LCCT Tune Hotel KL, 3 hour refresher package review by backpackies

Hi there! Backpackies is back!  This time we are going to try out the Tune Hotel at (Low Cost Carrier Terminal otherwise known as LCCT in KL).

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We pin pointed the main dilemmas that almost everyone that is flying into LCCT AIR ASIA LOW COST CARRIER TERMINAL is

1)      Im flying in to KL LCCT Terminal at a funny odd time, when almost everything is closed and my connecting flight is early in the morning.

2)      Im flying in to KL LCCT Terminal early in the morning or have flown in from a very far destination, and have about 5-6 hours transit in the airport, and badly in need of sleep.

3)      Have a long transit time and want to get some rest so that you are well rested for your holiday.

4)      Just plain spoilt and refuse to sleep on the hard plastic chairs or on the floor.

5)      You need a hotel room for???

If you are in any of the following categories, then you would be interested in the 3 hour refresher package at TUNE HOTEL.

Here is our RM 60 ringgit thought on it. And we would like to stress this is a commercial free blog and we write our mind on it. So please mind if there is any excessive language being used.

LCCT Air Asia Terminal, Tune hotel

Tune Hotel LCCT Airport

There are shuttle busses available from the LCCT terminal to  TUNE HOTEL LCCT Airport for like RM 1 per way. So take it if you have plenty of bags. Because you can only push your trolley half way. And the rest you need to push.

But yes, we were stingy and wanted to test the “claimed” 7 minute walk from LCCT terminal. Donkeys arse! It was a good 11 minutes at least! Or maybe more if you have short legs like me…since i was running when i timed it.

tune hotel lcct kl

Sure you can see the hotel from LCCT. But its still a good 10 minutes walk there

The hotel is very visible, so you can actually see if from far. So its very unlikely you will get lost.

LCCT tune hotel kl

There are 1 restaurant called DECANTER just at the compound of the hotel and also a 24 hour minimart. So it was RM 8 for a mug of beer vs RM 3.20 for a packet of noodles. Guess what we had??

lcct tune hotel kl

There are plenty of seating areas outside the the entrance of Tune Hotel.

tune hotel lcct kl

Outdoor shaded seating area

Inside the lobby, to rest your tired body and legs, you can try the expensive automated massage chairs. We prefer the 2 hour full body vitamin AEIOU massages in Laos though. So we didnt try the chairs. If you did, please let us know how it hurt your pocket more than it cured your hurting bodies!

tune hotel lcct kl

massage chairs in the lobby

There is the internet stations available next to the lobby

tune hotel lcct kl

Tune Hotel is like a factory. Everything is all about time. The 3 hour refresher package for Tune Hotel is available from 9 am to 6pm. But this is subject to availability. We took the package from 10pm which will last till 1pm.  Since the room wasnt ready yet, we had to wait for about 20 minutes before the room was ready. We made sure before we paid, that the timer started from the time we checked in.

Apparently, the woman at the front desk told us that the counter will only start when you put in your key to card in the room to activate the power in the room. So you dont have to run from the lobby to your room like what we monkeys did.
tune hotel lcct kl

Surprisingly there was a steady stream of guests coming in to stay here. We are guessing that this is because they dont have any other choice. The 3 hour refresher package costs RM 60 and is valid for 3 hours. There is a fan, air conditioning and you will get a toiletries set with shampoo and soap in it as well as a towel. There is a RM 5 deposit and a RM 10 for the key card. So up front you have to pay RM 75 for the room. When you check out, just bring back the towel and key card and get your RM 15 back.

lcct tune hotel

Lobby of LCCT Tune Hotel KL

The room was very small and compact. But functional of course. There weren’t any windows in the room, so expect to be blacked out when you close the doors. (Room can be very dark and stuffy) The lights are mostly spotlights and there was a big mirror which made the room feel bigger. Also it was kind of kinky too! 😉

backpacking kl

The small compact room

The beds were comfortable and the pillows were soft. Overall the place was clean and good for to get rest. Sure its a bit pricey, so make sure you get some rest immediately when you get into the room.

The toilet was clean. The showers water pressure was powerful enough.

lcct tune hotel

Small but functional toilet

I’m very sure you didn’t need to pay for the toilet paper! (if i remember correctly)

lcct tune hotel

Air conditioning control

And if the air conditioning does not work. You don’t have to go all the way down to the lobby and waste precious time off your 3 hours to figure whats wrong. We already wasted our 15 minutes to get the information for you. All you need to do is, make sure the side switch here, is turned ON!

tune hotel LCCT

towel, soap and shampoo

Your essential package of toiletries and towel. So here is the counter we were talking about. Once the timer goes off, you have about 10 minutes to 15 minutes before the power cuts off, or someone comes knocking at your door asking you to bugger off…!

lcct tune hotel

counter for the 3 hours, and then its "BLACK OUT"

So what we think about the whole experience ?? Well the room was clean and comfortable. Basic so don’t expect much.
But for the price, unless we are really in dire need of sleep and could just die standing, then we would take this same package again.
If you get down from the plane and need rest badly before you’re connecting flight, just remember the 11 minute walk before you reach the hotel.

Till then, please join us on facebook at backpackies to get the best travel tips in Asia!  Till then have fun and travel safe!


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6 responses to “LCCT Tune Hotel KL, 3 hour refresher package review by backpackies

  1. yeo

    do you know how many people are allowed in the room for the refresher package?

    • 🙂 Welcome to backpackies! Where we try to do everything illegal.

      Ok we love what you are thinking.
      There are CCTV’s on all floors. For the refresher you will be given a double bed. So, in actual fact you can only fit 2.
      But ask your friends to wait outside, tell them the room number and then ask them to go up later after you have checked in.
      I am pretty sure you can fit 3 people on the bed comfortably. If you manage 4 people, please do come back and tell us.
      If you have facebook. please like us on facebook. Look for us there >>backpackies!! 😀

  2. Aprilia

    hello… i am going to travel to hangzhou this 17th Feb..but my flight from MES to KL is ard 9 pm.. and arriving KL at 11 pm..
    is it possible for me to take the shuttle bus to TUNE ? as i read from the web that there is a shutttle bus from lcct to tune from 4 – 5 pm..
    and can we do on spot booking and check in at the same time ? or we need to book upon arrival ?

    please send me email..thanks BACKPACKIES !!!!

    • Hi there Apple!
      Where is MES?
      yes there are shuttle busses to TUNE hotel. Which tune is this? the one near the airport or the one in town?
      If you are taking the refresher package, then just bear in mind that the rooms are SUBJECT to availability.
      If they have extra rooms, then they will rent them out.


  3. honestly ,,tune is not such a great hotel. thanks for sharing anyway

    • Yes we agree. But because it is one of the most convenient choices around LCCT. Some people opt to stay there just because of convenience sake.
      If we had a choice, im sure we would explore others.

      🙂 thanks for reading!

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