Gali Paranthe Wali Delhi (Paratha Rolls) reviewed by

Looking for something light to snack on while walking in Delhi’s bustling streets???
If this is your first time in India, you might want to stay away from the shady street food, especially if they aren’t cooked!!
Good luck explaining “Slapping the food on a frying pan for 1 minutes will not kill the bacteria inside” to the indian seller! Unless you speak Hindi.

I must tell you about the streets in India. Cows, dogs, people, cars and motorcycles share the same road. So you can imagine the amount of pollution. Ok nevermind that, but imagine dust, dirt, rubbish on the road sides combined with the dirty habit of Indians SPITTING every 3 minutes on the road! Then imagine the indian guy (obviously) sitting on the road side, beside puddles of dirty water and mud making your cup of Masala Tea.
Imagine how much agony your @$$ hole is going to suffer, when you get diarrhea in a country where the pharmacies shut down by 9pm!

Oh By the way, have you ever wondered where the public toilets are in Delhi? We know that men just pee on the walls, but where do you go if you have a tummy ache?

indian road side tea

Road side food and drinks are cooked in extreme heat during Summer

There are a few nicely lit and clean vegetarian restaurants around town. But we were getting tired of an ALL VEGE diet. Craving for REAL meat, we came across this Paratha Roll Stall. There was a long queue in front of the stall when we arrived. So applying BACKPACKIES 101 general rule “It must be f*good if theres plenty of people”. We joined the queue. Man did the workers inside work fast and hard. They must have been processing around 10 paratha rolls per 3 minutes!

 gali paranthe wali

Road side Paratha Roll Special

Here is the menu below, and they also do home delivery for 5 parathas and up.

 gali paranthe wali

Vegetarian Menu

 gali paranthe wali

Other food types besides vegetarian

 gali paranthe wali

It's amazing to see them working so fast in such a small space

 gali paranthe wali

Its a 3 man magic show

Cashier: Takes orders, collects money, rolls the dough and folds the paratha
Chef 1: Cooks the ingredients and puts it on the ready paratha
Chef 2: Following chef 1’s actions.
This my friends is a mutton tikka paratha roll (w) egg. Inside is chops of mutton, vegetables fried with Masala seasoning, then wrapped in egg and then paratha roll.
Verdict: slightly spicy and definately delicious. Wasnt really full but it just hit the right spot.  My A* hole didnt suffer so 2 thumbs up!

 gali paranthe wali

my mutton tikka paratha roll

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