Penang Ferry across the Penang Channel by backpackies

In this blog, we will be writing about taking the Ferry from Penang Island to Butterworth on the mainland.

What is in Butterworth you ask?
Well the Train Station is just 2 minutes walking distance from the Butterworth ferry terminal. Trains depart from the Butterworth Station for Hatyai, Thailand, and also to KL and Singapore. Here is what to expect of taking the train. Train from KL to Penang.

There is also a bus station on the mainland where you can hop on busses to take you up north to Kuala Perlis and Kuala Kedah where you can then take a ferry to Langkawi island.
There are also busses that travel to other states as well.

The ferry terminal on Penang Island is in Weld Quay. It is within walking distance from Fort Cornwallis in town. (The nearest landmark we can think off, if you are not local).
You can also take the Rapid Penang Bus Service to Weld Quay. There is a big bus terminal there where you can catch busses to get anywhere around the island easily. From there you will see a fly over, something like what you see in this picture.


Overhead bridge leading to the Ferry Terminal on the Island Side

Walk across the overhead bridge to get to the ferry terminal.


Ferry terminal on the Penang Island Side

Just outside the terminal you can see alot of taxi’s waiting for customers.
Along the walkway to the ferry terminal are stalls that sell water, snack, fruits and news papers.
There is a counter just behind these stalls where you can buy your train ticket. You don’t have to go across to Butterworth to buy the tickets.
Just in front of this taxi stand is also the FREE PENANG BUS SERVICE, which is called CAT (Central Area Transit).This website gives a pretty good explaination on this service. PENANG CAT. It is a normal RAPID PENANG bus but has the words CAT written all over the side. (If you are not sure, there is an information counter at the bus terminal) The FREE bus route services the inner part of town and most of the attractions within Georgetown.
If you are arriving to Penang Island by ferry, and you are staying around Chulia Street or Upper Penang Road, then you can take the FREE BUS SERVICE there.

penang ferry terminal

walkway to the waiting area

penang ferry
Above: This is a picture of the Weld Quay Bus Terminal.
Below: This is the passenger walkway heading to the waiting area before boarding the ferry.

The bottom of the ferry is for vehicles and the top is for walking passengers.

Penang ferry terminal

Walking the long walkway to the waiting area

ferry from Penang to butterworth

Waiting area before boarding the ferry

Yes taking the ferry is FREE!! You only need to pay for a single journey from Butterworth to Penang Island. And even that is only RM 1.20!

Penang ferry terminal

You only need to pay when you take the ferry from Butterworth to the Island

Penang ferry terminal

The view of Butterworth Industrial Zone

The ride is very pleasant especially in the early mornings and evenings when the weather is cooler. Relax as the calming cool fresh breeze gently caresses your face. The view of the channel can be very rewarding as well, as you get to see ships and boats of many shapes and sizes sail pass the channel going about their own business, making Penang Port one of the bussiest ports in Malaysia.

ferry from penang to butterworth

Very breezy ride across the Penang channel

Penang Ferry

The bus terminal on the Butterworth side

From this bus terminal, you can board a local bus that takes you around Butterworth, or you can also catch an Interstate bus to any other state on the Peninsular.

penang ferry terminal

Old local bus still being used for short distances

penang ferry terminal

modern double-decker being used for long interstate runs

penang ferry terminal

ticket counters

penang ferry terminal
There is a temporary food court just behind the Bus Terminal. It’s convenient for grabbing a bite before the journey.

Penang Ferry Terminal

Temporary Food Center near the bus terminal

They sell mostly HALAL food (no pork).

Penang Ferry Terminal

food court near the ferry terminal

And something that caught our eye that is out of topic is, that they all use cheap cooking oil! o.O Our arteries are screaming again with cholesterol!

Penang Ferry Terminal

Most of the local stalls use cheap cooking oil to cook their food

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  1. aiyooo

    what do you mean by cheap cooking oil? arent those palm oil which is actually the best oil compared to any other oil for cooking?

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