River City Inn Singapore review by backpackies

We were looking for a clean, affordable and somewhat modern accommodation for the night (we had enough of the crappy peeling off stained walls in our bedrooms!!).

From the full list that we had on our hand, we decided to try the River City Inn Singapore. It said on their website that they were within walking distance from the Clark Quay MRT. Sounded strategic enough to us as it was close to the shopping centers, MRT and pubs. We took the MRT from Changi Airport and interchanged at Outram Park before reaching Clark Quay. From Clark Quay MRT station, River City Inn is just 300m walk away. The Inn is on Hong Kong street, which is the street directly opposite Central Shopping Center.

As you turn into Hong Kong Street, you need to keep a lookout for the Inn’s signboard. The entrance is camouflaged to look like any simple shoplot entrance. The entrance will be on your right as you enter Hong Kong Street from the MRT station.
Ruck Sack Inn is on the first floor and River City Inn is on the second floor.

singapore river, River City Inn Singapore

The singapore river is just 5 minutes walk from the guesthouse

River City Inn Singapore

Entrance to River City Inn Singapore

The staircase is littered with graffiti of guest comments who praise heaven that they found these 2 guesthouses. Most of them are writing about Ruck Sack Inn though because River City Inn is fairly new. Im guessing those smudges and black dots on the walls are bad comments? πŸ˜€ *grin*

River City Inn Singapore

Stairs leading to River City Inn Singapore

River City Inn Singapore

Wall Graffiti or wall gratitude?

River City Inn Singapore

The inn is just 2 flght of steps up

The main door is fitted with an electrical keypass system where each guest is given an electronic card to enter the guesthouse. (A refundable deposit is required for this key card when you check in). Inside is a small reception area, and then to the left is the dining table, internet station and cosy corner. Everything is arranged in an apartment kind of arrangement. (compact prim and proper)

The cosy corner had cable tv and 2 short sofas. I think you could fit in a maximum of 6 people in to that small area. The whole place is air-conditioned though, which was necessary as the heat outside was killer.

River City Inn Singapore

Communal Area with Tv, some magazines and free wifi

After checking in, we found that the rooms were clean and basic. The bed frames were the cheap metal type where it always squeaked badly when you climb on them. “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!”
I’m pretty sure in a few years time, these beds will be causing a hell of a symphony at night. There goes my chance on sneaking in and making out on the beds tonight! πŸ˜‰

river city inn singapore

Bedroom security

The beds are also protected. So no chances of anything sneaking in to my bed to make out with me as well! πŸ˜€ Awesome!

River City Inn Singapore

4 person room

Each dorm bed comes with a private locker. And the good thing about River City Inn is that they provide the lock and keys for the locker. Each bed has linen (bed sheet),pillow and blanket but NO towel. Which we found to be troublesome as most people don’t normally bring their own towels with them when they travel. (especially Asians). Its expensive to buy towels in Singapore.

River City Inn Singapore

There are private lockers with keys given to you

Each bed also came with a personal reading light (it’s actually a night-light) and electrical socket. The whole building has free wifi so its good to just plug in your laptop and surf. We find the “reading light” is a little small. The night-light they give us is the cheap 1SGD ones which you can buy at any night market. (Research has shown people growing blind using these to read)
It would be nice if they could provide bigger and proper lamps for reading.

river city inn singapore

There were 3 showers and 2 shared toilets. I’m not sure of how many toilets there are in the building. But thank god they were clean and didn’t smell nasty at all. In fact i was very impressed with the cleanliness of the toilet. The water pressure was powerful enough during the day, but it seemed to have dwindled in to a mere trickle at night. (Was trying to bathe at 3 am after clubbing).

The toilets had toilet paper and the showers came with free shower gel and shampoo which was really nice.

River City Inn Singapore

Showers were clean and had powerful water pressure during the day

There is a dining area where you can make your own tea/coffee/hot chocolate throughout the day. Rates come with a free simple breakfast. As it is a guesthouse, you are required to wash your own dishes and clean up after your self. ITS EXPECTED OF YOU!!

river city inn singapore

Small compact dining area with the internet stations behind it

There are only 2 computer stations available. And some guests just hog it for hours chatting on skype and facebook. You need to be aware of this. If you need to do some printing, the person at the reception will be glad to help you on this.

There are some common plug points just beside the computer stations. These are the plug points you will use if you want to work on your device on the dining table. (They are in the picture, on the side of the table)

There is a fridge behind selling drinks and snacks. Everything inside it is for sale.

river city inn singapore

2 free computer stations complete with internet for those who dont have their own device

There is a common storeroom to put extra-large stuff that wont fit into your lockers. It’s quite a mess, and we didn’t bother cleaning it up before taking the picture. Im sure you will find plenty of nice pictures on the internet.Β  To the left of the storeroom is the showers and toilets.

river city inn singapore

You can also utilize the storeroom for big baggage

Here is complimentary breakfast. Toasts with a selection of spreads, local fruits, coffee tea. There is a separate menu where you can order for additional charge.

river city inn singapore

breakfast selection at the morning.

Drinks like Hot Chocolate, Tea and Coffee are free flow throughout the day.

river city inn singapore

BUDGET bread?

Im pretty sure the peanut butter, blueberry, chocolate spreads are also free flow for the entire day πŸ˜‰

river city inn singapore

Butter, jam, kaya or Peanut butter?

river city inn singapore

tiny bananas for breakfast. Had to have more than 2 bananas to be full.

There is no curfew at night, so you can come back any time you like. But please for heaven’s sake please don’t make a ruckus when you get back. There are still people sleeping!

Overall, this place is a great place to sleep at in Singapore. The rates are almost similar like the rest of the guesthouses in Singapore. But the location for River City Inn is perfect for people who wants shopping and somewhere near the river.

Here are the rates

Mixed Dormitory = S$26.00 per bed

Ladies-only Dorm = S$29.00 per bed

6-bed Mixed Dorm = S$29.00 per bed
(Book all 6 beds to make it a private room!)

Private 4-bed Room = S$128.00 per room

For more information visit their website at River City Inn. And if you have facebook, please find us on facebook and join our travel group- Backpackies!!


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5 responses to “River City Inn Singapore review by backpackies

  1. James

    Thanks for sharing. I’m planning to reserve a bed at river city inn in august. Can you kindly recommend the 6-bed room or 26-bed dorm? I read that the small room doesn’t have window, and a person prefers the dorm. Thanks

    • Hi there James. So you are planning to stay at river city inn?
      Its best to contact them directly on this and straight away make a booking.
      We are just blogging about the place just to show everyone what to expect from this guesthouse.

      If you are interested in more places and reviews, please do join our travel group on facebook. BACKPACKIES.
      πŸ™‚ have a great time in singapore!

  2. River City Inn sells Singapore attraction tickets at the counter now!

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