Tune Hotel, Penang- Cheap Cheap!

It was Tune Hotel Penang Downtown’s 2nd Anniversary. To celebrate that they have been open for 2 years now, they had a promotion for the month of April. Rooms were for RM 2!!! So us being Mr Cheap and Mrs Kiasu….we decided to BOOK!!  first….
(weather can stay or not…decide later) Cheap cheap ma! So here is our proof of our RM 2 room! Had to pay the ***$Q#$ .33 cents for tax though.

So here we are again at Tune Hotel Penang. Fear not! Our Super Hero is back to Tune Hotel to Inspect the condition of the hotel!!

Shit….i forgot to wear my eye mask. Now you know who i am. Lucky i deleted my email, contact number and real name. If you see me on the streets, please say you dont know me.
(The underwear im wearing is supposed to bring me good luck. With the fook sign and being red and all. Aiyoo i went to Genting Highlands Casino with it…..i lost money la) Sorry back to topic.

OK, check in is at 2pm. CHECK OUT AT 10am??  We tried to delay as much as we could. They sent someone to knock at my door at 10.30am! Asked me to check out.

The check in was fast because it seems that either not many Penang people as kiasu as us…or …..there simply isnt any one staying here!

They had some massage chairs….but i saw no body sitting on it. So im assuming you have to pay for it!

Free internet stations for guests who are staying at tune. At least they have chairs for you to sit. The Tune Hotel in Kota Bharu Kelantan, has no seats. Having to stand and chat on facebook is a pain in the ass.  God bless you –> manager of Tune Penang.

The lounge still remains as comfy and spacious as ever. Although the hotel was a bit on the quiet side.

Bloody hell! its DURIAN season! Luckily i ate my fill of durians at Lorong Susu before hand. I almost wanted to tapau some back to hotel but i was scared that they would not allow it. Jeng jeng jeng….really confirmed my theory. I saw this sign! But why they don’t allow mangosteens? Maybe its because of the purple color juice that comes out of the mangosteen when you throw it on the floor to break it open to eat?? hmmmmm

OK so after taking the lift up. You have to use the electronic key pass to get in. And you need the same key pass to activate the electricity in the room. When you take the key out, the plug points also go out. Everything goes out!
And NO YOU CANT STICK YOUR POPULAR BOOK STORE MEMBERSHIP card in the slot. It wont just work. bloody Tony Fernandes! Why are you so smart!
The room was big (but i think the mirror on the wall made it look big). I like the fact that the mirror made the room look kinky! Girlfriend here i come!

Ohh and i have to tell you that the Rm 2.33 is for a room without Air Cond. The fan is actually cold enough. I was naked when i slept (without my superhero outfit) so it was pretty decent to sleep in the room.

On Item 1 on the Concept page of Tune Hotels.com
5-star beds- Our Tune beds feature high quality spring mattress beds with pillows, pillowcases, bed sheets and 250-thread count duvets, custom-made for our requirements by bedmakers who supply 5-star hotels – the basis of our promise for 5-star beds!
Verdict: Yes we did jump on the beds…..and used it to the maximum. It was soft and comfortable!

The toilets were the same. Still clean and the same size (obviously).
If you read the Tune Hotel Website….on the concept page. Item number 2 says

Power Showers – Each of our rooms feature en suite (attached) private bathrooms with high pressure, heated Power Shower. So even though you are paying minimal room rates, you are still enjoying premium showers in maximum privacy.

So we gave it a try. And yes, the after 2 years of running, the pipes aren’t plugged. The showers are confirmed still powderful. It was so powerful that at full blast i could not open my eyes in the shower.

So next time you see any promotion for Tune Hotel Penang. Just book it. Weather you stay or don’t stay…its another problem. If you don’t stay but already booked, please leave me a message here!
This concludes our review of Tune Hotel Penang.


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2 responses to “Tune Hotel, Penang- Cheap Cheap!

  1. grace

    would like to make room reservation for 4rooms at 3rd june/5th june (2nights) rm2 per/room/nite).

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