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Stuck in Kertih, Terengganu for 6 hours! BORED?! NO WAY!

Hi guys! This blog is written just for your own entertainment. I know i haven’t been writing much and updating the blog. But im about to blast the blog with tons of new stuff that will hopefully entertain you.

I recently got the the privilege of getting stuck in a little town called Kertih, on my way back to Penang. This small little town is basically only known to people working in the oil field. There isn’t much to do here and there shouldn’t be a reason for you to be stuck here as i am. But in case you are wondering where this little town is, it is on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia in the state of Terengganu.

Surprisingly, i did see some foreigners walking no the streets in town. There were 2 to be exact. I was really tempted to stop and ask them, what they were doing here, but then realized i myself couldn’t answer the question.

The public transport here is shit. I do not think there is a bus that is existent here. Everyone owns their own car and if you don’t have one, taxis are abundant. Of course, due to the situation, the fare is more expensive.
Being stuck in Kertih, and my flight out was a FireFly flight to KL. I could either take a taxi and head to Kemaman, which was a slightly bigger town about 1 hour away, and stroll around there, or stay in Kertih and explore the newest mall- MESRA MALL! The locals tell me, it is the biggest thing to hit their small town since the first 7-11 set shop here.
So with 6 hours to waste, i start my exploration. I hitched a ride from a friend from Kertih Airport to Mesra Mall which was like 10 minutes away (without jam) – Yes and that is the weird thing here in Kertih and in Kemaman. THERE IS TRAFFIC JAM! I do not know where the cars and lorries come from but i sure know that it is because of the narrow road system here.

MESRA MALL is a flat building that spreads out. This is the entrance of the mall below.

Shopping Kertih

Latest premier mall in the small town of KERTIH, Terengganu

I will shut up and let the pictures take you through the mall.

WOW! this mall has BODY SHOP!
the ad says “being bare is beautiful”

The mall is a flat one story building. With only one intersection – one single row of boutiques and shops

The mall is new and very clean! There are a few security guards around as well as  a concierge!
There is TOYS R US here!! YIPEEEE

The kids are going to love this!

McDonalds is going to have trouble with this opening here

I wanted to see what the supermarket was selling, and besides normal groceries….. and house hold items…they had…..

Fancy some angry bird slippers? It caught my eye, because i haven’t seen them before

Or you can always opt for some fake FLIPPERS!

The big show was seen at Mesra Mall!

This picture below was taken t show my friend NIKO, that the word BIDAAH actually existed. He taught me, that the meaning was actually improvisation.  hmmmm…… and there is a whole dictionary of it!

I didn’t try the cookies, but i assume they are of the same quality.

This whole town is going crazy on DONUTS! Must be the sugar addict

You know about the donut craze? Well each time a donut stall which has a name, like this- Big Apple! hits a city or a town like this. The people just go banana’s. I don’t know if its the colorful allure or the diabetes waiting to happen.
We Penangites, managed to get over the craze a long time ago. Well at least im just speaking for myself.  But it was amazing to see that they did make the effort to come up with something different. DONASHI! Cool and Cute! The kids are going to love them!

cute sushi

Its more worth it to buy a few donuts as once. I bought one and it costed me like RM 2.50.

we wanna see whats all the hype about

Roti Boy – Malaysias addictive mexican bun

If you haven’t tried the Mexican Bun. You just have to buy one and see. Trust me.

I wasn’t fancying Burger King for lunch. So i went straight to Pizza Hut. It was empty…..and it was 12pm.

Ended up parking my self at Pizza hut for lunch

Ok, maybe its a little early. So i grabbed out my laptop and tapped in to the free wifi. Its broken! Damn it, so its time to eat!

tried the wifi here at Pizza hut, and it was Absolute SH*T

I was naturally training my stomach for the MATTERHORN BURGER challenge. There was a competition back home, which i so wanted to enter. It was a 3 kg burger, where you have to finish it in 45 minutes. And the only thing you could drink with it, was beer!
So i had to test my self to the fullest and order the biggest, baddest most..intensifying meal ever! MEAL 4!


training for the big burger challenge when i get back to Penang

Naaaah….we train some other time. I had spaghetti instead.

Spagetti with added spiciness for lunch

Ad a chocolate cookie with melted ice cream, because they brought it out early, way before my soup! Which idiots would do that!
So i asked them to keep it for me. Obviously they just stuck it back in the fridge. So when it came out like 30 minutes later, it was all soggy and melted. Damn you PIZZA HUT for ruining my competition chances!

i just had to have something for my sweet tooth! Chocolate Chip cookie and vanilla ice cream topped with chic fudge!

