Equator Hostel KL- guesthouse Kl review by backpackies

We at backpackies recently travelled to Kuala Lumpur enroute to Saigon and decided to stay at Equator Hostel Kl and review this place for the group.
Equator Hostel provides rooms that are reasonably clean and the hostel is near to the Monorial (around 10 minutes walk). It is located nearby KL times square (shopping and eating) but is not as happening as staying at the guesthouses in Bukit Bintang. Pondok Lodge in Bukit Bintang is another guesthouse that we also reviewed. We stayed at Equator Hostel for one night and one night only.

To get to Equator Hostel following  the map that they gave, it is easier if you cut through Berjaya Times Square to reach the hostel.

kl monorial to equator hostel

kl monorial to equator hostel

If you are taking the Monorial, you need to stop at Imbi Station. Then follow the directions from Equator Hostel website.

kl monorial to equator hostel
Imbi is 4 stations away from KL Sentral. The hostel is green in colour with blue windows. The neighbourhood looks abit shabby though. I wouldnt be walking around this area, if i was a girl.

Equator Hostel KL

This is what the building looks like on the outside.

The road outside had some renovation done when we were there.

equator hostel kl

Lounge at equator hostel kl

The lounge was quite spacious, with tv and dvds to watch. You had to pay for the internet which was quite sucky.

equator hostel kl

Wall of fame at the hostel

Pictures of previous guests stuck the wall in the guesthouse (they looked quite old). We took the dorm bed with fan and shared bathroom. They charged me RM 30 for a night. Normally they do not accept locals (Malaysians), thats what they told me. “Since you are already here, ok lah, ill give you a room. Cin chai….” was what the receptionist told me.
Btw: cin chai means “ok la…close one eye”.  In my heart i was like, what kind of discrimination is this to Malaysians! Summore “chin chai” me. Alright, no hard feelings.
He showed me the room, which wasnt filled up yet at that time. It was airy, and the room was clean and basic. The beds were a little squeeky but it was ok. The mattress was soft and pillow was flat.

equator guesthouse kl

dorm beds at the hostel

This is one of the sharing toilets. I didnt use it. But it looked a little small from outside. Maybe can fit one person in it. So no “hanky panky!”

equator hostel kl toilet

small sharing toilet

The showers looked like they needed some repair. But they were functional. With 2 shower units, we had to queue in the morning to use it ,which was ok.

sharing toilet and shower at equator guesthouse kl

sharing toilet and shower at equator guesthouse kl

The showers had hot water and the water pressure was just nice. I didnt have to stand and kiss the wall so that the water could reach me (i had to do this when the water pressure was low).

showers at equator guesthouse kl

showers at equator guesthouse kl

To conclude this. Most of the guests here are all transit guests. The girls who stayed in my dorm also checked out the next day as they were flying to Cambodia via Air Asia. Equator Hostel is one of the choices that you have if you want to stay in KL. Staying here, you can rest assure of a good nights sleep. At night, this place is very quiet unlike staying in Changkat Bukit Bintang.

To get here. Refer to this map. Equator Hostel KL .

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See you soon and have a safe and enjoyable trip where ever you may be going to!


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