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Chulia Street, Penang is famous for being crowded with cheap lodges, visa/ tour agents and pubs famous among backpackers. But what about the street food here? No one has written about the famous Curry Mee, Wan Than Mee or even the Manchester United Burgers that the locals so eagerly flock to feast on almost every night. Or maybe they just want to keep this place a secret? Oh well, its too late now.
Backpackies is here and here is our review of the street food along Chulia Street- Backpacker Central of Penang.
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Chulia Street Food

Chulia Street Penang- Backpacker Central

Chulia Street during the day is madness. This 2 lane road can easily turn into a 4 lane honking insanity. During the evenings, the traffic dies down, and this is when the pubs start its grooving beats, food stalls are pushed out to set up business and tourists roam the streets for food and entertainment.
This place is a small little lane here is called “cheap side” among the locals. It got its name from all the stalls in the day selling cheap hardware and construction equipment.
Somewhere hidden amongst the stalls is the famous Chulia Street Curry Mee.

Chulia Street Curry Mee
Over here, there is Wan Than Mee (springy noodles cooked either with soup or dry) and served with pork slices and rolled up “money bags” filled with minced meat.

Chulia Street Curry Mee

Woman cooking some Wan Than Mee- noodles

Below is the famous Curry Mee stall. Look at the amount of fried bean curd there is in the pot! Its full of it! By the way that, brownish stuff in the pot by his elbow is cockles.

Chulia Street Penang

The famous Chulia Street Curry Mee

Just as the name suggests, Curry Mee is soupy curry based noodles that can be spicy if you add more of the red chilli paste. Usually they use the yellow noodles with a mix of rice bee hoon (another type of thin noodles). The standard ingredients are squid, fried bean curd, cockles and bean sprouts and meat shreds. Over here they add another big sized fish ball in your bowl.

Chulia Street

Does it taste good because its famous or famous because it tastes good?

Well our verdict is, to me being a Penang boy, i think the curry mee is ok for my standard. I have tasted much better ones. But for tourists, this quality is sufficient.
We also tried the fried stuff. Some of them had mixed bits of yam and meat in them,wrapped in dough and deep fried.  The ones with the sesame seeds are filled with either peanut or black bean paste. A sweet treat!

chulia street hawker food

Fried snacks

Another sweet desert you can try is the Apom. Its made out of flour, eggs and sugar. Spread in a thin layer on a hot plate and then rolled up to give it the crispy texture on the sides and a soft chewy feel on the center.

chulia street ah pom

Chinese Pancake

Most locals head over here for the Lok Lok as well. Its a dish where you just stand by the stall, and then choose what you want. The have a variety of food stuff on skewers for you to choose from. Some are un cooked yet and some are already cooked. You get stuff like fish balls, meat balls, squid ball, jelly fish with vegetables where you need to dip into the boiling water much longer. Food like century eggs, spring rolls, crab sticks which are already cooked, you just need to dip in to the hot water to heat up the food.

The hot water pots are communal and so are the different dips. So basically for hygiene purposes, please do not re dip your skewer after you have bitten into it.  Usually the standard dips are chili paste (red), spicy chilli (green) and peanut sauce. The peanut sauce is our favorite due to the nice crunchy aromatic taste it gives.

chulia street lok lok

Lok Lok- Dunking in food on skewers in a communal hot pot

Of course if you can handle the spiciness, you should try mixing both the chilli and peanut sauce together! Awesome.

 chulia street lok lok

Colorful aint it?! 😀

Well we already had our fill for today. We will be back next week to examine and test the Manchester United burgers. We are sure that there are plenty of other food along this street that is worth mentioning. But because we don’t get paid to do blogs and we really review the blogs, eating the Lok Lok alone, we had to try all the different types of skewers just to tell you how this shop fares overall.

So we will save the burgers and others for the next review. Till then, if you have tried anything else that’s really good, or maybe shitty, please do give us a shout here on our comments.

Till then if you have any travel questions, please visit us at or join us on facebook at Backpackies is on facebook.

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