Has your mother ever told you that the best way to waste perfectly precious good time, is to watch a movie!
Great, MIB III was showing.

Watch a movie!!!
Its movie day on wednesday! Tickets are RM 8

And it was movie day, so i didn’t hesitate. The movie was quite refreshing, but the fighting scenes were kinda soggy.

And you can watch another movie again, cuz there is nothing else to do…

If you haven’t watched the AVENGERS, then please go watch it.

Bubble Tea is in Kertih!

Bubble Tea craze is here in Kertih! I didnt try it, because we have Cool Blog back home and it sucked. Maybe Cha Time will come…..some day……someday..over the rainbow….
And if you still had plenty of time to spend. GO bowling!


No shoes ?
They rent them out.
No socks?
They sell them.
No one to play with you?
They will assign a person to accompany you.
No money?
Go sit in the corner, far far like me and surf free wifi!

Because i do!

But i went ahead and bought a latte…for RM 8.

grabbing a cup of fresh brew

ended up ordering a chocolate indulgence donut which is topped with chocolate and oozing with chocolate inside as well

I sat down, and bit into my chocolate donut. Mmmmmm mmmmmmmm No need to say no more.

donuts and Facebook……the ultimate partnership

For those who needed a souvenir back home. We recommend the Pink Nipple Cream. It makes your nipples pink!

buying something for the Mrs

Stay tuned and if you do have Facebook. Because if you don’t, then you better go kill yourself.
But if you do, then you are one of us. A savvy, ultra cool traveler.
Add us on Facebook, because if you don’t, then you are not cool.
Here is our address.

Add us, be happy or stay square!


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Backpacking Malaysia, Backpacking Singapore- Dont get caught smuggling at the airport

What amazes me is that people already know with all those terrorist bombings on flights, that the screening and safety measures at the airports would be super strict, and yet they still try to smuggle funny stuff on to the plane.
Nowadays, all liquids must be packed in 100ml clear bottles (total not more than 1000ml) before boarding the plane.For the usual x ray screening, you need to remove your shoes, belt, laptop, wallet, hand phone, coins and everything else that is magnetic! Including metal rings!


Outrageous that this woman was asked to remove her nipple rings with a pair of pliers

This Lady got more than expected. She was forced to remove her nipple ring by officers at the x ray machines in the airport. (Picture courtesy of the Reuters)

And just to give you an idea of how high tech scanners are at airports.

(Malaysia and Singapore might not have this yet)

We prefer to call them SUPER SCANNERS. Read this >> An ACLU technology guy said the new generation of high-tech body scanners (now going into 10 major U.S. airports) can see sex organ and breast size, colostomy bags, penile implants, etc (courtesy of Agence France-Presse)

So whats the latest news on what to smuggle. We found all these in the WEIRD STUFF section.The AUTHORITIES know where to look!

1) Someone trying to smuggle a dog.

I know of people who does this. They make sure that the animal is still young so it doesn't make so much sound

2) Idiot trying to smuggle birds

backpacking malaysia

Tying birds to your legs is not intelligent. Imagine if you were to accidentally kick someone. There goes your $$$ investment.

Smuggle drugs for parties like FULL MOON FESTIVAL in Thailand or the RAIN FOREST FESTIVAL in Kuching

backpacking malaysia

Putting weed in the sole of your shoes, will attract sniffer dogs.

Caution Ladies!! Recently in Malaysia, a woman got caught by police after they suspected that her boobs was too big for her body size. They found drugs hidden inside. Read more >> Bonjour Planet Earth . But then after we read it, the amount of ganja found was 1 g! How can that amount make her look like she got Dolly Parton breasts? She must have small breasts? O.o i don’t understand why she did it. She could have just hid it in her panties! They couldn’t have found it there.

Smuggling alcohol
There are many different ways and ideas to smuggle alcohol on to the plane. Or into a foreign country. Or into a club maybe. (termed BYO – Bring Your Own) Courtesy from http://www.imtwelve.com
Among the famous ones we love are

budget hotels penang

Body strap - strapping small amounts of concentrated alcohol on your body

backpacking malaysia

Putting clear fluid in a clear bottle, masking it with colored dye

backpacking malaysia

Using fruits to seal your alcohol. You need to use ripe. water filled fruits like grapes, oranges, watermelons

Taking in cigarettes into Singapore is illegal. So don’t even try it. Maximum you can carry is maybe an open packet.
So beware of all these bumps and snags when thinking of smuggling.

We would love to hear from you if you have any mischievous ideas.

Visit us at www.backpackies.com for more free, cheap skate and true backpacking information

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