Ali Ferringhi Guesthouse Penang burnt down 2010 – brought to you by Backpackies

Remember the famous Ali Feringghi Guesthouse by the beach up at Batu Feringghi Penang?

ali feringghi guesthouse penang

famous batu feringghi in Penang

Guesthouse Penang

Ali Feringghi Guesthouse Penang was very popular with tourists

Ali Ferringhi Guesthouse Penang is one of the only few places that used to offer comfortable budget rooms by the beach in Penang.

guesthouse penang

Rooms at Ali feringghi Guesthouse Penang

Well it got burnt down together with Shalini Guesthouse Penang in a fire that started in the kitchen of the guesthouse. Luckily all the tourists were out at the beach when the incident happened.

guesthouse penang

Burnt to the ground. Only skeleton is left

guesthouse penang

top floors are all gone

The shitty part was, that this premise was illegal and didn’t have any insurance on the property. The last we heard was that there was an argument from the tourists demanding compensation for their belongings that were lost in the fire. Poor tourists, who had all their clothes, money, passports and id all burnt by the fire.

guesthouse penangThe reading corner on the left was left intact.

guesthouse penang

only 2 of the bottom rooms are still there

This updated news. (January 2011) was brought to you by backpackies.

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3 responses to “Ali Ferringhi Guesthouse Penang burnt down 2010 – brought to you by Backpackies

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  2. Lise

    As at September 2011 it would appear Ali’s has reopened. The front has been rebuilt (very limited rooms) and it seems they are working on rebuilding the rear. Shalini’s Guesthouse is also back up and running.

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