Wonders of Nepal through our eyes, by backpackies

Nepal is definitely an experience you would want to try out at least ONCE in your life time. Or maybe once is not enough as well!

The food, the people, the smell, culture and sheer natural and historical beauty is enough to take your breath away. With so much to share and tell, we decided the best way to show it to you is to put up pictures of the trip. After all pictures speaks louder than words.
So here we go…

backpacking nepal

Even Bart can do Everest. SHAME ON YOU!

backpacking nepal

Nepali flags flying proud for sale at the souvenir shops

backpacking nepal

Buddhist Stupas are everywhere

backpacking nepal
There are so many old temples in Nepal that you would walk by one and not even notice that it was a historical site. Some Nepali people use part of the temple to store their goods and some even use it to hang their washing.
And somehow somewhere along the streets you will manage to find a fresh fruit stall. (The freshness of the fruits are somehow dubious)

backpacking nepal

fresh fruits stall that also make juices.

Nepali locals playing a game with some stones picked up from the road side and a play board drawn crude on a stone slab.

backpacking nepalPuppets of Ganesha the Indian Elephant headed god can be seen sold along the streets. The Nepali people are very spiritual at heart.

backpacking nepal

puppets of Ganesha on sale

Internet and IDD/STD international phone calling service can only be found in touristy areas. You would be lucky to find one which hasn’t been affected by the daily load shedding. (Every day, for about 3-4 hours, Nepal faces electricity cuts)

backpacking nepal

IDD/STD phone call and internet center

Vegetables sold by the road side which look really miserably. The carrots are the size of my last finger!

backpacking nepal

woman buying vegetables by the road side in Kathmandu City

A national security guard guarding a government building in Kathmandu.

backpacking nepal

One of the worlds most elite special forces, The Gurkha. Gurkha guard on alert

backpacking nepalA temple in Kathmandu Durbar square. This temple is at least a few hundred years old.

backpacking nepalForeign and local tourists flock to this spiritual square to pray and admire the beauty of the temple.

Below is a giant statue of a guardian animal protecting the temple grounds. Locals also pay homage and respects to the guardian as well by offering lights, flowers and a red type of dye which is dotted on the statue after prayers.

backpacking nepal

A guardian temple lion status

backpacking nepalIts amazing to see in the Durbar square in Nepal have so many different types of temple structures. If you notice, the left white structure and the right structure has different architecture.

backpacking nepalTo pay homage and respect to the spirits and deities, the locals would put the red dye on the stone to show respect.

backpacking nepal

cute hand woven cotton hats with cartoon characters

backpacking nepal

Most of the temples have intricate wooden carvings like these

backpacking nepal

The famous stupa at Boudanath!

backpacking nepal

One of the temple structures at the Durbar Square

Locals are seen climbing on top of the temple structures and sitting down there chatting to their friends totally unaware of the harm they are inflicting on to the intricate temple structures.

backpacking nepal

A local woman preparing a dish of dried up wheat, mixed spice potatoes, beans, and buffalo meat

The buffalo meat was pretty tough to chew. But otherwise it was pretty tasty. We wouldn’t lie to you and say it tastes like chicken!!

backpacking nepal

countryside in Nepal on our hike up to Changu Narayan Temple

backpacking nepal

Locals sitting down by the road side, to prepare temple offerings.

backpacking nepal

Temple offerings - Incense, flowers, butter lamps

patan durbar square

Patan Durbar Square

In the square it self you can see so many different architecture present. The amount of detailed carvings and attention given to the decorations on the temples are just astonishing.

nepal temple

Nepali winged guardian which can be seen praying facing the temple

backpacking nepal

this temple is a few hundred of years old

backpacking nepal
Woman selling flowers and butter lamps to devotees.

backpacking nepal

view from Nagargot Nepal

Nepal is such a beautiful country, the nature, people and culture. If you have the opportunity, make the time to visit Nepal.

We took so many pictures of Nepal and this is only a fraction of it. Please join us on our facebook fan page at backpackies is on facebook, to ask us anything on travel in Nepal as well as to share with us your travel experiences.




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4 responses to “Wonders of Nepal through our eyes, by backpackies

  1. Backpacking throughout the Indian Sub-continent is all so similar may it be in India,Nepal,Bhutan or even Bangladesh.

  2. Nyain

    I’m thinking of going to Nepal in April. what is the best time to go? When did you go there?

    • Nyain. I would suggest winter time or maybe just after winter when its cooler.
      Its nicer to travel then.
      I went during summer. And it was hot especially in areas like Chitwan and Lumphini

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