Puduraya Bus Terminal review by backpackies

Holy Shit!

That was my expression when i got to know how much the Malaysian Government spent on refurbishing the Puduraya Bus Terminal. 52 Million Ringgit??!!

For that same amount im very sure they could have included a cable car ride from Petaling Street and connect the insanely ‘UNCONNECTED’ LRT system in the city to make it easier for commuters like us.
Well obviously the politicians do not take LRT’s and busses to work. So why bother.

Anyway, this blog is not about being sarcastic to the ‘ever efficient’ Malaysian Government but to write, photograph and show you what are the upgrades to the newly renovated Puduraya Bus Terminal in KL is like.

puduraya bus terminal kl

This is the new Puduraya Bus Terminal after renovation

Well the traffic jam just outside the bus stop is still as crazy as hell. That hasn’t changed.
So if you are on a car or a taxi and you are in a rush. Chances are better if you ask to get dropped further away, and you walk to the terminal. There are cases where people have waited for 1 hour stuck motionless just in front of Puduraya.

For 52 million they put up a mask design over the old building.

puduraya bus terminal kl

The fly over across the busy street

For your own safety, please do not cross the roads. Use the overhead bridge!!

puduraya bus terminal kl

The other side of the road where KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) is

We were really hungry when we wrote this blog, so we decided to eat something universal, where every Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Man, Woman and Child can eat!

puduraya bus terminal kl

Kentucky Fried Chicken is the nearest and most convenient fast food outlet near the bus terminal

Finger Licking Good!

We saw an old Auntie just outside KFC, and she was really sad and pathetic. We decided to buy some water and give her some money as well. It seems that her dignity is so intact despite her conditions, that she refused our offerings.
The next time you guys want to help, maybe you can try buying up the vegetables from her instead.

puduraya bus terminal kl

This old lady was selling vegetables by the road side

Taking the over head bridge to the bus terminal.

puduraya bus terminal kl

fly over to the bus terminal

puduraya bus terminal kl
There are now police men stationed at the bus terminal.

Now that you guys have a new air-conditioned cubicle, make sure you guys do your job!

We are guessing that the tourists inside the cubicle must have lost something.

floor directory

puduraya bus terminal kl

The whole bus terminal is air-conditioned

puduraya bus terminal kl

Nice seating area that is very spacious unl

The platforms are numbered accordingly in sequence. Make sure you get your platform number correct when you are issued the ticket.

puduraya bus terminal kl

ATM machines are located on the ground floor

The ticketing offices are all on the second floor.

puduraya bus terminal kl

Ticketing counters are well-organized and the sellers can only call out to you to buy tickets from them, unlike last time where they could come close to you to hassle you.

The digital departure displays are a good touch.

Make sure you check your bus tickets with the departure screen for your platform and departure time

puduraya bus terminal kl

We just hate the metal seats in the waiting area.

The metal seats in the bus terminal is a stupid idea. The metal chairs were really cold because the management of the bus terminal switched on the air conditioning till super cold.
My german friend once said that in Malaysia, the air conditioning is WORSE than winter in Germany!
Each of the chair had a hand rest! So this means that if one person wanted to lie down on the chairs, he couldn’t! This is such a stupid idea! They should have done up cushion chairs without any dividers. Obviously you will always have tired people who wants to sit comfortably or maybe catch a quick sleeper on the chairs since we already spent 52 F**kin millions on the terminal!

puduraya bus terminal kl

baggage storage facilities

There are baggage storage facilities here. Which is good for people who have a late bus and have plenty of bags to carry around. So if they still want to go out to the city to explore, then they can keep their bags here.

This is the counter where you are supposed to leave your bags with

Some light shopping here at the bus terminal. There is nothing to shout about so please don’t get us started!

puduraya bus terminal kl

mini marts and souvenir shops

puduraya bus terminal kl

the platforms are individually numbered

puduraya bus terminal kl

The departure area is still as smokey as last time and it will only be a matter of time before the walls and ceiling turn black in soot

Everything looks so nice and orderly and for one second there you would have thought all those horrible bus touts would have gotten a regular job at McDonalds or KFC. But no! they have moved base further away from the grasps of the police.

puduraya bus terminal kl

So there were no signs of the touts anywhere near the terminal

When you zoom into the crowd! VOILA!

puduraya bus terminal

as we zoom in, we can see where the touts are hiding.

Bloody touts are conducting business further away from the main building.
Yes touts nowadays also have uniforms. So don’t think people with uniforms are legitimate!
Our conclusion is that Puduraya Bus Terminal has been upgraded into a more hospitable bus terminal compared to the old one.
We hope we have managed to show you a brief of the terminal and what to expect of it.
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5 responses to “Puduraya Bus Terminal review by backpackies

  1. ChrisWei

    I think that this post is a little too negative…
    How much money have been spent shouldn’t be mention as backpackies is supposed to be neutral in opinions…
    The chair are having to be so, high-chanced is because cushioned chair would break down much faster according to “local tradition”…
    I believe backpackies should instead of having one sided opinion, done a more better research such as half of the bus services have been transferred to another station “Terminal Bersepadu Selatan”, hence the traffic outside is MUCH better than previously…
    I hope that backpackies would improve in posting opinions…

  2. spyrr

    Thanks for the review and photos. But you missed out the most important one – toilets. What about the PA system, is it more organized now? I’m not sure about the cost. If you think 52 million is too much, how much do you reckon it should cost?

  3. naqib

    Totally agree with chris. Anyhow, its always good to read a review of a familiar place. Now i know what the interior looks like. Ah-ha! But lets focus on the travel part and let other blogs rant on the political sentiments.

    Btw, the armchair on the seat served exactly its purpose: to not let anyone sleeps on and hog the entire seating length. And metal seats is also an economical choice, maintenance wise.

    • Naqib!
      🙂 We don’t even dare start with the ‘Politics’ of it.
      Its messy enough. We only care for what we USERS (travelers) are getting.

      Mmmmm yeah i agree on the seats. But the thing is, they should have some seats that allow you to just stretch your legs and maybe relax. (Something like in Changi airport would be good) . We have had buses delay for almost 2-3 hours on festive seasons. It would be good to just relax a little than sit on the metal chairs for 3 hours.
      Plus there is nothing much to do in Pudu other than head to Chinatown? 😉

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