thong Sui - Chinese Sweet Desert

We hope you like this write up on New Lane Penang. This place is a great place to come to sample all of Penangs hawker fare. New Lane Penang beats Gurney Drive 10 thumbs down. Enjoy!

Here is a map of where New Lane Penang is>> NEW LANE PENANG

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