Hameediyah Restaurant Campbell Street Penang

Hameediyah Restaurant, located on Campbell Street serves South Indian cuisine and is well-known for its Murtabak (Pan fried roti stuffed with choices of fillings – minced beef, chicken, mutton or vegetable) and Nasi Kandar (Steamed rice served with your choice of chicken, fish, beef, vegetable and many more. The iconic thing about this dish is that the whole plate will be doused with a mix of the many different curries giving it an extraordinary taste.

Established in 1907, this is one of the oldest restaurants in Penang. Of course the original shop will give you that “old dining feel” you are looking for.

I still remember back in the 1900’s when almost every week we would queue to buy the Murtabak. Hameediyah has recently opened one more outlet two doors down. The whole place is air-conditioned which makes the quote “You aint eating if you aint sweating” no longer applicable.

The new shop is spacious and definitely looks cleaner. Even the food presentation is better- (only white plates are used), while still retaining the flavours of Hameediyah that many of us grew up with.

Penang Nasi Kandar Hameediyah

While im capturing a photo of the shop, this guy seems to be thinking deep if he should enter and eat

Hameediyah nasi kandar

The air-conditioned section of Hameediyah seems to be full during lunch time

hameediyah restaurant penang

Local musician coming to sing some songs

hameediyah nasi kandar

Air Bandung and Nescafe Ais

Our drinks for the meal were the refreshing Hameediyah Special Bandung (rose milk syrup, RM 1.80And Iced Coffee.

The prices here at the new restaurant are the same as the old restaurant. (So why eat in the heat when you can dine in comfort? – Air conditioning). The signature Nasi Kandar has over 20 varieties of dishes to choose from. You can either eat it with bread (choice of naan, roti canai) or rice (biryani or steamed white rice).
We have been here like 5 times over a course of 2 weeks. Over that time, we noticed that the quality of food is not really consistent. It was fabulous the first time when we were there, and we ordered the duck curry, mutton curry, beef, some hard-boiled eggs and the only vegetables they serve is chopped up yellow cabbage and steamed ladies fingers.
The duck was good, depending on the portion of the duck they were giving you.

hameediyah nasi kandar
Another thing that we wanted to say was the Turkey! Well ok, it was pretty dumb for us to order it. The thing was, when it came, it was all just bone and minimal meat on it. We complained and asked them to take it back. Then the next thing you know is that they came back with a whole plate of turkey meat. They did charge us RM 40 for a plate though.
We also had the murtabak daging (minced beef) with pickled onions and accompanying curry gravy. This piece of soft bread with minced beef and chopped onion filling is encased in a layer of egg. Lovely!
The tender Tandoori Chicken was served with three dips and a piece of plain naan. The meat was smoky and flavored-packed with  a slight sweetness.
The Daging Rendang (dry beef curry) is tender and flavoured with spices. The exceptionally delicious thick gravy goes well with the fluffy naan which is baked in the tandoor with crisp charred edges. The beef is definitely one of Hameediyah’s worthy offerings.
You can take your pick of white rice or opt for the nasi briyani. The nasi briyani was flavorful with exotic spices and were done with such marvel. A plate of chicken briyani cost RM8, and it is one of the must-try dishes in Hameediyah.

Although the Fried Chicken (Ayam Goreng) is great, but you might want to try the Itik Kari RM18 (curry duck) like what we mentioned earlier. Large pieces of duck are cooked in addictive thick curry (again, portions vary depending on the parts of the duck they give you).  The gravy is very lemak (rich with coconut milk) and appealing with its bright reddish color. Hameediyah also serves great seafood (particularly crabs and large prawns), which cost more than meat. For those who are more adventurous, do check out the Kari Kepala Ikan (fish head curry).

Hameediyah Restaurant
164A Campbell Street
Tel: 04 2611095
Business Hours: 11am – 10.30pm
Closed on Friday

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