YangLing Tibetan Restaurant Kathmandu, Nepal review by backpackies. Momos and more!

Everybody always want to try the specialty of each country that they visit!

Its the same as wanting to see GO GO girls in Thailand, shake spongebobs hand in Dreamworld Australia, milk cows in New Zealand or Kiss Mickey Mouse in Disney land! (Well maybe not everyone)

That is exactly what we did in Kathmandu! We asked around on what was the best food we could find in Nepal, and the answers we got were
1) Dhal Bhat (Rice with Dhal- lentil curry). Nepalese seem to eat this day and night and then day again…365 days….a year
2) Momos (small dumplings – steamed or fried)
3) Sandwhich (Nepalese think its a specialty. You can find a lot of these sandwhich shops by the road side)
4) Thali set (Steamed rice with lentil curry- available veg or non veg curries as well)

Lets go for the one with the funny name first. Moh Moh…. (NO its MOMO!!)
Best Momos in town here we come (To all Nepali people reading this, please, we know your mother or grandmother or girlfriend makes better momos than this place. You already told us. But unless your mother wants us to review her kitchen then please allow us say for now that these are REALLY REALLY nice momos!)
Fellow backpackies, welcome to Yangling Tibetan Restaurant.
And i think i was the only one in the coffee shop taking so many pictures. (anyways they always think im japanese because of my small eyes)

yang ling nepal

Narrow entrance to Yang Ling Tibetan Restaurant Nepal

Yangling Restaurant is located on Saatghumti Chowk. The entrance is like the top picture. You will need to look around to find it, because in Thamel, you would notice that there are alot of sign boards up on the buildings of the narrow streets.

The dining place is on the second floor and its cool because you get to see the hustle and bustle of the streets from the dining place.
Its madness down there during peak hour (if there is any). It’s nice to just sit in the restaurant even for a cup of Nepali tea. Enjoy the percussions from the streets down below with the constant honking, shouting and tooting….

yang ling restaurant thamel

Dining on the second floor overlooking the mess on the street below

Below is the menu. Besides momos, they also serve fried noodles, soup noodles, rice and tid bits.

best momos in nepal

Great momo selection

To start things off, i ordered a cup of ginger tea instead of the normal masala tea i usually order. i wanted to try something different. Something warm because it had been raining the whole day.

yang ling tibetan restaurant thamel

Hot ginger tea with real ginger bits in it!

Wow, the ginger wasnt as strong as i expected it. They put real ginger bits in the tea, unlike the ginger powder in other shops. You need to add sugar to your liking. Overall the tea was very pleasant, but it did get stronger towards the end.

I also felt like having some soup and it was a toss between chicken or mushroom, and when the waiter told me they had Chicken Mushroom, it was awesome!

yang ling tibetan restaurant thamel

Hot Chicken Mushroom Soup to warm the tired soul

Oh man, when the soup came, it smelt soooooo good. Oh, the red colouring on the top was just me. I added some chilli powder so that this picture looked more interesting. (disclaimer: in actual fact there is no red powder on the soup)

But my gawd the soup tasted super nice. Not too strong, not too weak- because you know sometimes cook’s tend to make soups that have very strong odour -like really mushroomy!? This soup was just fine. Oh and actually it tasted better with the chilli powder. It had a little spicy taste to it.
Then since i was writing an article about this place, i ordered 2 different types of momos. The normal fried ones and the chilli momos.
Of course there is also the steamed momos as well which was just too much for a small asian boy like me. Below is the fried momos served with some half spicy dip.

yang ling tibetan restaurant thamel

fried chicken momos served with a semi spicy dip

yangling tibetan restaurant nepal

This is what a momo looks like inside

yang ling tibetan restaurant thamel

Spicy chilli buff momo

The spicy chilli buff (buffalo) momos, were also fried, and stuffed with buffalo minced meat and some onions and vegetables. They were fried with red chilli, tomato, capsicum and onions.

yang ling tibetan restaurant thamel

Yang Ling Tibetan Restaurant - Momos and more!

Overall this place is a nice place to sit down and have a decent meal. This place is open from morning till about 5pm. It is closed on Saturdays.
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