LCCT – Air Asia Low Cost Carrier Terminal KL so whats new 2011 by backpackies

LCCT Air Asia

So what's new at LCCT Airport?

It has been quite a while since we have seen any improvement to LCCT – Low Cost Carrier Terminal in KL Malaysia. LCCT is the hub for all budget airlines in Malaysia. You can basically call this the base for all Air Asia flights.
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So we went around recently (June 2011) to check out the latest additions to this airport.

And once again, we at backpackies only show you what you will get. No editing or made up story was done to this review.
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Air Asia flight schedule

Flight schedule on the display system

There are  a few number of digital display screens located strategically around the airport. The information is pretty accurate. So chances are that you wont be missing your flight.

But again, please do not rely 100% on the system. Always be aware of your flight time and try to be on punctual.

backpackies backpacking penang

Air Asia Check in counter for Air Asia

Chances are there is always a long queue at the check in counters.  So make sure you get to the airport on time.

A minimum of 2 hours 30 mins before flight time for International Flights and 2 hours for domestic flights.
(most people will tell you its 2 hours for International and 1 hour for Domestic. But LCCT experiences high volume of passengers compared to other airports. So we had to take this in to account)

For International Flights. The main queue is at the check in counter, the immigration check and security check. This will slow you down the most. On average its a 5 minute walk to from the Immigration to the Departure Gate.
**This picture is an example of the Air Asia check in counter**

But of course the queue works to your advantage. If there is still a long queue of people checking in, they wont close the counter until every one is cleared. So if you see there is a long queue, means you still have plenty of time.
To avoid the queue at the check in counters, you can always check in online or now check in with your phone. MOBILE CHECK IN!

air asia mobile check in

Air Asia mobile check in counter

After you have done your check in using your Mobile Phone. You will be given a bar code. Which you will then need to scan on to these scanners here to get your boarding pass printed out.

mobile check in air asia

Check in using your mobile phone!

Air Asia mobile check in

Whats the mobile check in for?

Seems like there are some dedicated check in counters also for different locations. But these are the only ones that we have seen.
But after all the mobile check in, internet check in ….and dropping your baggage at the  baggage drop counter. You still need to come to this counter to verify your boarding passes. This is only applicable for International flights. So beware of this. This counters are located on the right of the International Departure Gates.

Air Asia check in

After you have done all your check in' still need to come here

air asia tickets

Buying your Air Asia tickets from the kiosk

If you need to buy a last minute ticket, there are kiosks that you can operate yourself.

Air asia ticket sales

Air Asia Sales Office

And if you have any questions, you can always approach the staff at the sales counter just beside the kiosks

FREE WIFI! one of the most used and sought after facility after the toilet.
God knows we cant live without it nowadays. *Need to chat with mum, dad, girlfriend 1, girlfriend 2, wife 3…..”

lcct free internet

Login enables users to use free internet for 2 hours

Its easy to connect and apparently the connection is everywhere around the airport. But they do TRY to limit you to 2 hours usage.  We don’t see anything hard about by passing this. Just log off and log on again!

LCCT internet

Login to the internet is tracked

And nowadays..they try to make you fill up forms… that will supposedly help to improve the system. Well you all know how efficient the Malaysian Government is. So fill it up you guys!!!

Internet at LCCT with backpackies

Questionnaire to fill up before accessing the internet

Being the lazy arse’s we were. ..we scrolled down …..CLICK

Air Asia LCCT

Go straight to the bottom clause

Next up is the first or probably the second most important facility after the internet. *TOILET*. Of course it would be awesome to have a Wifi enabled toilet..Imagine while you do your business, there is a touch screen beside to facebook and chat! **CHECK IN*  or LIKE maybe? ha ha ha Wow….. But no. But they did do away with the plastic pail and broken water hose. Bidet system!!!

Air Asia toilets

Auto Cleaning System Installed

And in case this isnt good enough to shout about. Check out the disinfectant liquid which you can use to clean the toilet seats! No more…. bending over, holding the door and ….xxxxxx.

LCCT toilet

Clean your toilet seats

*************************************COMMERCIAL BREAK******************************

LCCT food

The nasi briyani on board is pretty good

The Briyani Chicken Rice was awesome!! Just in case you are thinking of what to eat on board Air Asia.

***************************************BACK TO REVIEW****************************************

restaurants in LCCT

Dunkin Donuts outside the terminal

Just outside the terminal there are 2 new stalls. Dunkin Donuts to get you on your sugar high.

LCCT restaurants

Sugar colored donuts! Yummy!

Although the airport has managed to supply more seats but the growing number of passengers has out numbered it. During peak periods, most passengers are forced to sit on the floors.
Some smart entrepreneurs have come up with an idea to open spas. There are a few spas offering body and foot massage at the airport. (One of the spas is just by the toilet in this picture)

LCCT terminal air asia

One of the waiting places in LCCT.

The Emporium is still the cheapest place to buy drinking water, chocolates, and other travel essentials.

LCCT shops

Emporium is the cheapest place to get necessities

Air Asia low cost carrier terminal

Picking up your Sim card, buying products from the Air Asia Mega Store

Once you buy your Tune Talk sim card online, you can collect it at this counter here. They also sell cheap mobile phones, t shirts and other souvenirs from Air Asia.


Air Asia Teddy Bear

Wow check out the free gift on board!

So this concludes our update of Air Asia LCCT terminal KL.
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5 responses to “LCCT – Air Asia Low Cost Carrier Terminal KL so whats new 2011 by backpackies

  1. I really really love this airport review. Mobile check in was really fast and there isn’t fuss about the airport. Just one concern, I tried to use the WIFI on my laptop but it doesn’t work at all.

    • Hey dbtrumps! 😀 Thanks for reading!
      The wifi wasn’t working? That’s weird though. We have been using it for quite some time now.
      Where were you using it? Some times the signal isn’t strong enough, or there is just too many people hogging the internet.
      Try inside the terminal. Using it at coffee bean shouldn’t be a problem as well.

      If you are on facebook. Do join our group – backpackies! 😀
      See ya there!

  2. I was at the departure area waiting to board my flight. I have already joined your Facebook page. I am the guy who commented on the link you posted on Backpacking Asia page. Shaifullah Sudirman. Check out my travel blog too!

  3. Review sums it all! It’s a good one.
    The longest i had was laying over at the LCCT for about 6 hours. All i did was grabbed lunch at McDonalds and the rest of the time, net surfing at the Coffee Bean. Always nice to see that they keep improving LCCT, way better than it was first launched!

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